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clone to clone to full grown plant 2017-2018

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1 hour ago, LabRat said:

We still have 3ft of snow on the ground here but melting fast.  Might put some autos in pots and stick them in my woods to see how they do.


About to flower the ones in my grow room.  Should have done that a while ago but they weren't doing so well but are really growing good since repotting.  Will be bending tops before they're done for sure.





3 feet of snow.... Sounds way to cold for this California boy.... I really enjoy the area I live in. If I want snow it's 45 minutes away Ski Park is an hour away. But I don't get snow, well a dusting every three to five years if that counts as snow..... Alway better to make sure they are healthy and doing good before you transition to flower.... I have to check the girls I laid down, haven't checked them yet today. I rained yesterday afternoon after I laid them down.... So they should be enjoying the new digs.....


Thanks for the comment Labby, much appreciated.... Peace....


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