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C02 replacement for long term storage

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Hi group. Just registered. From what I've read so far, this is a cool community.

I cant' find specific answers to this situation so, apologies if I am repeating and just suck at searching.


I recently bought a little more weed than I will use for some time. I stored what I wont be needing in the crawl space of the house, which maintains close to 65 deg f year round. I have them in kerr jars in a cardboard box open to the air. The area is really dark.  Before storing, I bought a small chunk of dry ice, wrapped  little pieces, maybe a half inch square, in cloth and put them in the bottom of the jar. I lightly filled the jars cuz I hate crushed buds. I put the seal part of the lid on and screwed the lid part down close to, but not on the seal.  As the dry ice evaporated, it would puff the seal, pushing (I assume) the 02 out of the jar.  Once the ice was gone, I sealed the jar and they are sitting in the crawl space now.  I see a lot on N2 replacement but little on C02.  Will the C02 break down and become 02 eventually? Storage time will probably be 6-8 months.


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High BoiseBud and Welcome to CC!


Sounds like you successfully purged most, if not all, of the oxygen out of your jars so that will help with long-term preservation tho 6-8 months is fairly short-term in the grand scheme of things. :)


CO2 isn't one of the noble gases like Argon, Helium etc but it's not going to break down and change as it can't react with anything in the jar at the temps you will be storing it at.  I'm not positive at how high temps would have to get before it would react but my educated guess would be well over 100C, the boiling point of water.


Even without your careful preparations the pot would not be noticeably degraded in that time in just sealed jars in a dark, cool place.  I got 5 or 6 year old pot in jars sitting around so I can grab a hit of what I feel like.  Definitely changed but mostly not to the bad.  Every once in a while I'll mix some of the older stuff together and make a batch of cocobudder with it to use it up.  Always new things coming down the pipe. :)



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