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      04 Feb

    I'm brand new as everyone else is that has migrated to this point. I'm so happy to have found this forum. I have so many questions and I'm wondering when I should bring up some of these topics. Is there anyone that's new that is willing to explain the ropes to me as far as this web site is concerned. It kinda reminds me of my Green Bay Packer web gang. So help me out so I don't ruin my rep in one day

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      29 Jan

    What a great Website! I am looking forward to visiting it often from now on. I love to talk and learn about topical creams and concentrates, those are what I am passionate about.

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      04 Jan

    When I lived in Ontario everyone always used to say "it's BC bud" or it's "kush". I think it's because the West Coast is the best coast and you just can't get it all over there :)

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big blue or baldy

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#1 Guest__*

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Posted 09 May 2003 - 08:36 AM

hi ,its about time I tried something new ,anyone tried baldy or big blue from b,c seeds ? looking for a cash crop ,fairly short height ,mainly inica ,,,any thoughts before i purchase [I grow nft with a hps 600 watt per square metre ,height isnt a problem but have always kept things fairly short ] cheers

#2 Guest__*

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Posted 09 May 2003 - 08:50 AM

commercial sweet tooth , lui
I go with the big blue over the baldy
but if your into the bcsc go with there heavy duty fruity man .

#3 Guest__*

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Posted 09 May 2003 - 10:49 AM

not grown from seed for a while,last i did was nl5 x haze from sensi seed bank and was very dissapointed ,any thoughts on the supreme skunk from bsc ? what sort of rep have cash crop ken 's seeds,like the sound of the shishkaberry x shishkaberry ,never heard of anyone in the uk growing this...cheers what company you recomend for the sweet tooth [lui ? whats it stand for ]

#4 Guest__*

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Posted 09 May 2003 - 11:42 AM

cash crop ken supposedly stold a shit load of seeds from breedr steve of spice of life seeds when he was working for him, Dont know forsure but thats how the story goes. The the shishaberry x shiskaberry would be kens version of the orginal shiskaberry of steves , which I would assume is just as good but different phenos of steves new and improved versions. For 60 bucks Im sure you cant go wrong, LUI is a strain from lengends seed company where breeder steve is working his stuff ,he and red have joined up on some strains , lui stands for lengends ultimate indica. Its a ortega indica which comes out of california crossed with breeder steves sweet tooth #2 of spice of life, Im very impressed with it and will keep in my room for breeding to other indicas, if you want to check it out go to www.cannagenetics.com and look at it there.....hope this helps

#5 Guest__*

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Posted 09 May 2003 - 12:49 PM

thanks for the info,gonna try the sweet tooth and the lui i can buy a clone of the sweet tooth but havnt seen the finished product and dont really like going on hear say ,been dissapointed with a lot of local growers recomendations ,its a shame cos i've been growing an indica hybrid called P.R 1 ,that i bought from a local guy ,dont know the genetics as they were kept secret but its been a killer plant for 4 years but started to have problems with her,thinking of crossing her to skunk 1 and to an afghani to see if i can get something interesting from her ,just messing really cos she has some fine points i'd love to keep...cheers ,planning on buying canadian cos i've been very dissapoited with the quality of dutch seeds

#6 Orchidman



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Posted 09 May 2003 - 05:37 PM

My opinion is that Big Blue would be stronger than Baldy.

Please read what I have said in the past about Blueberry X Adam Afghani from Jordan of the Islands $45cdn. This is similar to Shishkaberry and Cotton Candy which are selections of a similar cross. These seeds, however are fresh and viable. I got 100% germination in 36 hours of soaking and all were through the soil in another 48 hours. The seedlings are very fast and sturdy. It flowers under a 430 son agro for 42 days to 75% red hairs. The leaves are blue/green and the buds cure blue as the green cures out. They are heavily coated with white crystals which reflect the blue light. The buds are stunningly beautiful and smell like fruity/berries with a hint of sweet skunk and an earthy tone. The earthy/berry flavoured smoke is extremely potent and long lasting because of the blueberry. Jordan has some other nice Blueberry crosses including their version of Baldy. Blueberry X Northern Lights/Hawaiian should be similar to Big Blue but a bit different. I have also grown Blueberry X Hawaiian Sativa and Lemon Skunk and both gave 100% results. Everything is very inexpensive at Jordan.

Marijuana man says that when you cross Blueberry with any pure indica, you set up the correct Indica/sativa ratio for maximum yield. Big Blue fits into this catagory.

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#7 Eazy_T



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Posted 10 May 2003 - 12:19 PM

I haven't tried Baldy but I have grown Big Blue and others I know have.
Not a huge yielder, more average.

For commercial why not try Baldy it's listed as the same yield as Big Blue but IMO it would be a better yielder.

For personal definitely Big Blue it's smooth and smells great, organically...

"Greed will kill us all."-Me

#8 Guest__*

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Posted 10 May 2003 - 03:52 PM

good to get some sensible feed back ,been offered some sweet tooth clones but not sure which seed company they're from,,,suppose this is the wrong thread for this discussion but i missed the section on strains and seeds[i was fucked up]