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Breastfeeding Mothers Who Smoke Weed

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I couldn't find a post about this subject already but I was curious to hear what the general consensus is on breastfeeding mothers who still smoke weed. I just finished reading an article about marijuana and breastfeeding and I was somewhat curious because my mother admits to having smoked weed regularly after I was born (her and my dad were kind of the hippy stereotype). I don't feel like there were any adverse effects and the research doesn't seem to confirm any negative impact but I was still curious about it. 

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We know this because traces of THC are found in the urine of breastfed babies whose mothers use marijuana. Researchers think that babies exposed to marijuana through breast milk may become sedated and unable to suck well. Experts are also concerned about the long-term effects on the development of children exposed to these chemicals during breastfeeding.

The same thing applies whether you smoke weed or consume marijuana edibles or oil. In fact, many edibles contain higher amounts of THC than what you smoke. And marijuana is not less risky than other drugs (such as antidepressants) because it is "natural."

Weed may also be contaminated with other drugs or herbicides that could put your baby at even greater risk. Even marijuana from legal dispensaries labeled as approved or certified isn't necessarily uncontaminated, because dispensaries aren't tightly regulated.

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