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Petition For Tax To Be Removed From Medical Cannabis

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Salutations Shadey,






Petition to the Government of Canada

  • Applying any tax to medically prescribed cannabis is inconsistent with the taxation of all other prescription medicines, which are tax exempt;
  • Taxes applied to medical cannabis create financial barriers to health and well-being for patients, and discourage Canadians from accessing the regulated medical cannabis system;
  • Patients already pay sales tax on medical cannabis and aren't eligible for reimbursement under most insurance plans in Canada; and
  • The federal government's newly announced proposal to apply excise taxes to medical cannabis, in addition to the existing sales tax, will disadvantage Canadians seeking relief from symptoms including side effects from cancer treatments, pain, seizures, anxiety and insomnia.
We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to make medical cannabis tax exempt in line with all other prescription medicines.

If you wish to sign this petition, please provide the required information in the fields below. Your personal information will not be made public.


Too bad "medical" cannabis has no DIN number and the Canadian Medical Association wants the whole program terminated, no matter what's the outcome:



https:// www.cbc.ca/news/opinion/medical-cannabis-1.4814362
CBC:  Phasing out medical cannabis would leave pediatric patients in the lurch (2018-Sep-8)


« ...if we were to dissolve the ACMPR, there would be no mechanism for physicians to prescribe cannabis for pediatric patients. »



It's about time to accept a simple fact:  suffering medical patients have been instrumentalized to justify some twisted bipolar system opposing the worthy to the sinful, essentially.  Decent people have been forced to defend their constitutional rights in court and it seems quite clear to me today this was a political trap meant to allow the evacuation of the whole idea that maybe cannabis shouldn't remain on any "schedule" in the 1st place (considering ritalin is level 3, for example), while the actual prohibitionist origins go back to Québec's 1890 Pharmacy Act classifying "Indian Hemp"/"Cannabis sativa L." as a "Poison" besides arsenic and cyanure...  Which wasn't corrected when Liberal doctor-senator Henri-Sévérin Béland banned cannabis nationally, then internationally thanks to another Liberal Raoul Dandurand rewarded with a president seat at the League of Nations (UN).


In other words vulnerable Canuck voters are being taken hostage in order to obtain their legal signature in support of an obscene artificial contraption, by serving persons in pain an ultimatum requiring them to choose between "medical marijuana" and "criminal pot"...  So, many individuals picked the "legal" option, naturally.


The effect of this can be explained in these few words:  Divide to Conquer.  Of course it was tempting for the masses to provide their personal information with a signature since there was no love for "organized crime" anyway, a notion which expanded considerably with the Cannabis Act, preceeded by 15 changes to the CDSA under Justin Trudeau alone:


http:// laws.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-38.8/PITIndex.html


As regrettable as it may be it turns out the medical users made a huge mistake by failing to undermine the roots of their misery at the expense of other decent citizens now about to get criminalized, providing a legal signature in support of a socio-toxic self-serving good/evil discriminatory system.  Most of those men and women who were given the "freedom" to decide happened to be responsible adults capable of assuming their choices and now is the time to pay for such gross error of strategy.  It was too easy/tempting/convenient to reason "them" instead of "us"; but this is a weakness which proved eaven easier to exploit politically, hence now face the consequences as i'm not too confident moral support will come from those same guys who pay the real price for an historical shortcut, soon going to turn trivial once the medical programs are dead.


Chances are the "medical" users who are now even more isolated will need insurance plans indeed, when instead i would have hoped our constitutional rights (as defined in the 1867 confederation treaty) to prevail without a need to go through "legaleezation" stuff until there's no tomorrow.


Although i'm all for people's rights i believe the fundamental questions must be addressed sooner or later.  Medical programs were a decoy buying time until the 62nd sessions of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs scheduled to occur next year, with a smokeless world agenda in the background...


In conclusion i'd wish the "medical" cannabis users never get instrumentalized politically again and hence i'm opposed to such legaleeze patchwork.  Sorry if that hurts, i'm assuming consequences for my actions and so should everyone else.  In any case further criminalization of others simply to safeguard privileges which in fact are rights sounds like some indecent option when i look at the big picture.


Do not count even on my on-line legal signature anyway.


Good day, have fun!!  🖖

L'Acte de pharmacie de Québec - 53 Vict (1890) - Chapitre 46 (137328) .PNG

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Yes that makes a lot of sense.


I think once the drug companies, saw what was happening with medical cannabis, and how it is now being tested, their only option to getting it out of the way, in its competition, with all the pharmaceutical drugs, cannabis can replace, once tested properly, is to pressure the government through the medical association to remove it.


They decided legalization was the only way, they could remove it from the medical system, and reduce its already growing popularity, as a panacea for a lot of illnesses, and reduce loss of taxes for the government, at the same time. Which of course is what the government wants.


By doing this they reduce any interest in testing cannabis further as there will be no money to be made from it, in a medical environment.


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I doubt this petition will be granted, though. Cause Government see million and even billions of money in Marijuana tax that's why they are making it legal. 

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They're not doing it for the money!


They're making it legal to protect the children, destroy the black market and make the roads safer for everyone! 


rotflmao.gif rotflmao.gif rotflmao.gif rotflmao.gif rotflmao.gif rotflmao.gif 

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The Canuck way...

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