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Be aware and protect yourself with insurance.

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With The Royal Canadian Mint's issuance of a one gram Gold Coin you can accumulate financial insurance and currency devaluation protection gradually. Albern Coins and Kitco sell them. Remember one thing, Gold and its' cousin Silver are not an investment. They pays no interest. However, it is considered to be an International Currency. It is a risk hedge against the exponential printing of paper currency. They have no counterparty risk like any form of debt or like derivatives which are instruments of financial destruction. Right now it is estimated that there are 1.5 Quadrillion Derivatives hedging the currency artificial markets we are in which are all being manipulated by a collusion in The Central Banking System which believes in fractional reserve banking and currency printing. Our present monetary system is flawed because it depends on the exponential growth of all debt through endless printing of the paper currency supply. It is what's responsible for the destruction of our earth and its' environment. Gold has been an international means of exchange for 5,000 years or more. It's exchangeable into any fiat paper currency and it is barterable, meaning that during the eventual coming of the hyperinflationary monetary event, the precious metal can be bartered for land, buildings or commodities of any type when nobody wants to be a so-called "Weimar Republic Billionaire" At present the latest calculation is 25 one ounce Gold Coins for an entire City block of land, buildings and houses at the peak of the inflationary event which will arrive. Now that's what I call inflation on steroids. Don't believe me though? Check out the links and where they go:



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