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Need advice! Currently growing  Auto Bubblegum Extra indoors, germinated 8/13/18.

Grow space16"x24"

Light 150 watt led from Advanced

Growing hydroponically in clay pebbles

Nutrients Canna Veg / Flores ( used veg for 1 week then switched to flores as pistols started showing up after 23 days)

Watering 4x daily automatically for 5 min. each cycle, some times  I will turn on for a min when checking plants

Humidity is 45% to 50%

Temps 75 /  81

Plant size is about 9" wide by 9" tall has doubled in size this week last week

Breeder claims 60/100mm in height, 70 days seed to harvest


AS I mentioned above pistols started 23 days in  and today is about 30 days and there is about 30 pistols on each plant. I am fairly new to this as this is my second grow. My question is can I trim fan leaves as they are blocking light to pistols or wait till buds start to form or do nothing??  I have read you shouldn't trim autos but there are a lot of pics online of plants w/ buds and very few leaves. 

I am pleased with what has happened so far just want to do it RIGHT. 

                                                                                                                                     HELP, SIKY







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I've never grown autos, but I am of the "no-defoil" camp. The large leaves are the solar panel that convert light into energy for the plant. Pistols have no chlorophyll to use the light. I only remove badly damaged or dead leaf from my plants. The lower leaves serve as an indicator late in flower of the plant being flushed as they start to yellow from the plant eating the nutrients out of them.


Your plant(s) has just started setting the flowers.  The flowers will continue to grow and in a few weeks you will see more flower than leaves.  


Good luck with the grow. Post pics. :rastahat:

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Indoors you never pick a leaf unless very damaged by pests or nute lock out. Like Ganjajuana said they are the solar panels that feed your plant the light. Once some of the lower leaves start turning yellow if they do, then you can pick them when the whole leaf is yellow. Other than that leave them alone.... I too don't do Auto's unless they are Juans and haven't seen juans for some time... Peace...

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