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Canada needs Cannabis Taxes. Here's why

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The federal government is hard up for taxes. There are other economic reasons why they are going to legalize Cannabis.

This year I estimate at least a $30 Billion deficit.

When you hear the Bank of Canada say that they want to target a 2% inflation rate it sounds difficult to understand. It's not.

What it means is that if they don't keep printing currency and growing asset prices exponentially, they'll implode the economy.  In eseence the current flawed monetary system has to keep blowing bubbles.

It actually means that inflation which by definition is simply the expansion of the money supply is used to lower your standard of living, say another 2%.

In other words the general public doesn't understand that inflation is the federal government's hidden tax on ordinary working people.

They actually practice a psychological principle on people called "money- illusion".

 This article points out the bubble-mentality of "Euphoria" :

Heads be aware of the global economic ponzi.


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