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First off I did search for this and found nothing so if I missed a thread on this it wasn't out of laziness. I put some extra tags in so that maybe this can be found in the future


I am about to buy my first beans this week. For a long time I was looking at gyo.green but I can't find reviewsthat make me comfortable with them


I love grow marijuana on the other hand, it seems the seeds Bergman offers are legit. Can someone who has used them weigh in for me? I'm looking at their SSH, trainwreck or Jack herer. 


This is my first grow and height isn't a major factor. I plan on letting these ladies grow naturally.


I'm leaning toward SSH because it is said to be mold resistant and any problem I can eliminate pre-grow is a plus. 



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I've never heard of that Seed site so don't know what to tell you.




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I have never bought seeds yet but probably will next year. I quite like the look of BC Seeds, there site is very professional and their prices seem competitive. Their Jack Herer one prizes this year they are 90$ for 10 seeds atm. That might be 90$ US.

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