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I'm back but my posts are gone.

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Former Old Hand with 997 posts. Hey, I came back to check some things out yesterday and was saddened to see that my first 990 posts were deleted. All that's left are a couple of comments. I wonder why it was decided to destroy all those posts? Screw history or what? Can the people posting thoughts and links now expect their materials and contributions to be destroyed down the road as mine were or was that Cointelpro? best and cheers, Spanner McNeil.

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High Spanner and welcome back! :pass:


When a major upgrade was done on the forums a while back almost everything prior to '10 got archived and can still be found using Google search to dig them up.


Marc and Jodie haven't been around for years and there's a paid webmaster that doesn't get paid much I guess to make improvements around here so all the background graphics are gone.  The annoying banner ads are gone too so that's one positive feature. :)


I'm still hanging out to keep the place tidy and free of spammers with the help of Shadey but otherwise we have been cast adrift to keep the boat afloat as best we can.




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I wondered where the banner ads had gone to...  A *few* don't bother me, and if it helps pay for the site...  I wonder what their rationale is for keeping the site running if not for advertising revenue?  OK, that sounded cynical...  


I hope this place sticks around for a while yet.  I just got back here. 😛  Not quite ready to start my own board/forums just yet, my energies are stretched a bit thin as it is, heh.  But, you know, I could possibly assist in various ways.  Whatever I might have any excess of in any given time period, be it time or funds (it's not often on either, but occasionally).

Edit: Oh, it's true, all posts prior to that date are gone.  Except in my case there's this weird one from 2006 that I do not remember, heh, but then nothing until 2012 (I might not have been active 2010-2011).  Ah well.

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