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Fred the Plumber is BACK!

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Hey there folks... Fred here. Back after a very long hiatus. It's been a long strange trip, but one that has opened many doors and expanded my comprehension of life, the Universe and Everything.
During my travels I have been exposed to some very interesting new technology that is both incredibly simple and incredibly complex at the same time. I have been studying it for several years and am teaching how to implement it in almost all walks of life. One of the most profound ways it can be applied is in agriculture and health. The results are almost instant and specifically in growing plants, the testing over the last year and a bit have shown not only between 50% and 300% increase in growth and yield, but also a robustness and tolerance for unfavorable conditions with ALL plants tested. With this technology we can reverse GMO seed back to the original genome and with extended applications, can even reverse the genetics right back to ancient forms. Tests on current wheat strains were reverted right back to the ancient grass they were derived from.

I am seeking a group of Growers that want to bring this technology to their ops in whatever degree they feel comfortable. It is totally compatible with soil or hydro or even aquaponic. It is relatively inexpensive (pennies per crop) but does require some simple but advanced chemistry. It has the potential to completely replace ANY nutrient additive, or simply augment what you are currently using. No pH issues, no salts buildup, none of the current issues growers are having while simplifying schedules and generating a far superior harvest. As an aside to some of the current tests we have seen fantastic growth in direct sun plants that do not get nearly enough light. Certainly something that can be a persistent problem in this community.

I have spent the last year and a half working with the originating organization as Tech Support and Teaching, bringing the understanding of the processes and production procedures to Grandmothers, Housewives, Children and totally non-technical folks. It is time to bring it to the Cannabis community.

This is a "hands on" teaching that I can do over the net or here at my home if one wishes to go that route, though, over the net is preferred.

Unfortunately, being that this has been my livelihood for the last year and a half, and the fact that it is now totally up to me to generate an income from other sources, I do have to charge for the teachings. The fees are really small, $15.00/hour/student  or less if there are groups... Groups are a much better way to learn this tech as it is partly consciousness and emotionally based energetics and the energy of a group is dramatically higher than the sum of the individuals.

I can answer some basic questions here, but for those of you that want to get into this in a big way, please go to plasmabasics(dot)net and set up an appointment for a skype meeting. I can guarantee that what you spend on training will be returned in your first harvest without a doubt.
For those that require much more security but still want to learn, I can offer one on one training through whatever communication portal you prefer.


The older and more seasoned of the Forums here will know me as a straight answer and honest individual. I'm sure I can help them double or triple their yields too...

Looking forward to helping you all get yields beyond your dreams.



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welcome back fred.its been awhile.during your haitus sounds like you were busy.wish you the best.


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It has been a while... SInce my epic debate that if I recall correctly was the longest thread in CC history I had to distance myself for a while... I didn't think it would be years, though. In the meantime I have learned a whole lot about a huge variety of topics that all dovetail perfectly into my past experience and what is happening in the world behind the scenes. It is so cool to be the observer in all this craziness, sitting on the sidelines and watching it all unfold.

If I ever get the chance, I really want to revert some seed back a few million years and see what the original plant was about. Problem is I don't have anywhere to grow them out at my current place.

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