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Proposals on Cannabis

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Proposed new legislation.

7.2 Accessing Cannabis for Medical Purposes

It is proposed that the way in which individuals access cannabis for medical purposes would remain largely unchanged. In order to purchase or cultivate cannabis for medical purposes, individuals would need to have the support of an authorized health care practitioner, who would provide the patient with a medical document supporting access.

As is currently the case under the ACMPR, authorized health care practitioners would include physicians in all provinces and territories, as well as nurse practitioners in provinces and territories where supporting access to cannabis for medical purposes is included under their scope of practice or in legislation.

The medical document would continue to signify the health care practitioner's support for access to cannabis for medical purposes. As is currently the case, the medical document would indicate, among other things, the daily quantity of cannabis supported by the health care practitioner (in grams of dried cannabis). This medical document would continue to be required for an individual to register with a federally-licensed seller of cannabis for medical purposes or with Health Canada. The period of use - up to one year - would need to be indicated by the authorized health care practitioner.

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