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How to Grow Hydroponic Weed

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I will start by defining WHAT HYDROPONICS IS ALL ABOUT? Hydroponics refer to the process of growing marijuana plants without the use of soil. Instead, it uses water soluble fertilizer as the primary source of nutrients. Even though the system may seem complicated, as long as you know the basics, you can become an effective grower in no time.


Ebb and Flow: This hydroponic weed system is simple, yet effective and efficient at the same time. It works by utilizing a nutrient reservoir which periodically floods the containers where the plants are. The draining process usually lasts for 30 minutes, delivering in fresh oxygen supply for the roots of the plants.


Top Feed/Drip Feed: This grow system use several different emitting tubes in order to drip nutrient solution constantly into the medium where your plants are planted. The excess of the solution runs through the grow medium, going to the reservoir, now ready for pumping back into the system.


Deep Water Culture: In this type of hydroponics weed system, the plants are being suspended inside net pots just above the reservoir. At the same time, an air pump is used in order to agitate the nutrient solution to go up to the roots of the plants. The solution which is not absorbed will just go back to the reservoir. With this system, air is used in agitating the solution, which means that it needs to be well oxygenated, helping the plants to easily absorb the nutrients. The same pump also feeds the oxygenated nutrient solution constantly, making this a low maintenance system. One downside to this system, however, is that the roots of the plants under this system are exposed in the open, which means that there is no buffer. If there is an issue, such as incorrect levels of nutrients, as well as power failure, the roots are very vulnerable to problems.


Nutrient Film Technique: This technique in hydroponics setup is considered as highly efficient when it comes to growing several plants. The plants will be lined up in a single row, with water passing down the tray going through the roots of every plant. Afterwards, the water will be collected, and then returned back to the reservoir, and pumped again around the system. This process keeps the plants well aerated thus enabling them to optimize the nutrients, allowing you to grow bigger buds. One thing that should be given attention with this setup is the angling of the tray. If the angle is not right, your crops may be in danger.









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