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The Fake Pee not so Fiasco 


Hey guys! So I wanted to take some time really quick to explain a situation I was in recently that might help some of you. So I applied for an IT position at a company that for some weird reason decided it was a smart idea to drug test over half of their employees. I did pretty well in the interview and they called me back in for a second one. They told me at the very end of the interview that I had the job and that I needed to take a drug test / Physical. Why I needed either to do something as stupid as installing drivers and turning shit off and on again for people that don't understand technology is beyond me but I decided to abide by their rules. Knowing I didn't have time to detox (this isn't my first rodeo) I decided to go the fake pee route. Of course I read up on all the different available brands and made the decision to go with U Pass. Why? They've been around for a long ass time and I also read a good amount of testimonials claiming U Pass 8.4 worked for them. 


So flash forward to the physical which was conducted by a source of my employer's choosing. I had to heat up the urine to 98 degrees prior to coming to the doctors office which was pretty much the only hard part about this adventure. U Pass comes with one of those hand warmer things to keep the temperature stable after microwaving it. Just an FYI there's a temperature strip on the bottle it comes with. Anyways, I went through the physical and did all of the "Fun" stuff while I left the bottle rubber banded to the hand warmer in my jacket. The time came for me to do the thang and I grab my stuff and headed to the bathroom. Luckily no one was watching so it was as easy as literally dumping the bottle out into their little plastic cup. Those of you that have to take state mandated drug tests where someone has to watch, I think there's a fake wiener or something you can use but in this situation it was kind of stupid how easy it was to get in and get out like nothing had happened. So flash forward to the call back as to whether or not I passed, I fucking passed. To be honest I didn't think it was gonna work but it somehow fooled a lab specialized  in detecting drugs / tampering. 


 I thought this was a pretty cool revelation in combating our rights to put what we want in our bodies without someone or some corporate entity telling us how to live our lives. I decided to dig deeper into this stuff and compile some research considering 7 out of 8 hours at work I'm doing jack shit lol. My persuasive research paper is right below this lil' story if any of you are thinking about taking the fake piss route. I hope this helps anyone in a situation similar to this crap!


So you can buy this stuff in most headshops.



A Comprehensive Analysis of U Pass Synthetic Urine


In today’s workplaces, companies are not much hesitant towards conducting drug tests of their employees on a frequent basis. Although companies want to regulate their employees, it would be wrong to say that the employees want the same as well. Let’s face it, employees love to keep their jobs but also want to keep on using marijuana. Given that there is a constant battle between the companies and employees over marijuana use, in most cases, the winners are the companies.


No matter how unfortunate it is, there is no denying that passing a urine drug test is quite impossible. Unless…the drug test is not conducted on your urine but some synthetic urine!

·         For those who are reading about synthetic urine for the first time in their lives, it is true that you can pass a urine drug test with synthetic urine – a solution of compounds which mimic the chemical formula of human urine and can be used to fool a drug test.

·         For those who have previously used some low-quality synthetic urines, the good news for you people is that you can pass the test with flying colors only if synthetic urine is of high-quality.

So, the question arises, which company is selling the best and most authentic synthetic urines? Instead of testing your patience for too long, the obvious answer is U Pass Synthetic Urine.

Are you wondering what makes U Pass synthetic urine a more obvious choice than other brands in the market? Well, let’s find that out.


U Pass is high-quality synthetic urine that guarantees to provide a 99% chance of passing the test. 

If you have a urine drug test coming up in a couple of days, it means that you need to hurry up before it is too late. Although there are several other solutions to get a negative result in a urine test, you are almost destined to fail at if you are a regular user of marijuana or other drugs. That’s why the best option for you is to go for artificial urine.


Why Choosing U Pass is the Best Option for You?


Here are some reasons that’ll explain why using U Pass for your next drug test is highly recommended:


Real Uric Acid

It is one of the main reasons why it is best to consider U Pass over others because the concentration of uric acid plays a pivotal role in making synthetic urine deliver the expected results. In this synthetic piss, the concentration of uric acid is close to the levels found in a healthy person. It already has pre-mixed uric acid that ensures the labs won’t find anything suspicious. Therefore, it can be used by both males and females.


Realistic Urine Smell

 Given that experts in labs are so much experienced into deducting whether the urine is real or fake, it has become really difficult to fool the test with low-quality synthetic urine. Even if the synthetic urine is of good quality, it is likely that the lab will consider it fake if it doesn’t smell like real urine.

U Pass guarantees to provide satisfactory results because the synthetic urine smells so realistic that even an expert won’t find anything suspicious at any stage of the test.


Creatinine Content Identical to Real Urine

Labs have various ways to find out whether any urine sample is real or fake. One of such effective ways is measuring the creatinine content in the urine. Given that U Pass has covered every possible loophole, the creatinine levels in the U Pass synthetic urine are at least 15mg per kg of body weight, identical to the real urine.


Amazingly Real pH level

 This is one of the areas where the creators of U Pass simply took a big lead over any other synthetic urine brand in the market. It is because a slight variation in the pH level can cause your test to fail. That’s why the pH level needs to range between 4.6 and 8. The manufactures of U Pass did a commendable job by making sure the pH level remains in between the normal range. This helps in avoiding any dubiousness over the authenticity of the urine.


Characteristic Urine Color

It is imperative for the synthetic urine to have the same color as of normal healthy pee. U Pass synthetic urine surpasses everyone’s expectations (especially yours) with the same range of yellow urine color. This also means that the urine won’t change its color when it is exposed to oxygen or heated in the oven.



Here are three main ingredients that make U Pass synthetic urine impeccably replicate human urine:

-         Creatinine: It contains at least 15mg per kg of body weight

-         pH: It contains a pH range between 4.6 and 8 (a perfect range that ensures your urine test is passed)

-         Urea: There is the presence of urea in U Pass synthetic pee because it indicates the urine is real. Many                              other synthetic urine brands do not add urea in pee and that is why they are caught by the labsvery                          easily.

-         Color: range of yellow color


Why U Pass is the Best and Highly Recommended? 

One of the main reasons why U Pass is recommended over others is that many labs are familiar with the formula of several other synthetic urine brands in the market. This means that you are likely to get caught if you decide to go with them. U Pass has taken a huge advantage over its competitors because its chemical formula is still unknown to labs and others. Given that all the ingredients in the U Pass are already present in an average, original urine, there is absolutely no need to worry about your urine test.

U Pass has made a name for itself only because its main focus is on providing quality to its esteemed customers. That being said, you can use U Pass for your upcoming tests without a single doubt in your mind. Simply read the given instructions and you’re all set to give a drug test. However, understand that instructions are very easy to follow and that’s why you have to follow each instruction carefully so that required results are achieved.  

Needless to say, when you choose U Pass, you're destined to pass your drug test!  smoke-more-2-019.thumb.jpg.bc25859eded12c6994d50346b6b2daf6.jpg


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Thank's for a really good article.  Luckily, I myself never got in a situation where I have to use something like that but when you are a smoker, it's good to know that in any case you'll find the way out. But still, I wish everyone here not to experience drug testing situations)

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