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Mescaline Purchase in canada,

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Not sure where to get it online, My friend wont tell me his source for the powder. Please help? He refuses, I found the substance dry but I want the powder and he will not tell me his source...

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I'm looking for some 'shrooms to try for my depression but wouldn't mind some buttons either.  If you know a legit Canadian supplier PM me a link or something please.  Damn near 50 years since I puked on buttons. :)



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Just some points ,If your buying powder or dried product in Canada it is considered a schedule 2 drug.

Live plants are 100% legal. Its safer though understandably a lot more effort to buy live plants and do the extraction/ drying yourself. But also much more rewarding.

There are peyote vendors in Canada, but its cheaper to find San Pedro Cactus or Peruvian Torch cactus etc that contains the same active compounds.

There is a shop I know in the Toronto area called CactusKingdom that you can get both from live to grow your own supply.

You could go with peyote too, but its much more time, cost, and work involved for your purposes.

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