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Examples of the developing hemp industry

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At least an estimated 50,000 products can be made once again:


Planet Hemp and Relevium Technologies provide great Cannabis products. They have also gone public which means you can invest in them on the stock exchange.

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The lack of interest is the very reason I created an account.


Medical pot is the only topic around and it's legalization should remove some of the dangers of growing hemp. Such as a rouge plant having too much tch and your whole operation is shut down. The stipulations for the field actually works to an advantage in certain circumstances.


One such case would be to create the fields on the south facing land that rises out of the swampland that is east of the RR in the County of Greenview, AB.  The location is remote enough as far as paved roads and schools go. The RR means the transportation doesn't use any public roads.  Buffalo style fences would not be required because each field is an island by itself and the Wapiti River is the north border and the Big Smokey River is the south border  and they join to create the east border so it is a very secure location without any expensive upgrades needed.


With medical pot about to become legal the money will be in the growing and that might end up in the hands of a few corporations rather than a lot of 'mom & pop grow ops'.  The 30sq km of swamp has some deeper sections that would allow the moss to be scraped off in the winter and many shipping containers are made watertight and sunk as a single unit that is a climate controlled grow op that is 'in a secret location that needs specialized equipment' to even find as travel over the moss in the summer is impossible and in the winter you leave tracks and the ground in frozen.


Medical pot is worth millions and a growing list of clients is expected. Hemp is a billion dollar industry with an unlimited list of products that can me made from the plant. It is also a crop that has no modern machines to do the planting and harvesting and basic processing so the material loaded onto the RR brings the best price and the medical pot goes from the lab to a secure rail car.


Selective breeding should allow a hemp plant to reach 5 meters and pot plants dripping with resin.



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From what I've read in the past.

Hemp cleans the air 5 times faster (more efficient?) than trees.

1 acre of trees or 1 acre of hemp will produce the same amount of paper, the hemp takes 6 months the trees take 20 years.


Just those 2 facts alone should be enough to open some eyes one would think......? global warming anyone?


There is no waste from hemp, the final waste product can be used to make superconductors.  Just google superconductors from hemp waste to see what I mean.


There is so much to be learned from this plant that it is enough to frighten the powerful into keeping it out of our reach. After all it was the rich and powerful who started the reefer madness and they are still the ones promoting all the hatred towards it.


Lets not forget what started all of this nonsense, nylon was invented, that industry along with paper, media and the government shut down hemp for victory and started reefer madness to enhance their own personal profits.


As long as we allow people with vested interests to run our government offices we will always be fighting for our freedoms. It seems wonderful that our Canadian government is opening their eyes towards legalization and I'm ecstatic really, but the reality is probably not what I (we?) were hoping for. Either way I do see it as one step in the right direction, it may be 2 or 3 steps back but at least we've started to move.


FWIW I have worked for an organic farmer in the past, we did grow hemp here's a link to a video I posted years ago, This variety of hemp only grows to a max of 4 feet...oh man this is bringing back some fond memories, what a beautiful morning this was.


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