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exhausting humidity and heat using one fan and 2 controllers

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Ok lets see who knows how to help with this problem. I have a humidity controller which I have a humidifier connected to the humidify relay. I also have the exhaust fan connect to the cool relay on this unit. I also have a heat controller with a heater connected to the heat relay and I want to connect the fan to cool relay on this unit. How do I do it?


what I have tried so far and failed is, wiring 2 extension cords with the female plug ends removed and joined together hot to hot and neutral to neutral, then added a single pigtail/wire to each and connected that to a wall socket in a plastic box. I connect the fan power cord into the plastic box and 1 male plug to the cool relay on the humidity controller and the other male plug to the cool relay on heater controller, when I do this I trip out the main fuse box.

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