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    Listening to William Courtney MD discuss marijuana as a vegetable. We build systems for growing with bioponics I'm particularly interested in hemp microgreens. Consumed raw, in a juiced form, like wheatgrass, hemp with various CBD/THC ratios, have profound health affects. Benefits can be appreciated from much greater doses than cannot be achieved by smoking, vaporizing or cooking.

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Down Syndrome?

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Posted 28 July 2004 - 06:49 PM

my first kid was born on the 18th..it's a boy..feels great being a dad....anyway there still doing tests but some of the dna test is done and he has downs....in the future as he ages can medical pot help him any?.....i've been reading up on downs but i can't find anything about it related to med-pot

thanks for any info on the subject

my kids pic

#2 stinkweed


    Ganja God

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Posted 29 July 2004 - 08:19 PM

congrats on becoming a father! it's very rewarding, and will bring you precious moments you will treasure forever. he is absolutely beautiful!

as to your question, no, i don't believe it will help. down syndrome is a birth defect that has to do with chromosomes, either missing or extra, i forget which. anyway, there will be physical defects, which marijuana will not likely help, and some(hopefully mild) retardation, which marijuana will certainly not help. i'm unaware of any pain associated with down syndrome, so i can't answer that.

best of luck to you and your new family. you will know joy and accomplishment like never before.

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#3 Guest__*

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Posted 29 July 2004 - 08:28 PM

missing,ya,the 23rd broken off

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Posted 04 August 2004 - 12:55 PM

down syndrome is called trisomy 21. for and extra chromosome 21. there is whats called the DSCR (down syndrome critical region)on this chromosome that when present in an extra copy contributes to the condition. unfortunately cannabis won't do much for this condition.

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Posted 04 August 2004 - 02:37 PM

I believe it's caused by Non disjunction. which is where the replicated chromosome 21 does not split away from the mother chromosome during cell reproduction. First time Mothers forty or over are at risk.

I do feel that medical marijuana could be helpful. My mental illness is different, but it would still be a soothing influence in certain circumstances for your son like it is for me. Be really clear on what you are doing before YOU make that choice for HIM though.

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#6 skellington


    Ganja God

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Posted 04 August 2004 - 03:28 PM

many parents with downs kids say that their relationships are extra rewarding because downs kids are so loving and good natured

do some internet research on downs and antioxidant therapy

#7 Guest__*

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Posted 04 August 2004 - 04:21 PM

melvin john... too cute!

looks like an incredibly sweet baby. you will have the time of your life raising him!

#8 Guest__*

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Posted 07 August 2004 - 08:00 AM

yes you can always tell a DS baby by the eyes. very cute fella you have there. my best friend and his wife had their first baby when they were both in their early 20's. she was a DS baby and now she is 9 years old. I have watched her grow up. she is definately mentally challenged. she is smart and loves to climb but she cant really speak in a way that you can understand her unless you just know what she is saying. Most of her speech is unrecognizable. she has problems doing what she is told but she is like another person said very loving. they had a second child that was normal, she is now 6 and much farther ahead than her older sister of course. you will nonetheless love him as much or more than if he didnt have DS. It just may be a little more challenging.