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Hi People

I'm new here and I want to try some salvia divinorum extracts :) 

Did someone tried it before ??? What is the effects that you felt ?? 



Kyle F.

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Hi.  I tried salvia years ago; if it was the euphoriant I had heard it was, and it was legal, I had to try it.

Don't try it alone.  Plenty of people have stood up, lost their balance and banged their head seriously. 

I tried a 12X extract and hated it.  The smoke was harsh and tasted like charcoal.  The effects were extremely disorienting, and not euphoric at all.  As mentioned, I felt the need to walk, but when I stood up, I found that stumbling aimlessly this way and that was the best I could do.  The effects only last for about 20 min. (Thank God)

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Never tried an extract (tinctures),

but smoked it is a very potent and powerful psychedelic whose duration is likely too short to do any "work" with.


If you can get the smoked dose just right you will be rewarded with true hallucination (something which comes solely from your mind and is not just a distortion of the physical world) followed by some very good eye candy (infinitely deep shadows, pastel cobwebs with highlights draped over objects, color blooms like a in 60's psychedelic poster) - it is tricky though because of the potency (<1mg is too much) and few minutes duration. You need to get the full dose rapidly to reach the highest peak; less than full dose in a single toke and you can end up like frmrgrl mentions above, too much gets you a blackout and wake up on the floor. When you do get it right you need to treat the result like a dream (google: dream recall). Dream-like, except you are not immobilized!


Even at low doses you will end up much more disoriented than you are aware of, and it is a potent analgesic - without a sober minder there is a high risk of being blissfully unaware of just how seriously you've hurt yourself while stumbling around or rolling about on the floor. e.g., I ended up on a beach at the base of a rocky cliff facing an entity which appeared to be a 2-dimension pool of liquid hung vertically in mid-air, and I had enough presence of mind to know how remarkable that was. Touching it resulted in me being drawn into the pool as if I was pigment being drizzled into paint while it is slowly stirred, and I resisted - ended up waking up on the floor, half-under my desk, the chair overturned a few feet away, and a couple cats who must have come to see what was happening. Best I can figure is that in my attempts to counteract being swirled into the pool I was twisting violently enough to throw myself out of the chair, and it lasted long enough the cats could arrive from another floor and watch.


A tincture under the tongue apparently reduces the intensity of the peak and prolongs the duration - I can't help being curious about where I'd have gone if I'd had more time to get comfortable with the experience and let myself merge with the pool entity - but I would expect the possibility of acting out your trip to remain. So, be careful and don't play with Salvia when alone.

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