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hello all

2 Issues Here:


1) I have 1 large white cookies plant outdoors. Its been growing and looked like it was starting to bud (skinny, but all good). Today I noticed like 7 seeds popped from whatever they grow in. 

I pulled what I saw. Is this going to screw my plant and turn into a full male? I'm assuming its a herme from what Im reading. What should I do about this? Thoughts?


2) I also have 3 female Cush plants near the white cookies. They are only 3.5 ft tall; bushy, but not budding like I thought they would. Its almost like they stopped growing, but they still look healthy and green.  Should I move these 3 away from the WC?  Also, how much budding goes on in the last 6-7 weeks?


** I couple notes**


I started them from seeds in late April, until I transplanted them outdoors around late May.

My natural light cycle is 14-10 right now. Another month until 12-12.


Any helpful advice is appreciated. If you`re gonna be a D***, dont respond.





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Those won't be seeds on the cookies plant but most likely balls or male flowers.  Not a hermie unless you see white hairs coming out of those 'seeds' which means it's a girl.


If it is balls then get rid of it unless you want to save a branch for collecting some pollen and dust a few lower buds on the girls to get free seeds.


Most likely a male as they will start flowering before the girls do so they shouldn't be far behind.  If you could cover the girls say at 9pm and uncover at 9am for a week or so you could trigger flowering in them so they get going now unless you live somewhere where frost won't be a problem for the next 10 weeks.


Hope I wasn't a D***, ;)



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