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anyone seen this? www.spam.com

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hi everyone haven't been on the site for some time, but I came across a neat site that is different then most others. 


If you are a small batch grower and don't have a venue to share your herb with others you can post for free on there site.  They do local delivery and mail order. 


All drop shipping so an order comes in, you get paid, order get sent out from the source.   Think its a fantastic idea for people who have the up coming legal limit in Canada,  What do you do with the extra?  Well now you don't need to open a store, or a delivery service,   its like eBay for herb. 


take a look its nice to see a few of the micro growers online, elite strains, and small batch are always better I find.   Hope this helps out some people!





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Spammy link

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Great you dropped by but no sales of any kind are allowed in the forums.


If this had been your first visit it would have been your last.


As a small grower of specific medical strains I often have more than I can consume on my own but I give my excess away to friends that really can't afford to buy the medicine they need.  If they got a few bux to spare it helps to keep the lights on but they are under no obligation to donate.


Far as I'm concerned anyone seeking to profit from pot has a special place in whatever hell they may believe in reserved for them.


My wife still sells her jumbo sized eggs for $3/dozen when the crappy factory produced large ones go for almost $5 at the supermarket.


Lousy marketing maybe but she pays almost nothing to feed them as the local farmers that buy her eggs give her way more feed than she needs to make more eggs.


What goes around, comes around and kharma can be a bitch if you mess with her.





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