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Does anybody love decorating?

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I haven't seen a thread about decorating so I figured I could start one. I often use old thing from my attic or the things I buy from the garage sale. My 2-year-old nephew will be staying with me and I am thinking of getting his room ready before he moves in. I am currently looking for ideas. While I was doing a bit of research online I came across a blog ( https://www.junk-works.ca/locations/blog/2017/01/03/10-tips-for-upcycling/ ) that mentioned making letters to hang up on the walls using old wooden items. I think it will be great to hang it by the window. My nephew is a fun loving little guy and he loves comics especially the marvels. It would be great if you guys could chip in with some cool ideas for the room that a 2-year-old could enjoy :) 

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4 hours ago, RobertDen said:


I only love decorating during December :D for Christmas day.


Yeh I do it, but I dont enjoy it. It is very costly and stress full, I would rather take a vacation and avoid Christmas all together :)

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