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Just finished this project on a Honda Shadow for a Canadian air force pilot, he fly's the C-31's part of his job is repatriating dead soldiers.

Awkward customer, as he cant visualize anything or describe well what he wanted, which means a lot of sanding stuff off if he didn't like it.  Very frustrating to say the least.


Wanted it done in  Digital Desert Camo.


Front fender with skull in desert camo.

Todds bike 2.jpg


Right Side

C-31 dropping parachutists on tank.

Todds bike 3.jpg


Left side.

C-31 dropping Cargo.

Todds bike 4.jpg


Rear View.

Funeral scene on tank surrounded bye camo maple leaves and a banner at the top with Lest We Forget and his Master Loader flight badge middle bottom.


Todds bike 1.jpg


Close ups. after Cut and Polish.

Difficult for the camera to focus on very shiny clear coat they are all a little out of focus.

Tank Top. A lot of detail went in that.

Todds bike 5.jpg


Left Side Tank.


todds bike 6.jpg


Front Fender.

Todds bike 9.JPG


Rear Fender.

Todds bike 10.JPG

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wow awesome job man.you must have a few hours into that project! then the tedious reassembly without scratching.

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Thanks man. Yes lost count of the hours, probably somewhere around 120 spread over 5 months. I didn't put it back together again the customer did. I don't need that kind of responsibility for bits falling off or not working properly, if they aren't put on right.

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Very nice work Shadey! 


Not the colour scheme I would have chosen but it's not my bike and it means a lot to the owner.


It's certainly not something I could do. 



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