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Yep you did indeed read the title correctly... you can use your own urine (or a friend's) to provide your plants with a burst of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. 


But why though? 

        According to the Journal of Global Biosciences 

"Human urine contains considerable amounts of primary crop

nutrients, i.e., nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K), and secondary nutrients,

including sulphur (S), calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg). Urine has a fertilizer value of N/P/K

18:2:5 , and for urine mixed with flush water, the ratio can be N/P/K/S 15:1:3:1 Urine

is produced after filtration of the blood in the kidneys, and therefore, it contains low-molecular-
weight compounds, since proteins are not filtered. About 75–90% of N is excreted as urea, the

remainder being in the form of either ammonium or creatinine."


LOOK AT ALL THOSE NUTRIENTS! And if you've been growing for any length of time you know Sulfur causes an explosion of terpene expression resulting in super flavorful buds. 


So how much would you have to pay to get that line up from a bottle? 


Story Time:

        A few years back my colleague and I were researching various soil inputs and attempting to cut our amendments down by finding items that would provide multiple micro and macro nutrients to the soil without resorting to some bottled concoction of dubious quality. Our boss, after overhearing the conversation casually slipped in "You know... I was watching this show the other night and the people were using pee as a fertilizer"

        At first we laughed, then we turned to the Google and found that he was absolutely right and from then on filled up those hefty 5 gallon jugs the previous "grower" used with sweet liquid gold (or in my friend's case green as he ate more vitamin B that I considered healthy). 



     We let the "fertilizer" mellow for about a week and diluted it 10:1 with water then we fed it to the plants on a once to twice a week schedule (more than that resulted in the tips of the leaves showing signs of nutrient burn) 



     The plants retained nitrogen even up to the last week of flowering and we saw significant root growth in transplants in a much shorter time than using just Mykos. 


How To: 

      Pee in a plastic container (one that can be sealed tightly using a screw cap) 

      Set container outside, preferably in the shade

      Be sure to open the container once a day to allow the fertilizer to off gas but be sure to keep your face away from the fumes

      Dilute the fertilizer using a 10:1 ratio (10 parts water to 1 part urine)

      Apply diluted mix to plants 1-2 times per week.  


Possible Issues: 

      For those using DWC or other hydro methods you may want to experiment with using larger dilution ratio first (20:1) or greater and then graduate up until you find the right ratio... the mellowing process does cause some of the salts to crystallize onto the side the container but test with your EC/TDS meter to ensure it's low enough that you feel comfortable using it. 

       For those using soil, coco, or other "dirt" mediums, salt build up should not be a problem as you'll also be feeding the plants water, compost tea, or various other nutrients but if using store bought nutrients check the TDS and adjust accordingly. 


Links and Sources: 




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Had to look that up. Means cheers in scottish? If so, cheers to you... Just remember we gotta pee on the barley and save some for the pot when were done. :barman:



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Why only choose urine as an alternative fertilizer, when there are several other low cost, easily available fertilizers out there?

For instance, coffee grounds, egg shells, orange peels among other substances can be used as a highly effective fertilizer as well. 

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