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Toronto's Mayor Grinch Tory

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 I was inspired by Dana Larsens book green buds and hash. And although Christmas has passed I thought this would be fun and inspiring for the people of Toronto and Ontario.


 The Ballad Of Mayor Grinch Tory:


 There once was a Grinch Mayor named John Tory


 Although it is 2018 and Justin Trudeau seeks legalization glory


In Toronto there is another story, the story of Mayor Grinch Tory


He learned of TAX Dollars and things to be had like a new transit system and bike lanes on Bloor


Every night his head would swirl with greed! All we must do is steal the weed industry indeed

He said with a Hiss

Once we legalize it all others will see that all other weed is not from LPs, Proceeds of crime not for patients in need


I must shutdown the bud tenders and growers for I need TAX dollars not peaceful pot lovers


He called on Bill Blair and Chief Mark Saunders and Judges We'll send the Toronto PD to shut down these peaceful pot sellers.


All across the city police they kept sending


Dispensaries would close down and then would re-open


 I DO NOT UNDERSTAND said Mayor Grinch Tory


I stole their edibles, their Budders their Hashes

Their Distillate Flowers and Waxes

Shatter, Chrontella and cash stashes


Still 420 is coming the people will gather! Legalization is a SCAM their voices are shouting!


 Lets help the Mayors Grinch heart grow a few sizes this 420 MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD!



 Tell your Ontario MP and government officials:


Dispensaries Growers/Suppliers and Lounges have a place in the city of Toronto and in the Province of Ontario


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