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Be aware of SINGRAY when you cross the border

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Many Canadians are denied entry into the U.S. by telling the border agents that they are going to Cannabis festivals or if asked they openly admit to smoking weed. Because the Federal Agents are obviously under Federal Law, they have a different agenda in mind for their Military/Industrial Spy Complex. Above all else don't get them suspicious of you because you'll be targeted by STINGRAY. They even have a country wide network of what look to be cell phone towers as well. Even at a lot of traffic light intersections your phone number can come up and your calls listened to. In a vehicle that has a standard GPS (global positioning system) in it along with your cell phone having a GPS, if they lose you, you are easy to find. If you disable the GPS n the new cell phone it doesn't matter. I got an old flip phone without GPS. In fact the new generation of cell phones if left on and they have a warrant, they can listen to you. Sounds creepy doesn't it. Unless of course you employ your own sophisticated technology. I've got the $119.99 model in my car. Why should the F'n government care if I go to the store to buy milk? By the way, both CSIS and the RCMP have this in Canada on an "experimental" basis:




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