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I was given the opportunity to run a few grows with the Majestic 12 LED and I'm going to record the progress of the grow every step of the way. I started from clone and planted them in 1 gallon airpots. The strain is Lemon Kush by the Humboldt Seed Company. Its my second time growing this strain, so I'm excited to see how it grows under my new Majestc12 LED. 


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This is day 6 of Veg from when I planted the Lemon Kush clones into soil. I had to disconnect half of the LED bars from the Majestic12 because it was too powerful for the clones. I keep the LED about 24-26 inches from the canopy, any lower causes the plants to droop. Im able to keep the temperature pretty stable and 78 being the low and 81 as the high. 


So far I have 6 Lemon Kush clones, but will chose the top 4 that are closest in size when they are ready to be transplanted in 3 gallon airpots.   



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Here is Week 2 of Veg for the Lemon Kush clones grown under the Majestic12 LED. I topped the Lemon Kush clones a few days ago and they are already starting to form new nodes. Not too much growth from last update, but they are slowly coming along. On my last run with Lemon Kush, I noticed that they like to grow tall instead of bushy, which in want to focus on during this grow. 


I have the Majestic12 LED about 26 inches above the canopy and I still have half of the LED bars running. I tried lowering the light to 24 inches and the plants started to droop and they responded the same way with all 8 LED bars running. Also, the Majestic12 LED doesn't emit too much heat so I'm able to keep the temperature constantly around 77 Degrees Fahrenheit and about 55 Humidity. 


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