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Travel: Kansas or Nebraska??

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My husband and I are both 68 and look it.  We are mild and unassuming people.  He looks a bit like Harry Truman and I look a bit like Mamie Eisenhower.   We drive a Honda and have Ohio plates.   We are visiting his aged mother in Denver soon.


Questions:  If we want to buy some edibles to take home, what's the risk of I-70 in Kansas/Missouri?  Are we more likely to be stopped on I-80 in Nebraska or Iowa?  Or should we try to mail the stuff?  Or should we not do it at all?  Generally we drive well and don't look the least bit interesting.  It would be a shame to drive all the way to Denver and not have any mementos.  But we are also not capable of doing jail time or paying enormous fees.   


I am interested in any opinions.  Any ideas about packing?  We will be travelling with a lot of prescription medicine.  


I have searched this forum and have not found the answers but I apologize if they are there and I have not seen them.

Thank you.

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High Durfus and welcome to CC.


I'm pretty sure if you packed it in airtight packaging and stashed it in the bottom of your stuff you should be good to go.  They aren't stopping every vehicle are they?  Even if they did they certainly aren't searching them all.  Not like you're going to fit the profile of the kind of drug dealers they are looking for either. :)


Follow the speed limit and all the other rules of the road and you shouldn't have any problems.  I certainly wouldn't be too worried and I'm only 63 and look like an old hippie with hair half way to my butt. :)


Fed-Ex is an option too.



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I'm assuming that you are sourced at home. If so, go home clean why risk trouble for what you can already have at home? A little homework and some technology and edibles become easy!



You're not sourced; then enjoy Denver and plan to visit again!, soon! A couple of highs aren't worth the risk! Even if it's low, it is not zero!


P.s., If you're not sourced, work on making a connection!

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