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Indo Hash/confused

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adrok    31

Hello everyone, been a long time since or signed in to post.. Hope you good peoples are well and managing ok.. nice flowers will help do that.. 👍😏

Ok so here I am, my friend joe has picked up some hashish. And he is confused. Read some amazing and very thorough content on the matter but there is so many variables and opinions so some kind of clarification would be great! 


It it is in a 3gram block & very dark green. First attempts at mixing it with tobacco didn't really work great but I managed. Also tried as a tester 'the glass over the top of a cherried ball' etc. 

Not sure if I used to little but I was wondering and trying to work out what kind of stoned I was feeling. That I had to do that tells me it may not be great quality. But I'll reserve judgement for a bit longer. Some more info. Softens very quickly in the middle of my palm and became a little too soft - sticking to thumbs and fingers. Tasted very different to what I imagined. Like a sweet tobacco? 

Total noob when it comes to hashish or bubble hash. 

It didn't quite burn well in a joint - runs/ but not sure if I'm meant to shave or if it was too wet? I rolled out a long thin piece the second time as the first I just broke off little bits and laid them in the joint carefully. When finally burning well I would end up inhaling not from my card board filter but from the burning end occasionally as I was worried I was losing the good elements.. That was harsh but hey I have to try right.. 


I then made a small ball and flicked the flame, it did eventually cherry but initially what I saw was a little bubble and oil?! I didn't softly apply heat like a hot rod or vapours I just wanted to see it cherry.. I will try that next time. 

So I'm seriously confused on what I may have and the best way to ingest this matter. 


Dont judge me here but I was imagining a superior kief like taste and smoke although I get its a bit of a reach.. 


Is is it too wet? It's pretty hard and pressed well but I used my nail to cut bits off. Softens easily.. Have no parephanalia. So again I'm thinking hot knives or how to refine my technique so I don't waste too much in a joint.. 

As it's quite malleable should I shave bits off and let it dry? 

Why did I see wet oil when flame applied long enough? 

Have no dank to mix it with so it is what it is... Nor a scope to check quality or crystals.. 

All comments and help much appreciated! 👍🙏🏼✌🏽️



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LabRat    928

Long time no see adrok! :pass:


Sounds pretty bogus to me.  In the 70s - 80s and beyond I've smoked lots of hash from many countries and none of it sounds like that.


We used to get Blonde Lebanese which is basically pressed kief and can be shaved for joints usually mixed with pot that we called spliffs.  Or you heat it up a bit and crumble it into a joint.   Nice gummy black hash from Turkey etc that we used to hot-knife a lot as it doesn't work well in joints and don't take long to plug up the screen in a pipe.  I make a nice gummy black hash by mixing BHO with about 4X it's weight in kief over low heat and will be making about a 3oz chunk when I get home.


This is a 29g chunk I pressed into the top of a grinder I had a few years back.  Loaned it to a friend and you know how that goes. :)




I like hash and it's about 5 - 10x stronger by weight than bud.  Primitive concentrates compared to the stuff they are putting out today but to me those ultra-pure resins have no soul.  Damn near something my quack doctor would prescribe from Big Pharma.  Great stoner shit but lousy medicine.  IMO


Got pics?  Can upload them directly here now.


Good to hear from you mon!



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adrok    31

Hi Lab, great to hear from you and your experience is always good reading 👍 Cheers mate. 

Going to try n upload a pic - I guess I got slightly stoned but you might be right about it being bogus.. Maybe it's just poor quality.. There is signs it's no good but sure looks ok..


So tried again, a very soft mellow kind of high. Not a "high" as such.. 

Smells looks and feels like good hash comparing to a heap of pics I've looked at.. 

My point again about its oils.. A large enough ball will turn to some kind of oil then once this runs it only then cherries up.. I'll try and capture a pic of the gooey oil (?) I think I'm seeing also.. And I'm sure there'll be a more efficient or economical way of ingesting.. 

A joint kind of does the trick when I have nothing else about, but it's running inside obviously wetting the tobacco and papers.. I wanna get these pics up.. 


If pics don't upload now I'll upload seperately when I have better coverage/reception.. 


Cheers everyone ✌🏽️🙏🏼


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