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A special greeting to all the stoners in Vancouver

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Hi, everyone!


I'm currently writing from my bedroom in Belém, Brazil. Since I was first introduced to the concept of a "cannabis industry" I instantly became absolutely amused by it. Smoking weed has been an important time of my life and just thinking about working with it makes my heartbeat rate speed up. I'm currently trying to find out ways to just go to Vancouver – when I discovered it was one of Canada's warmest cities it turned itself into my go to place – and try to connect as much as I can with the industry. My plan is to go into a foreign exchange students program in early 2018 (probably around January or February) and establish contact with activists and Canadian cannabis industry's brave pioneers. Do you guys have any thoughts or suggestions? I also know this should be a greeting section, but I didn't really find an appropriate part of the forum to do what I was intended to.

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Hi Tchanga, welcome to CC, Sounds like a good plan, depending on how the government will allow it to be dispensed their could be a lot of jobs going in the Marijuana industry in Vancouver if you are their before the rush when its legalized you may get an opportunity. Good Luck, I hope it works out for you.

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