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Moving a male from 12/12 to veg lighting

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Hey all . been awhile..I have a male I moved from flower12/12 to veggies lighting so not to seed my whole tent..I want to collect pollen to seed a few buds in the tent..will my male .who is showing balls  . continue to flower out under 24 lighting..I just need enough pollen to seed a few buds..it was in 12/12 lighting and I moved it back to veggies lighting..as soon as I noticed balls..no flowers open yet...

sorrya little buzzed here..hope this all makes sense..any reply is welcomed..

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Did you get a response? I bet you already have seeds.... hahaha. Sorry buddy next time shoot me a pm and I'll let ya know.... I put a lot of males back into 24 hr lighting to keep them around for when the ladies in the ground go into flower I can have some select pollen to throw around.... Peace..


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