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Looks like it, how old is it?

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2 hours ago, sikymssa said:

that was 3/17 , flowering 4/11


That was quick, what is the strain, and how long will it be in flower.

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On 10/10/2018 at 11:22 AM, PhilNugent said:

looks great to me 

Hey Phil, are you any relation to zee Motor City Madman? My Guitar Hero!


Yeah! She looks great to me too! And she’s hot too, just like my Jodie Emery-look-a-like girlfriend! Did she start as a regular or Feminized Seed? I’ve always wondered about, “Feminized Seed”. The term makes me think that it used to be a boy but was feminized and turned into a girl. Therefore, very unstable. Just like an old girlfriend I used to have. Just like Madonna when she was young! She was even hot and looked like a girl even when she wasn’t wearing make-up! Unlike Madonna! There was only ONE thing about her that was ALL male: her BIG nine incher! Oh, but I do digress!


We actually use feminized seeds in our operation. But even with 5000 plants every harvest year-round,(which is a lot of honkin’ seeds we go through), we still get zee odd one that turns out to be male!


That’s our biggest job when we throw all of our plants into flower. Diligently checking for those sexy nice white hairs every day during zee first few weeks! That was always my biggest suspense when I first started out buying feminized seeds: dreading to find those little green balls!


If you’re just starting out, here’s a flowering tip for you to prevent a feminized seed going male: give your seedlings zee perfect environment with no shocks or stresses all zee way into and through veg, and you’ll get good girls every time!

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