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I'm really new to the world of medical cannabis, so any advice would be welcome. Keep in mind, I'm an embarrassing lightweight. 


I was diagnosed with PMDD, which is basically a cross between the incredible Hulk and PMS, if you can believe it. It's a nightmare to live with, and the rage and anxiety is almost too powerful to control sometimes. I'm in control with the kids, but at work and with my husband, all hell breaks loose. I've tried everything, meditation, radical changes to my diet, exercise, herbal and other vitamin supplements, you name it, I tried it. It helped some, but not enough. Needless to day, I fear divorce and loss of employment if I don't get this under control.


Last night I finally gave in and got myself a nice little mellow hybrid. I literally cried tears of relief. For the first time in over a decade, I felt like things were going to be okay. I had about 5 or 6 massive mental breakthroughs, and realized my anxiety and anger was pointless and I was able to move beyond it all. I was so afraid I'd "forget" all these amazing revelations, I wrote them all down like a maniac and read them again in the morning. They still made sense, and I feel much, much better today, even while "sober". 


Why the hell isn't this stuff available in every corner of the country? The sheer simplicity of it. I smoked about a 10th of a gram, and it did more for me in a couple of hours than all the yoga, meditation, diet, exercise, vitamins and anything else I tried over years. 


I'm looking to buy some edibles, preferably sativa dominant, that I can use while at the office. What should I expect? Would it exacerbate my anxiety? I got some CBD edibles, which are fantastic for physical pain, but make me sleepy. I need to keep my mental focus and get things done. 


I also need something the kids can't smell. They're out on a camping trip, which is why I was able to finally try it last night. But I'm frantically airing out the house and my husband thinks it's hilarious. 


I'm nervous about edibles in candy or baked goods form, in case for whatever reason the kids find them. They're old enough to discover some of my best hiding places for birthday presents and stuff. I think I might go with tinctures or oils, but not sure how to dose it. 


My main goal is to find a way to manage my symptoms without anyone knowing. Yes, I'm a stereotype. Soccer mom, PTA meetings, obsessed with cleaning the house, baking cookies, dinner parties, overachiever, fun runs, yoga class, the usual. Don't judge me too much. Most of the moms I know are addicted to white wine and Xanax, which for some reason is more acceptable than what I'm doing. I sincerely worry other moms won't let their kids play with my kids, or I'll get kicked off the PTA committee or something. Yes, I'm surrounded by a bunch of judgemental a-holes. 


Anyway, sorry for the long post. I'm just looking for some advice. TIA. 



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Hi soccer mom, welcome to CC.

5 minutes ago, SoccerMom said:

Why the hell isn't this stuff available in every corner of the country?

Because the drug companies will lose to much money.

6 minutes ago, SoccerMom said:

I think I might go with tinctures or oils, but not sure how to dose it. 

CBD infused oil works very well, you can dose with a small syringe, no needle, directly into your mouth, I use it as my base line medicine, it doesnt make me sleepy like CBD bud does in my pipe. My licensed producer makes a dry bud 13% CBD and 17% THC product and mix it in my pipe @ 2 CBD to 1THC amounts in the evening when the pain is at its worst and when I need to sleep, on top of the oil which I take 3-4 times a day depending on how I am feeling. I have a low tolerance for THC as well. The syringe will allow you to measure your dosage exactly and you can start low and work up to a level that you are comfortable with for your problem. The only way people will find out about it is if you tell them when just using infused oil. I am sure you will get other suggestions as well, I hope this helps you.

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High SoccerMom and welcome to CC!


With that Type A on steroids personality I'd think an indica leaning strain would work better than a sativa one.  You don't seem to need a lift as much as you do a sea anchor to slow you down just a bit.


That "have to be everything to everybody" attitude will kill you young.  How's your blood pressure?  I love sativas for my depression but a bit too much gives me anxiety and heart palpitations so I toned it down with indica and it worked great.  I'm now leaning to hi-cbd strains around 2:1 CBD/THC with a sativa background.


I make cocobudder and micro-dose during the day to help with the depression and keep the joint pain down then toke a bit in the evenings and take a larger dose of the budder an hour or so before bedtime to sleep well and wake up with less pain for most of the next day.


Many medications including pot interfere with REM sleep which cuts way down on your dreaming where you often deal with issues in your life that are very helpful even tho you may not realize that those dreams are what is helping to smooth the bumps in your road.


A good dose at night helps me for a full day so I don't have to medicate so often during the day.  No kids to worry about tho but a jar of brown goo isn't very appealing to kids either. :)


Have you thought about therapy?  I went to a therapist for almost two years a few years back and it did help tho not cure my depression.  Gave me insight on how to prevent my thoughts from lingering in dark places too long.


Some sort of change is needed and I hope you find the right path. :pass:





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