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ACD Member sNc's Barcelona Trip - A 3 Day Crash Course

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sNc's Barcelona Trip - A 3 Day Crash Course



Post by sNc » Sun 13th Aug 2017 03:24 pm


I'm back! Missed writing and felt motivated to bring this installment to you properly instead of rushing in with incoherent live report notes similar to my April AMS report :lol:

For what was a short trip you're in for a fun read :mrgreen::lol:


I haven't been able to make it back to Mokum since April but have wanted to visit Barcelona for quite some time, having also not visited mainland Spain before (just the islands) I'm eager to do so given my family heritage.

My partner has also wanted to visit Barcelona so this is a win win situation surely?! Sun, herbs, food what more could you want?

It falls on me to organise, book and ensure this trip happens as the partner seems quite blasé about it all..I pre warn her "there's at least 3 cannabis clubs I want to visit during our stay"...she gives a squint of uncertainty, on the verge of disapproving but seems to accept the immanent outcome.

A half decent deal for a 3 day trip on Expedia with flights and hotel comes in at around £300 each..not bad at short notice...departure flight is early but so is the return flight 7:40am :shock: Not much else available and even trying to extend the trip by a day or two to get a better flight time starts to double the cost of the trip. I figure to just book it as is and try and find some cheap flights closer to the time.

With some much appreciated help from ACD's very own "Spanish Liaison" , A plan starts to hatch on what clubs I wish to visit..(shortly before the trip tensions rise in the Barcelona club community after 15 day law gets officially voted in/approved which means lots of clubs reluctant to take new members especially non residents) not to fear still plenty of decent choice my "Spanish Liaison" assures me.

The Backyard BCN has been killing it according to my "Spanish Liaison's" recent visit so that's a certainty on the list, Alcatraz also regarded highly so I decide on that..as it's only a 3 day trip I figure these will cover my needs for a short trip?

A quick message to an ex Barcelona resident on any recommendations of clubs, eateries and general go to places results in like or not like suggestions with "Spanish Liaison's" club recommendations and some valuable inside eatery suggestions.

Wishing to get into more dab action during my stay I'm advised there are some great extracts to be had from Barcelona...armed only with a Pax 3 I need something else to get some full enjoyment...Vapefiend have a sale on their Dabstorm 2.0 mod (£40) so I snap this right up!

Offline map gets downloaded and desired destinations input..productive stoner mode initiated ....the excitement is certainly building!

Day before departure
It suddenly dawns on me that my partner wont be able to accompany me into the clubs as only my name is down to join...hmmmm, this could cause a problem..."Spanish Liaison" advises this could be a win win situation and that I should drop her off to do some shopping

I have to work this carefully as I will need to visit a club upon arrival as it just makes sense with Alcatraz being so close to the bus drop off....will have to drop the bomb on her when on the airport bus (wish me luck!)

Day 1/ Departure Day

Here we gooooo! It's an early departure (8am) and we are at the airport with plenty of time.

For once I've had a decentish sleep before a trip so this makes a refreshing change to my usual tired state.

I've been on a strict diet for months and from today I'm letting loose and eating and drinking whatever the fuck I want this week and especially for the duration of this trip!
This means the typical British staple of a good ol fried breakfast is in order!- man this tasted like some fine cuisine due to my food abstinence  pure bliss!

Anyway.....boarding time!, as we sit on the plane the pilot announces that take off is delayed!?..due to the Spanish border officers striking an hour at a time throughout the day!
I turn to my partner and give her the "it's your fault" stare! (We joked previously that every trip where she has been there we have experienced a delay or some major drama)

Looks like we are going to be about 20minutes or so late...no biggy.

Feels a little strange flying for more than hour where I'm used to doing the UK-NL short trip...the descent and apprroach to El Prat airport was one of the worst I have experienced, with the plane moving with a tilt from side to side constantly and the sudden onset of air pressure change from what felt like we were dramatically losing altitude at points...I dont know why it felt like this but strangely the hitting of the runway was incredibly smooth?

As we look out the window the skies are totally grey and overcast with a visible drizzle in the air! I turn to my partner again "it's your fault!" Typical that this would happen to us!

Off the plane with hand luggage and heading straight downstairs for the Aerobus to the city centre - I purchase our tickets via my phone whilst in the queue for the bus (these run every 5 minutes at peak times and only about €5.60 each for a one way trip)...QR code scanned and we are on the bus BCN bound!

Excitement is building with a nervous tension knowing I need to drop the bomb that I'm going straight to a club on arrival!...about 5 minutes into the journey I calmly explain I need to pass by a club on route to our hotel as it's on the way and it just makes sense....the face drop reaction was unreal from her and kicks off a round of "I dont want this trip to be all about weed blah, blah blah!"

I resist the urge to argue and again calmly explain that it is inevitable and wont take long.....

The bus journey takes about 25 minutes and on route to the centre you start to see the great architecture and Catalan flags hanging from windows and balconies.

We arrive at our destination the main square- Plaça de Catalunya...it's starting to rain a bit heavier but there is a distinct temperature and humidity in the air. This doesnt feel like British rain or temperatures so we can hack it!...quick check of the map and I can see Alcatraz club is just a few streets away with a cafe close by that my partner can park herself awaiting my return.

Partner dropped off I make my way for Alcatraz around the corner....the anticipation is killing me! I can't wait to sample some great flavors including my strain hunt for some tasty Diesel!

I pass one small side street but google is directing me to the next one...I arrive and recognise one of the building fronts from street view but there isn't anything obvious to indicate this is indeed Alcatraz club?..
A guy exits from a door next to where I'm stood and with me looking confused he asks if I'm looking for a coffeeshop- I explain that I'm looking for Alcatraz club and he says "yes this it" result!

I'm joined by a random French guy and we buzz awaiting entry..the door unlocks and in we go...

There's a reception desk to one side with a Rottweiler chewing a wasp looking Spanish girl!

Theres a few other people stood to the left of us and it's a bit busy in such a small space..I'm looking around this reception thinking none of this looks like pictures of Alcatraz? (Maybe it's a pre entrance fake front sort of thing before the actual themed club? Maybe they changed like Zen/Dragon club I'm confusingly thinking??)

Then an abrupt "you have an invite?" Comes out of the girls mouth to the French guy..he starts to explain that he joined last year but she says she can't find him and that probably his year membership expired.

She then turns to me and says "show me your invite!" I explain that a friend has put my name down and she pulls a face of disbelief and says "show me then!, you must have invite!"

Feeling under pressure knowing my partner is probably stewing over waiting for me on my crusade..I'm determined to get this sorted and get out!

I ask if this is Alcatraz and she says "yes", frantically I scroll through my phone to get a reply from messages regarding club sign up (at this point I'm getting desperate and just want to ensure that I can score!)

She then wanders off with my phone through a door leaving me and the French guy in reception?!

He turns to me shakes his head and says "it's really weird that they question members like this, it's kind of rude!"

On her return she says "Ok, membership is €20 and you need to load your card for purchases"

Still feeling pushed and a little stressed I pay and add €40 to the card..

A card is handed over and has a picture of a huge wooden carved panel door entrance? The group to our left has now cleared and I see this same door with "Dam Square" carved into it -(Fuck! This isn't the right place!)

Knowing it's too late now I enter the main area to spend my credit....

On the left is a lot of low level/booth style seating with the bud bar on the right and a smaller room at the rear....a nice female BT greats me with a folder/booklet style menu...she explains that all strains are sold in 1.5g at €20!!!! Then she starts saying depending on what strains you choose you may get more? (Not very clear or well explained at all!)

Time is of the essence so I have a quick look and ask to view a few Diesel options....Bio Sour Diesel & Aeroponic Diesel, the Bio smells much better so I grab a bag..then I flick over the page and see Purple Cookies (never tried this so thought fuck it!)

She advises me that it's a very strong indica..I don't mind as I'll want something for bedtime anyway, I grab a bag but the bud in this is about twice the size of the Diesel? but has a nice structure with a few little purple bits in it. Very odd system here.

Bio Sour Diesel

Purple Cookies

Money spent I exit feeling more than slightly cheated..as I get out onto the side street it hits me - The message from my "Spanish Liaison" was a screen shot of a reply from the Backyard club not even anything to do with Alcatraz!  And obviously nothing to do with Dam Square!

So after all the questioning and harassment on arrival and clearly not having an invite to their club they still signed me up letting me believe it was Alcatraz..absolute snakes!

Still in disbelief and wanting a bit more for my buck I head into the first side street I had passed by..a few steps in and clear as day there is Alcatraz club with clear signage/branding ffs! Why google directs you to Dam Square I dont know?

Upon entering I start to explain at the small window that I have an invite....

"From who???" Is the short response I get with a judgemental scowl.

So I show a name and suddenly the approach changes "ahhh ok", another €20 membership dropped and I'm buzzed through into the main area..

There's a long bar on the left and the guy explains that the dispensary bar is around the corner..I choose what I want to buy and the guy there will give me a ticket for what I'm buying to return to the first guy to pay to which he will give me a receipt and I return to the dispensary..all quite random but at least im not loading another card right?

The place has cool decor in the style of a prison of course..lots of booth seating with a dungeon/cell feel...left at the end of the first bar is the dispensary area..another bar with a glass top with the nugs of the stains on offer underneath, strains I can remember were- SLH, Northern Lights, Green Poison, NYCD, 7.8 Sour, Chemdawg (There were lots more and some hash but again I was in a rush!)

Quick message to the partner "sorry won't be much longer"

BT was topping up a jar or Northern Lights- it looked and smelled great! Not like a tired out unloved offering you'd get of this old school strain in say AMS.

I look at the Green Poison and ask for the NYCD but it's OOS damn it! BT suggests 7.8 Sour and that he prefers it to NYCD...sold!

1g Green Poison, 1g 7.8 Sour selected (came to €14! Lovely!)

Green Poison

7.8 Sour

I need a grinder for my stay so purchase a "Canna Nutrients" grinder at the main bar for €1.50.

A few quick jokes are shared and the strange bounce back and forth between the two bars and I'm stocked up now at least for today after just spending close to €100 between these two clubs with membership costing €40 alone for the two of them! At least I have 5g of flowers to see me through...for now!

I bid farewell and I'm heading back to pick up the partner..she's surprisingly mellow and I quickly suggest checking out one of the Sephora beauty shops before we make way for the hotel...she snaps up this opportunity and off we head. (What a save!)

At the entrance to Sephora there is a slide? and escalators going down to basement level..we enter and I'm stood there with the dankest aromas leaching from my backpack...I know we are in BCN but I'm sure this isn't appreciated behavior in a retail store!

Leaving the partner to browse I head back up to street level to sort out my aroma issue...I have a ziplock bag from the airport so pop my baggies of buds into this which seems to eliminate my eau de terpenes scent!

Partners short shop excursion completed and purchase made we refer to the map and start heading towards the main stretch La Rambla.


If you don't like crowds or busy places Rambla isn't for you!! This street has 2 small pavements either side with 2 single one way roads and a large pedestrian area lined with trees in the middle running its length.

On the small right hand pavement heading south we are literally front to back with other bodies it's one of the busiest and tightest pedestrian experiences I've ever had...with my speedy stride I have to keep checking back on my partner who is trailing behind, a few bikes whizz by in a close shave with some people who have stepped out into the road trying to pass slower people.

In the middle pedestrian area there are a number of large shop huts with various merchandise and tacky souvenir trinkets..then followed by various street vendors such as caricature artists, street performers etc.

The sun has come out now and the temperature and humidity has dramatically ramped up, we make our way about half way down knowing we need turn off for our hotel somewhere in the last third of this stretch...the change in premises is noticeable now where it starts off with a lot of brand or chain names (shops & food) and at our point we now have a few hotels and a lot of outdoor restaurant seating on the central walkway.

Boqueria market is on the right of us and this area is even more hectic with a swarm of people criss crossing in a tight spot- as we look to the market it's bustling but in my mind after checking the time I take note not to visit here at this time in the next few days..way too busy!

The chaotic pedestrian situation isn't helped by scaffolding up around a Dunkin Doughnuts shop on the corner which makes the pavement even tighter...people seem to not care and just walk into or barge you (mostly tourists although the Catalans don't share any quintessential British apologies for bumping into you or getting in your way..think along the lines of London commuting)

We make it out of the bottle neck and this part seems to calm down a bit without so much crowding...more restaurants and hotels and a few souvenir shops..then we start to notice a few "Supermercats" I make a few surrounding observations as we will need some supplies after check-in so want to remember where these are..

Quick check of the offline map and I can see we need to turn off down "Carrer de Santa Mònica" before we turn again, this end of the street is noticeably quieter and in the distance you can see the impressive Christopher Colombus statue.

Off we turn and there is a few more small supermarkets followed by a strong Haze smell...mmmmmm (I'm aware that Strain Hunters Club is down this street emitting these aromas although unable to get into this one anyway) a tiny Irish pub follows then a frosted glass sliding double door with SH Club BCN on a small plaque.


We need to turn again and in front of us are a few bike rental shops with some cool variations of pedal vehicles...karts, 3 wheelers, some battery trike car type things...interesting indeed.

The side streets are fairly narrow with tall buildings everywhere although in this area a bit more sun breaks through onto street level...a left turn opens out into a triangular cobbled courtyard/junction with a restaurant, bar and some seating with parasols occupied by locals so far out your not sure which business it belongs to?

All partially in the shadow of a huge concrete 70's monstrosity of a tower. Now a right turn and we are at our destination "Hotel Chic & Basic Rambla" there's some outside seating and the restaurant bar to the right..we make our way around to the reception which is on another lane to the right.

Hotel Chic & Basic

This hotel is decorated with a lot of retro/60's styling it's quite quaint and quirky..very different but that's why I booked it (as well as the price!)
At the right the foyer is open through to the bar and restaurant which is occupied by an old peppermint Fiat car.


The reception desk has a veneer covering of retro satchels and suitcases..there's also a board holding the keys by a magnet on the bottom of a bell shaped keyring..old school, real different to most hotels its quite refreshing..

During check-in the lady advises me "the hotel is non smoking but you can smoke *or whatever* on the balcony as long you close the door fully"...(what could she possibly be implying by "whatever"...maybe my bag aroma is the giveaway ah well!)

We're given our key but told that we have to leave our key with them when we go out? Never experienced this but have been told this is how hotels used to operate back in't day.

To the left of the small 3 man lifts opposite the reception desk is a billiards room decorated white with a white pool table..very edgy

Lift taken to the 5th floor as we exit our room is just to the right...all the bedroom doors are decorated with a vinyl wrap with negative prints of people (each floor decorated to a different era and relevance of people..again very different)


Into the room and the standard set up with bathroom to one side..after that there's a unit against the wall with a hanging rail suspended above (Just basic as reflected in the name!) Plenty of storage space, safe, fridge!, kettle and a few cups and glasses.

There's a decent sized table that could sit four with a couple of chairs and a lower table perfect for bags, sitting on or just throwing your shoes onto.

A nice free standing lamp to one side of the bed which has a bedside tabletop built into it. A relaxing low level chair and the other side has a flexible reading light, TV on the wall opposite the bed with the balcony to the left side.

The balcony kind of swung this hotel booking for me knowing I can consume in some comfort without being banished to the streets much like home! I got worried looking on street view that a lot of the balconies were facing onto a building opposite..but seemed to have lucked out on one towards the end of the building that has some clearing with something to look at.

This will certainly be my base for consumption operations! Ahhhhhhh!

Not a massively picturesque view but still plenty to take in..on the left-hand side a building has rock climbing hand and foot grips attached to its side all the way up, in the centre in the distance you're able to catch a glimpse of the cable cars travelling up and down the mountain..just down to the right is a small enclosed 5 a side football pitch and small courtyard area the other side with locals sat out.

As I scan across looking at the Juliette style balconies above the streets you get a glimpse of some of the interiors and living set ups of the locals in this part..lots of basic room set ups mostly with blanket or veil style materials as curtains and mattresses chucked in the corner of a small room.

Now we're settled time to stock up on some essentials with a trip to the supermarket, neither of us have eaten since breakfast so we are bound to get peckish at some point....we head out..key dropped off at reception (still feels weird) and head back onto Rambla..a couple of minutes walk up up to one of the bigger many convenience shops which is tucked into a corner just before a side street... 

We stock up on liquids..namely water, few bottles of Aquarius, Cacaolat, Nestea...then for some munchies, Queso Ruffles, various Milka offerings, Chorizo, Salami, Cheeses and some other junk..

Suddenly I have an onset of booze thirst, something about being in a hot climate just gets my beer taste buds going where as at home I barely drink.

Deciding to sample a few beers I've not come across before (as all we tend to get in the UK of Spanish beer is San Miguel or Estrella Damm!) - Moritz, Mahou, Mahou Especial selected and the cashier kindly takes €34 of my cash for my mostly liquid shopping spree. (How did that happen??)

The cloud has covered the sky again but it's still nice and warm, we head back for the hotel to gorge on our limited supplies of snacks and liquids.

Key collected and bums parked back in the room..various munchies are being attacked like it's the last day on earth! Partner decides she needs a lay down and retires to the bed.

I begin to look over my stash and can't wait to get to work on my wares....first selection is a no brainer...Sour Diesel..I chuck some in the "Canna" grinder and the bloody thing is awful! Just rolling the bud round and only breaking it down to a coarse hand picked type of consistency! Still better than using my hands and plus the humidity of BCN hasn't helped these flowers exactly stay crisp/dry..

Pax loaded and Mahou beer in hand I make myself comfortable on the balcony...it's late afternoon now and strangely the clouds clear and the sun seems to be at its hottest, shining directly onto our balcony....winning!

Pax fired up..on the heat up I can smell the beautiful terps...I'm still sceptical of this Diesel from Dam Square....

First inhale...just wow!

Not had a Diesel like this in a longtime..it's a very clear high not massively strong but will certainly be perfect W&B fodder...The flavour just keeps on and on and the session feels to go on longer than a lot of flowers I've had this year...

Decent vapor production, amazing flavor but especially on the exhale..even ramping the temp up to finish the bowl doesn't result in any popcorn taste once its exhausted.
Really shocked and pleased by the quality of this..surprising considering it looks poor and very little visible trichs on it.

It's getting hotter so in true Brit fashion I whip off the tshirt and bask in the Spanish sun...another beer calls and after not being blown away by the regular Mahou I opt for the "Especial"
This tastes a lot better and has little more strength to it...and at €0.85 per can even better!

Now time to try something else on the herb front....7.8 Sour

A lot of muskyness on the bag inhale, this breaks up a lot better than the Diesel from Dam Square and is quite dark in colour...still has a sour tone in the background but there's an obvious spice note overiding everything else. (Understandable from it's parentage)

Not as much smell on heat up as the Sour D but still dank nevertheless...on the initial inhale there is much more of a deep flavor profile to it..much more complex than the Sour D a deep musk and the spicyness comes through at the end..definitely less sweet than the Sour D, it's also noticeably stronger with more of a head fog accompanied by a strong head buzz....

A bit too fuzzy for a preferred W&B option maybe but we'll see how I get on with it on the next run. The terps like the Sour D are loud and stay on the tongue for sometime after consumption really enjoyable and no popcorn burnt taste at the bowls end either. Dense visible clouds of vapor are easily achieved again..sure fire quality and very clean tasting, no harshness or stinging of the back or nostrils or throat...these are well finished and flushed products!

More beer calls and now it's time to give the "Moritz" a whirl which is supposed to be a local/Barcelona brew..similar to the standard Mahou..it has a weaker ABV% and certain pissyness to the smell and taste..a bit weak to be honest but better than the Mahou equivalent.

Taste buds need tantalizing again..let's have some more of that Sour D!

The air con condenser unit on the balcony kicks in and starts blasting me with hot air but it's somewhat pleasurable with the sun and temperature already helping the cannabinoids and booze course through my veins...bliss

Pax loaded and another bowl ensues...flavour for days! I catch myself smacking my lips and working the terps around my mouth and tongue truly enjoying this (can you tell!?)

3 beers and as many bowls has set me up well and not hit me negatively at all so that's a plus! Partner begins to stir and once up we start to make plans for a chilled first evening taking it easy.

Plan hatched to take an easy stroll down towards the waterfront and find something for dinner after taking in some sights around the Gothic quarter...we head down the bottom end of Rambla and are immediately greeted by random African dudes spouting off "Hello, coffeeshop! You smoke weed? Buds?" I give the old tourist response "No thanks"

There seems to be a much more relaxed feel to this end of Rambla, more statue/mime performers which are even more impressive in costume quality, make up and skill set than I have seen in any other city with similar performers.

Soon we are greeted by the imposing Christopher Columbus statue (complete with him looking in the wrong direction east instead of west to the Americas) In the distance the famous "W" hotel scrapes the skyline just beyond the harbour..


The heat and travelling has caused my feet to swell up and as usual I've chosen to break in a new pair of trainers (always do this on trips and it's actually something that seems to work to break them in nicely) my partner expresses that her feet are swollen too and slightly uncomfortable..I glance down and she has strappy flat open sandals...should be fine for short strolls or about the hotel vicinity...
I then ask her "did you bring your trainers?".....

A short silence followed by a "no I decided to bring sandals"

Hmmmmm!? So I said "what are the other ones like?"

She replied "oh they're the same sort of style"

I'm having deja vue at this point of Mokum in January where I specifically advised to bring comfortable footwear for walking some heavy mileage and she ingored it....oh well let's see how this plays out...again!

After passing the statue there are a lot of what seems to be illegal street vendors with blankets/towels covered in fake designer bags or fake Barcelona football shirts...although hilariously the appear to have string/rope attached to each corner and then tied in the middle..I assume for a quick getaway if the authorities turn up?..maybe I'm wrong and its just for convenience and easy transport?

Crossing the road/busy roundabout we edge closer to the harbour front.. there's a few food stalls and plenty of people about..we can see a complex of shops and eateries over a pontoon/pier style walkway but it's busy and we aren't fussed to check it out right now.

We continue down the promenade and suddenly a Seagull dives head on in our direction...my partner flinches and side steps before I can fully react to what's actually going on...she let's out a "Oh my fucking god!" And I'm like "what's happened?".. The seagull has shit bombed and it has gone up her foot and leg to the knee

I try to contain my laughter but it's just too comical...It then falls on me to find something to help clean it off...a food van is just behind us and I nab some napkins for the clean up operation....leg wiped, the un-missable stench is still apparent..so we walk towards a small refreshment stand to buy some water in an attempt to clean it off properly.

Water purchased, some ice cream/ice lollies catch my eye..whats this? A Calippo "Combo", Vanilla and Cola flavour??! One of those please!..like a nice tasting coke float (can see me coming back for more of these)

Yes I'm a big kid at heart..I don't care this was fucking awesome!

After walking some way further down the promenade we want to cross over the road towards the Gothic quarter..there/s a number of walkways with counter weighted bridges but as we approach we realise they aren't actually accessible?? They look new or least renovated but aren't in use not sure why? We have to continue down the end to get access to the crossing and road..on route we see more of the cycling scheme lock up points and bikes..here the bikes are mounted to a stand with what appears to be some sort of magnetic lock to the underside of the handlebars.

At end of the road appears to be some sculpture piece possibly from the Olympics I believe?

Taking a left we cross a wide road heading towards the Gothic quarter...the architecture is amazing and there is a certain darkness to a lot of the buildings....the streets are narrow and you get a real feel of this area when nigh-time falls, meandering through the crooked alleys and small streets it can feel a little bit daunting to unfamiliar foes...with every cross section there's a fresh burst of action from bars and restaurants with locals flowing out and bikes rushing through.

Aimlessly walking around taking in all the sights...we walk up some streets with lots of local type grocery and fresh produce stores...some of the fruit in these places was amazing...it didn't feel touristy whatsover until we got closer to Rambla again and then suddenly we were met by lots of bright lights and heavy human traffic again.

Time is getting on and bellies rumbling we decide to get some dinner, Looking at the map the Veggie Garden vegan restaurant an ex-Barcelona resident recommended isn't that far away (a few blocks behind Boqueria market on the opposite side of Rambla)

After some confusion and GPS struggles we find Veggie Garden on "Carrer dels Àngels"

**Note** if you try to rely on GPS in the narrow side streets..you're gonna have a bad time! The signal just can't make it through!

No seats are left outside but it's full of locals (usually a good sign) seated inside next to the stairs we're given the menus and also shown the specials board which has a 3 course menu for €9.25

Drinks are ordered- a cocktail and a Lemon & Ginger juice...

We both opt for the 3 course menu and choose:
Gazpacho to start...
Thali for mains..
Desserts choices left for after..
And my partner decides to order two sides?!..some Hummus and Canarian style potatoes.

Gazpacho arrives and both are huge bowls! But very tasty and refreshing, it comes with some homemade bread which is rather on the heavy side..

A short break and the Thali comes...again huge portions and absolutely amazing quality..I've never felt so smug with a dinner! After this we are both stuffed especially struggling with the side dishes...luckily my Lemon & Ginger juice which is like a frappe consistency helps me with digestion...

Now we have to decide on desserts and neither of us really have any room but it's included...we opt for a chocolate style pot and a similar fruit offering..both are bit thin in consistency (but it is vegan right!?) And have an acquired taste...

Both bursting but extremely pleased with the meal we decide to pay and make moves for the hotel.. The bill comes and it's only €36!?? Blown away that such a good meal can be had for so little money..definitely worth a visit to anyone even if you're not a fulltime vegan/veggie.

The day has been quite long and we have plans to do sightseeing tomorrow so we head back for the hotel down Rambla..

The strip under darkness is a nice setting, all the outdoor seating is occupied in the central area and the businesses are booming, there's a few long queues for some eateries and the street vendors have changed to men selling those illuminated contraptions that fly up high into the air and helicopter back down again.

Quick stop off at the shop to get some more water and beer (trying another new beer this time "Estrella Galicia" ) and then we're back to our digs...I take up my station on the table in our room and feel like something a bit more night time suited in the Pax to accompany my suds...

An old favourite deserves a try...Green Poison
(I have great nostalgia of this strain for many reasons and haven't found anything remotely close to what it should be)

Pax loaded....can opened...I sit upon my balcony throne..

Partner climbs onto the bed I know she will be out like a light in no time..

I slide shut the patio door and take a swig of the "Galicia"...spot on, very premium tasting beer with plenty of depth and a decent strength to match.

The vibrate of my Pax lets me know the Green Poison is ready to go...Not a lot comes through on the first few pulls...hmmmm?...as I continue a little bit more of the flavor profile comes through but it feels very muted to what I'm expecting..certainly not as fruity or sweet as it should be but more on the skunky and musky side with a very faint sweetness and ever so slight citrus finish.

It needs another few tests to see what its like before I hate on it.

Partner well and truly out of it has now curled up in the bed..the Green Poison hasn't hit very hard so I decided to give the Purple Cookies a run...very dense bud with purple bits through it (intrigued by this as I haven't really tried any cookie strains)

Back onto the balcony ready for lift off and 5 a side football is being played under flood lights and locals sat out on the benches or leaning out of balconies..getting a real culture buzz here taking it all in.

Purple Cookies- muted at first but then a deep musky tone comes with a slight damp earth taste at the end (reminds me of some dawg flavour profiles and similar to a 3 way cross strain from back home but much more palatable though) different to what I expected and it gets better the longer the session and the higher the temperature..very interesting look forward to giving it another run.

Was expecting it to be real heavy but is wasn't, it had a noticeable full body calming and soothing effect..I could feel any niggles and aches melt away quickly and left a comfortable numb feeling..no couchlock or bad red eye just a nice mellow all round buzz.

Still warm but the humidity has decreased making it really comfortable on my balcony...it's getting late but there's time for another bowl...I try the Green Poison again but still not getting much flavor...still feeling high as fuck and wide awake another Purple Cookies bowl calls...superior flavour comparatively and much more relaxing...gone 3am now and the bed calls I lay flat on my back and melt into the mattress....zzzzzzzzzz

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Day 2

7am....WTF? How am I up at this time?? Whilst mind and body is awake my stoneover is apparent but not terrible...

Reaching for the stash Sour D gets loaded into the vape for the W&B but I'm far from ready....I need survival juice!...I'd forgotten to buy coffee yesterday fuck!
I get dressed and make way for Rambla but I'm not entirely sure what will be open at this time? Nevertheless I make a move up the strip..

The place is baren! But it's also kind of nice..feels a lot more relaxed and completely different to the rest of the time..you feel you have time and room to breathe.

A few small places have locals sitting out drinking juice, coffee and smoking cigarettes but I opt to head further up and grab a coffee to go from somewhere...I get as far as Boqueria market and see Dunkin Doughnuts....I had one in Mokum and enjoyed the coffee so seems like a safe bet.

Cortado ordered I perch myself on a stool and let the caffeine and sugar rush through my system in an attempt to wake my eyelids up!

It goes down too easily and I have to grab another. Killing two birds with one stone I buy a warm "Iberian" bagel breakfast for the partner and set off again with tiny cup in hand and make my way to the shop for some instant coffee as back up........coffee and more liquids purchased it's back to the hotel..

I creep back in the room and she is still fast asleep, another coffee and its back on the balcony for the W&B...it's still quiet outside but the gentle buzz of daily BCN life starts creeping...The Sour D is perfect for the W&B, sweet but flavourful and a lingering taste..what really surprises me is that the terps remain even after drinking coffee and water..real pungent and loud!

My mood is instantly elevated and with the sun and temperature rising...I'm craving another bowl so decide to give the 7.8 Sour a morning test run...

she's still musky and spicy with a very faint sweetness that disappears quickly....the head buzz and fuzz kicks in again..manageable but not overly heady it's on the verge of too much for this hour..

I ride it with no issue and it levels out nicely.

Partner begins to stir and I hop back in to say hello and pack another bowl of Diesel acting like it's my first of the day :mrgreen:

Whilst partner does the get ready routine I pack the Pax with a cocktail of Sour D & 7.8 Sour...this was an interesting mix and had a nice upbeat impact..stood on the balcony with a massive grin on my face in utter contentment..(I think to myself aaahhhhh life's fucking great right about now!)

Sunshine starts to break through the dense clouds and it looks like we could be in for some fine weather...we get ourselves together and make our way out on what we had planned to be our sightseeing day, as it's only a short trip I had not really planned to enter any of the big attractions due to lack of time, instead we'll just have a look and possible photo op to tick it off the list so to speak.

First destination is "Parc de la Ciutadella" where about 10 minutes into our walk the partner grumbles about swollen feet....can see what's going to happen..so I suggest buying shoes asap..she says she can manage for a while so we agree to look after the park.


The park is really peaceful with a beautiful monument water fountain and pond called "Cascada Monumental" a popular tourist attraction..you start to understand why it's quite a sight.



Just at the end of the park it leads onto the
"Arc de Triomf"


Next destination is "Sagrada Familia" it's a little while from here but pretty direct...the partners wincing and sloth like pace tells me footwear issues are about to crop up again...we agree to now search out some shoes and as we approach a cross junction there's a basic shoe store on the corner..ppphhhheeeeew!

Indecision kicking in as she doesn't wish to buy trainers I firmly recommended getting a cheap pair of throw aways instead....some flat slip on numbers are selected for €10 as apparently these will be comfortable and allow for swelling?? (as long as they help increase pace and decrease pain/moaning I'm easy!)

Shit shoes installed we make way for Sagrada Familia.. It's during this walk that I start to notice some of the monotony of the grid/block lay out of BCN, things can get repetitive (and confusing!) when trying to navigate..each cross section can look identical...small bar..cafe...tobacco shop...hmmm.

Finally we arrive.....

This place always looks impressive in pictures or on tv but to see it in person is something else, truly breathtaking....seeing it on a block plot of land surrounded by other blocks is quite strange too..when you haven't seen the surroundings before its quite surprising how tightly packed in it is by surrounding blocks/development..almost feels out of place in that respect.


This area is heaving with tourists and I'm mindful of opportunist thieves here...we take a walk around the perimeter to view the rear of the building..the detail on this part is unbelievably intricate you could stand there picking out details forever!


We wander over to "Plaça de Gaudí" a small park behind and it's well errmm quite underwhelming to be honest!.. Small and flooded with tourists with a pond in it's center and a playground at the back..not much to write home about.

With that ticked off the list.. a quick check of the map shows we can kind of walk west now in the direction of Plaça de Catalunya...plan is to hit some shops and look around parts we haven't seen in that area yet....

Before we know it we've arrived just outside the department store "El Corte Inglés"

I prepare myself for chaperoning/hanging round looking like a lost soul...we meander around the floors and seem to go up a million levels..not many being of much interest except of course the beauty at street level...Now early afternoon and I've not eaten anything yet so suggest lunch pronto...I have a light bulb moment and remember when first reading some travel info that the department store has a top floor eatery with views over the city...this has to be done!

Up to the top and there's queues of people with tray trolleys, long food stations either side of the smaller room with various culinary delights on offer..the partner wanders off undecided and I grab a white sausage tortilla...it's getting cold and her tray is still empty..seats need to be found so I make moves to pay and rush to find a seat....after the cashier the room opens out into a huge restaurant seating area with a curved edge on the window side..

Everywhere seems occupied..dashing over to a corner but all window seats are taken damn it!

Settling for a non window seat (which was still difficult to achieve) I start to tuck into my Tortilla with eyes still darting round the room like an Amphetamine freak waiting to pounce for a free window table...suddenly a waitress comes over and walks up to a wall and pulls it apart in a sliding motion to reveal...another room with more seating..and importantly window seats!

Without hesitation I grasp my tray and dash for the open room eyes firmly locked onto a table seat...table successfully commandeered a gent on another table who has followed my plan looks over and gives the nod of appreciation in our execution.

Partner finally arrives and we enjoy the view with our small filler plates to recharge before our next foot mission.

View towards Eixample

Central view over Plaça de Catalunya

Left view down towards Rambla

Still hungry after a nice but small teaser the map gets checked again for another suggestion by my ex-Barcelona resident friend for some nice Catalan style tapas at "Cerveseria Catalana" in the Eixample area...

Walking in that direction the next street is really wide and adorned with high end designer stores..(too many to mention but serious cash required kind of places!)
The architecture in this area is fantastic very dramatic, pleasing to the eye for sure...we pass "Casa Batlló" another amazing Gaudí creation but fail to get a decent picture from across the street..no time to stop and food so close by we march on!

Arriving at the restaurant and it feels quite high end..the place is buzzing with people and we are soon seated in another room around the corner...it feels contemporary in decor but still has that typical tapas bar seating and local vibe going on.

We scan the menu and I'm a bit sceptical as majority of dishes are shellfish based..and I'm allergic lol

I take a safe bet and order a tortilla sandwich...not knowing what size it will be..partner orders 2 dishes (of which I now can't remember what she had!)
Half litre of Sangria ordered and poured our plates soon arrive....delicious and fair sized fresh plates of food arrive..amazing quality!

We have to have more and call the waitress for the menus again...this time I select an egg dish to share and partner orders the same sandwich I had..2nd round of dishes arrive..mine is basically a bowl with some fine shred type ribbons of sauteed potato with two eggs on top and a sauce, the waiter proceeds to mash it in and over itself until its compeletly mixed...looks incredible!

We both tuck in again and are blown away..totally stunning food a real must visit place in BCN.

Bellies well and truly filled I order a coffee and ask for the bill..it only comes to €41 and it was worth every fucking cent I tell ya!

My mind switches to consumption and I scheme a way to drop the partner off for shopping and make my way to "The Backyard" club..dropping her off at Sephora I start to make my way stomping in that general direction...I'm about halfway there when I suddenly realize I don't have my passport with me?..fuck! I won't be able to sign up... what a muppet!

I head back and message the partner to advise the change of plans and that I will go later..

Partner collected we start to move back down Rambla....our sweet tooth kicks in and we're craving ice cream.....there's an interesting ice cream parlour "Amorino" that makes funky creations of flower shaped ice cream in various cone or tub offerings..they look amazing so we just have to take the splash.

You can have about 4 or so flavors to make up these beautifully crafted delights. Mine here has 2 types of Chocolate and Banana ice cream...satsifaction guaranteed right there!

Stomping down Rambla and it dawns on me the randomness of some of the beggars over here..there's a whole lot of them that seem to sit out displaying their ailments to show they're misfortune....

A man with a blown out stomach like a beach ball sits there with his top rolled up for all to see, a lady with swollen legs just laying them into view on the busy pavement, another man seems to be striking a strange pose with a leg stretched out straight- it isn't obvious whats wrong with him and all this ailment showboating just seems odd, Not something I'm used to seeing back home or on my travels.

Supermarket stock up is in order for more liquids and munchies before heading back to the hotel for some rest before the evening...we stock up on all our favorites and my beer thirst raises it's head again..this time I choose Estrella Galicia for my tipple and also spot a random blue bottle of Fanta "Shokata" and grab that being quite unsure what the flavor is at the time.

Back at the hotel and the partner slips into siesta mode again....which means one thing.... top up consumption time for me with an ice cold beer!

Balcony postion taken with a Sour D/ 7.8 Sour combo and beer opened, the sun is much hotter today and find myself a bit restless trying to relax...it's probably because I've got The Backyard club on my mind..partner stirs and I let her know that I'm going to make a move for The Backyard whilst she is still taking some horizontal time out.

With it being so warm I take some liquids in my backpack for my walk and make things easier to carry my passport and wallet also.

I bid her farwell and leave the hotel walking out onto "Av. de les Drassanes" after about 1 minute I decide to double check my route on my phone...looking down at the screen I suddenly notice someone enter my peripheral vision and come very close to me? Next thing I know it's an African dude on a bicycle and he's grabbed the end of my phone but it's still in my grasp!?
He moves forward with the moment of his bike and I manage to keep a hold of my phone...cheeky fucker! He lets out a disappointed groan as he flies forward and I shout "Ha! Fuck You!!!"...he dips his head as he flies off round a corner....I'm tempted to chase him but it seems futile, I have a bag full of goodies and I don't know whats around the corner...

Still in a bit of disbelief I phone the partner to tell her and she is worried asking me to come back lol
I decline and just say it's one of those things you can never be fully prepared for and if someone is going to seek you out that's just sods law..

Being more aware of my surroundings due to my close shave..I keep an eye on people around me especially from behind and ensure my valuables are well and truly kept out of site.

After about 15 minutes I arrive at my destination...there's a frosted glass sliding door identical to Strain Hunters club with a bell....I'm buzzed in and met by a British guy at the reception with a boat hat...Explanation given that I have an invite from a friend and he gives me that disapproving look..then says "errrm members aren't able to invite, it comes directly from the club"
So I whip the phone out and show him the message between their account and my "Spanish Liaison" and say

" I understand how the system should be and that you're doing your job but here's what I've been advised and what you guys have replied"

Scanning the message he says ok and proceeds to sign me up, taking a photo and ID then I'm given a small green fob keyring to load money for purchases at the counter.(you can go and view the offerings before deciding to load fob with money)

A black manual sliding door separates the reception from the club...upon entering its a very narrow premises there's seating to the left as you walk down a sloped walkway..at the bottom is the bud bar and then it opens out into another room with fixed seating at the walls and a small external area at the very back.

Greeted by the female BT I scan the menu....which is pretty fucking solid! (Top of the flower menu €10 then €9, €8 & €7)
€10- Purple Kush, SLH
€9 - Grape Gass , Sour Cookie (Truecanna)
€8 - Cheese OG. Tangilope, Black D.O.G, Marmalate, Green Crack, Pineapple Haze, Deep Cheese, Critical Jack.
€7 - 24K, Underdawg OG, Mohan Ram, Red Hair.

Dry sift- Cheese OG, Marmalade, Amnesia, Nicole Kush (All 120u)
Afghan Cream, Nicole. Cheese, Skywalker

Ice- Skywalker Tangie, Marmalate, Cheese OG (25u/120u)

Rosin- Bubblegum, Pineapple Haze, Underdawg OG, OG Skunk, Sage CBD, Sage n Sour.

BHO- Kosher Live Resin
Shatters- Terpzilla, Grape Gas, The Truth, Terperella, Terp Fever, Toxic.
Rolex OG Biscuit
Super Lemon Cake

After nosing a few tubs and realising I dont have much cash..I decide to just grab a couple of grams today and will return tomorrow- this means no concentrates today either.

Tangilope smells amazing so that was easy...Green Crack has been on my list so that also gets selected after a good whiff and inspection.


Green Crack

Pushed for time knowing my partners on edge after the mugging attempt..I make my way back towards the hotel with my fresh supplies....

Once back and partner fully briefed on ride-by phone snatch I'm straight onto the Tangilope.

Absolutely stunning from the first inhale! Tangerine with an earthyness followed by a real sweet Cannalope Haze finish...real deep terps are all around my mouth and I'm quite taken back by how long it lingers after the bowl is finished. Nice effect from this not heavy not buzzy either but mood well and truly enhanced!

Green Crack now calls....it's a bit more spongy of all the bud so far but still gives off a real fresh cutting scent.

First inhale after fire up doesn't have much but then comes a very fresh and clean cutting profile with a fruity sweetness..almost candy like.
At first this felt a little racy when it kicked in but aas clear and upbeat from there on..

Both produced plenty of vapor and the sessions felt to go on longer than others of this trip...terps again are just sat in the mouth for a long, long time yummy!

Time getting on we make a plan to have more of a look round the Gothic quarter today before darkness falls...time for another bowl and I've got a mix of both Tangilope and GC in the bowl....this was a great idea! Both complimented each other in perfect harmony...

Not long and we're out the door and walking through the Gothic quarter..it is amazing! Would advise anyone visiting to have a good walk around the area more than once..always something new to find and feels like youve gone back into medieval times..real theatre about the place.

It's been at least 45 minutes since that vape cocktail and my tongue is still rolling the terps around my gob! Terps this trip have surprised me no end along with the quality, no harshness or stinging of the throat/back of the nostrils when vaping at all.

We're soon zapped of energy after a long day of walking and realise we haven't got much left in us for the evening....hunger sets in again and we end up in the "El Raval" area behind Boqueria market...not fussed with what we saw Rambla calls for any easy route home and wider selction of food choices.

Too tired...too hungry...we can't decide where to eat but end up in "Itappa" restaurant which is all you can eat buffet €12.95....Sangria ordered we make way for the offerings but its bit slim pickings..some stuff is hot but mostly cold options and none of it getting refreshed during our dining.
Plates piled high we tuck in and sip away....it's a bit naff and we could have done a lot better..but it doesn't matter now.

After our second plates we're done and just want to get back to the hotel to chill out, have an earlier night and make the most of tomorrow.

Once back partner hits the hay almost straight away and I go on my 1 man balcony party again....
After this all I can remember is drinking a fair few cans and back to back vapes of Purple Cookies, Tangilope and GC into the early hours (About 4am) before passing out....zzzzzzz

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Day 3

6:20am...why just why?...I try to get up and manage a stumble to the toilet, eyelids almost glued shut...the many beers and vapes last night have clearly carried over into a much heavier stoneover.

Climbing back into to bed figuring I will need to get up soon...my eyes close momentarily.....next thing I know its 7:30am! Time to get up and enjoy this last full day!
Partner still impersonating a motorbike....I creep towards my stash being careful not to wake her.

Mind fog still present and strong coffee required to function in this state, the vape gets loaded with the last dregs of Sour D with a touch of Green Crack to fill the chamber nicely.
Stepping out onto the balcony it's a little colder this morning but this is helping my heavy eyes and allowing me to assume my final form.

Cherishing the last terps of that fine Diesel, real survival juice now calls and it's time to head out on my morning stroll up Rambla....

Calm as ever on the stretch at this time of the morning the stroll makes me feel at ease, eyes still heavy and a bigger dose of caffeine clearly still necessary...I make way for my morning haunt....Dunkin Donuts

Upon entering the guy gives me a smile and a nod..I order my Cortado and plonk myself on a stool..still a bit bleary eyed I miss my call for my coffee in a zoned out stare....coffee collected it's gone in a flash...another beverage ordered and I make a move to check out Boqueria market whilst it's being set up for the day.

Strolling around at this hour most of the stalls are empty or in the process of being set up...however there's still plenty to take in...huge fruit stalls with an impressive array of offerings....a real burst of color with various exotic fruits...lots of prepared fruit pots with many flavors...Dragon fruit, Mango, Strawberries, Melon, Kiwis etc.

There's quite a few fresh fish and meat counters setting up but not quite stocked yet...you still get a real sense of a local buzz going on.

Some of the charcuterie stalls have that typical tapas bar seating and some locals are already out in force enjoying breakfast and drinks, loud banter fills the air, everyone with broad smiles creating a friendly atmosphere.

Walking to the rear of market you leave the covered area and it opens out into a type of courtyard...not a lot is going as it's still early..with the market scoped out I make my way back for the hotel but swing by Dunkin for another Cortado.

Feeling totally at peace on my stroll back, I don't feel any expected final day blues or sense of massive ugency to be going 100 miles an hour yet..which seems strange? But I'm just going to roll with it!

Back at the hotel and the partner is still snoozing...time for a top up!

Pax loaded with some Tangi and pew taken..the temperature is rising...along with my mood.

Puffing away on the orangey goodness I consider plans for the day....there's nothing set in stone yet but due to short funds and lack of time yesterday the Backyard club will need a revisit (plenty more flavours to inspect and some concentrates on the shopping list!)

Green Crack fills the vape now and I'm setting myself up nicely, with the high finally cutting through any remnants of my stoneover....

Time pushing on I know we would like to see more of the Gothic Quarter today and a have good relaxed walk around to see a bit more...more shopping will be in order for the partner of course and then I need to dart off to Backyard..

Rushing the partner to get ready so we can get moving a quick vape of some 7.8 Sour is in order..starting to appreciate this more but it isn't to my personal taste in comparison to a typical diesel..little too much spice for my palate.

Partner now ready we head out to see Boqueria market in full swing...

The market is jumping! Every stall and corner is totally transformed into a burst of colour and a positive ambience fills the air...it's pretty busy here so probably another place to take care of your belongings!

We circle round a few times and I hesitate over a sandwich from a bakery with a huge queue that looks promising but decide to lay off the bread this morning and get some fruit in me!

With our Strawberry and Mango pots purchased we stand just inside the entrance and tuck in with a great spot for people watching...
Fruit devoured we make a short way up the street to a building hosting some sort of free art exhibition.

It isn't a huge exhibit but the building is nice with some cool details...a few quick snaps and we're out pretty quick.




Back onto Rambla and it's getting quite hectic now...we have a small detour through part of El Raval but soon head back centrally...the partner has a few shops locked in her sights so we make our way into another department store which is on the Gothic Quarter side.

Another monotonous scaling of repetitive floors only to find ourselves again parked up in the beauty section on the ground floor.....(yawn!)

Next we head to a souvenir shop and buy some tacky trinkets.....Catalan flag key-ring, fridge magnet, lighters and some other tat purchased we head back into the sun.

Both of us are still full from yesterday's food fill....Myself probably less hungry due to strain selections this morning also, we're happy to keep bumbling about for now.

Street art in El Raval

After a few more trips up and down of various make up and designer shops I've had enough and the partners feet aren't holding up either...we decide to head back to the hotel for some chill time and a trip to Backyard for me before making a last ditch attempt to see more of this amazing city before our early departure tomorrow morning.

Quick stock up on some beers and snacks and we're set....Itching to get to the Backyard I have a quick vape of some Tangilope on the balcony and a few swigs of this fine "Shokata" Fanta before chucking my shoes on and making tracks for the Backyard leaving the partner to retire for siesta again.


It's afternoon now and that sun is at it's most intense....scorching with humidity to match it!

I walk up to "Rambla del Raval" this is a nice open plaza area with palms and a wide pedestrian route through the middle..not many tourists here even though it's very close to Rambla...plenty of good Spanish vibes and due to it's openness a lot more sunlight...as I make it to the top I have to take the central road off it and then take a left onto "Carrer de la Riera Alta" at the end of this road it breaks back into the grid block system which makes for some confusion especially if you are relying (and hoping) on GPS correcting itself and showing correct route...

After a few minutes I arrive outside but no one is answering the buzzer???? It appears to not be working? I start to bang the glass door and eventually it's answered with an apology and explanation that the buzzer sometimes doesn't work..

I've got my fob ready for loading, got my cash ready....then I'm asked for my passport.......fuck!

I left it at the hotel!!!*?#

The guy explains I need it for every visit whilst also conceding that he feels guilty for not explaining it properly yesterday.

Sweaty....hot...in need of a top up I make my long way back to the bottom of Rambla to grab my passport from the hotel...quick message to the partner to explain and off I go..

The walk back seems to fly by (probably my determined and purposeful stomping!)

Back in the hotel with a mouth like a bag of kief....quick swig of some fluids and I dump everything I dont need and pace back up to "Sant Antoni" for the Backyard.

I make it back in no time and decide to nose a few tubs before deciding how much I want to load onto my fob...

I begin to check out the bottom end of the menu...Red Hair is something I haven't seen since my early Mokum days, a bit musky for my appetite right now I swerve and look at the 24K Gold but this doesn't have much appeal visually or on the nose..Underdawg OG jumps out at me, not something I have tried before and it smells interesting...opting for a gram but the whole tub was schwag anyway so I end up with tiny dense popcorn nugs.

Scanning further up the price brackets I'm told the Grape Gas and Sour Cookie are Truecanna genetics but advised both have some seeds...I smell the Grape gas and it smells lovely but the staff's overwhelming eagerness to advise of "some seeds" puts me off.

My love for Haze (And lack of any for sometime) kicks in and I spot the Pineapple Haze..after a nose I'm absolutely sold! Smells like fruity Haze fire! Absolutely glistening with trichs and an amazing loud stench, 2g gets bought without question!

Pineapple Haze

Next on the shopping list concentrates....I've been advised by my "Spanish Liaison" to get "The Truth" shatter so I request a half gram for €30...I'm shown it in all it's deep golden splendor and the female BT carefully packages it into a branded sleeve/envelope (unfortunately I forgot to get a picture of this or the Underdawg OG)

Purchases made and no time to waste I make my way back with a slight detour towards the Eixample area as I need to pick up some nicotine liquid....with that sorted I'm eager to get back and give this Haze a run!

Street art outside hotel

Back in the room I set myself down and grab the Pineapple Haze ready to load my Pax...this has a slight tackiness to the touch from the visible resin but it's very dense, stinky and has been grown and finished very well (better than all the others from Backyard which were already pretty decent!)

My quick walking has allowed me to make it back in time for some balcony sun soaking..parking myself in my terraced utopia I fire up the vape for blast off!


Immediately I get a real pungent, sweet Pineapple profile that lasts till the end of the exhale but it has a decent but not overly earthy Haze character across the middle...the sweetness kicks in again at the end and this is just beautiful! One of if not the best Haze I have ever come across!

Waiting a minute or two after the bowl finishes the terps are still loud in the mouth and I await the kick in effects....it starts to feel racy but breaks out into a real clear and positive happy high (so nice I had another bowl straight away!)

Partner now stirring and time pressing we start to get ready for our last few hours in BCN......I decide to give the Underdawg OG a whirl...on grinding it up there isn't a lot of smell but still something distinctive about it..

Taste wise this has a slight muskiness that you would expect but not as damp earthy in profile as say the Purple Cookies or similar strains (definite musk there but just not quite as pronounced but this made it a lot more palatable)

With that finished we're ready for the night before darkness falls "Autobots roll out!"

Off to Gothic Quarter we head to take in some more sights.



Our hunger begins to set in as quick as the night is falling in on us...we make a last few twist and turns through the Gothic Quarter grabbing a coffee as we go..still amazed by the architecture and surprise of gems at every turn..we come across a few gallery type shops selling independent art works but don't have any luggage to take it back in so quickly move on.

It's at this point I realize I'm not as switched on as much as I have been in the last few days..my mind seems to be wandering and I'm very "relaxed" it dawns on me that the Underdawg OG is the cause and a sure fire delayed creeper! It doesn't become any worse and I'm certainly not red eye Jedi...yet!

Nothing we saw for food takes our fancy so we head back to Rambla ....the last few days are catching up with us and we just want to be able to sit outside and eat some food with a nice spot with a good vibe.

We settle for one of the many open air seating options on the pedestrian area of Rambla...it's surely a tourist place but I'm just wanting a pizza so should be safe.

Pizza and Paella ordered we tuck in whilst watching the crowds....the area is noticeably busier as it is getting closer to the weekend..it still feels nicer than in the daytime really vibrant but more relaxed even with the hustle and bustle.

Food consumed and the many days of carbohydrate indulgence has crept up on me...I feel like a sluggish, bloated oaf! Both tired and with our stupid o'clock flight tomorrow morning looming we decide to head back and pack.

Arriving at the hotel and the staff have displayed a sign in the lift stating that due to border officer strikes they advise people to turn up 6-8 hours before flight departure time! This causes some panic and stress to the end of our trip but I'm a stubborn bastard and declare "I'm not fucking doing that!" We agree to make it at least 2.5 hours before and due to us flying early we should make it even if there are delays.

(I also figure if we do miss our flight I have a back up plan to stay another day and get another flight)

In no time at all my bag is sorted and weary I have a stash to consume I begin to grind away at the selection.

Double bowl of Pineapple Haze followed by Green Crack...ahhhhh I'm going to miss this!

I blast a few more bowls of Pineapple Haze and I'm now fucking sky high!

Deciding to piece together my scraps of various strains they get popped into an envelope, taking a quick look at the shatter I consider trying it but realise I didn't bring enough Iso wipes with me so wont be able to clean the dab mod...shit!

I make the tough decision to leave them in the hands of Señor Correos hoping to see them on the otherside..(all but a few bowls of Pineapple, Green Poison and Purple Cookies)

Making the most of my last few hours puffing away on the balcony....my attempt to stone myself out with the Cookies and Green Poison is futile I'm still flying from the Haze!

Looking at the time I only have about an hour before we have to make way for the airport! Shutting my eyes for what feels like minutes I wake up and sure enough I've had 45 minutes sleep!

Taxi gets booked and we're on route to El Prat airport....

Arriving at departures and the queues are quite large but seems to be moving steadily....even if we don't make it before the strike starts we should have enough time after the hour passes to still get through security and make our flight....whilst standing in line my high rears its head and I'm so fucking baked its hard to concentrate let alone conversate! I totally wing it and manage to compose myself to some extent in my sleep deprived state!.... luckily we get through first time but if we had a later flight I'm sure we would have got caught up in the knock on effects of the strikes.

Plane boarded we settle in for our flight back to the motherland with crooked necks in our passed out sleepy seat positions.....we arrive back before 9am it's cold, grey also knowing my home stash is inferior and I'm missing it already!

BCN it was short and sweet but I'll definitely be back you absolute beauty!

Edit *(Trip overview and strain ratings to follow)
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