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15 days for possesion of 13 grams of cannabis

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The court in Sarnia Ontario never ceases to amaze me. A 33 yr old man plead guilty, why, I am not sure, to possession of 13 grams of cannabis and received 15 days in JAIL!!!! JAIL????

Where are you Trudeau??? This is an injustice any way you look at it????


Here is a link to the obvious hypocrisy. 

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More proof that Justin is just another lying Liberal POS.

I sleep better knowing I didn't vote for him and tried to warn the suckers they were being conned before the election.

They don't say what is on his sheet but he has had previous convictions for something so 15 days on weekends might not be such a bad deal as pot is still illegal after all.


A joint submission by Crown and defence lawyers was presented for a 15-day sentence due to Richards' record.

Just the fact that Trudeau the 2nd refuses to at least decrim possession in the interim shows how much he really cares.


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Hey LabRat all politicians are liars, and Trump will prove that all people that hold power are indeed liars themselves. For it is their own ego that puts their reputation in the toilet, and I see this never, ever changing no matter who we vote in, a career Politician or even a successful business man. 

"Some of those that hold office are the same ones that burn crosses"... in other words, they're all dirty in one way or another...

Jordan established his medical need with a diagnosis from his doctor. The so-called valid law can not be applied to him without his consent. The problem was he plead guilty on the advice from his lawyer. Therefore giving consent to violate his right to access cannabis for medical treatment. And even a career criminal has the right to access cannabis for medical treatment. Jail should NEVER be an option for someone with a medical need. The entire justice system is severely broken when it comes to cannabis. End the madness NOW!!!!! 

I still believe the cannabis laws are currently invalid. The first court challenge to the ACMPR will prove this... after all the MMAR was found invalid on numerous occasions and the MMPR was declared invalid in the recent Allard ruling. The ACMPR is nothing more then the two invalid programs joined together, making one big invalid program.  

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I appear to share at least part of the view as pictured in LabRat's previous post and i'll add Justin was assisted by conteplative (if not partisan/fanatic) press gone berzerk because of some co-called "Trudeau-mania" which i still got to wonder if that really existed...  As i recall something like about 1 week before elections day we yet had doubts if it would be a minority or a majority government;  personally, i even felt some hope that both the Liberals and Conservatives altogether would stand together on the opposition side.  Instead we got a majority vote from not even half of Canadians, in favour of the very same party which initiated this whole nightmare in 1923, through a doctor turned politician, to add sugary topping to that cake!


A century later the bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionists are like a Borg hive:  it's working like a religion that survives passing generation, despite being a known/proven socio-toxic desease.  But as individual we're isolated and now this fake "legaleezation" is ready to intensify, or we'd have heard about the last 6 CDSA modifications while instead his father's son keeps repeating we must wait for the law to be changed, as if it didn't occur multiple times already.


So, in brief conclusion i'll comment this is a liar indeed and worse:  a calculating manipulator who's been using the language barrier to fracture an already disparate "community".  The goal is NOT to "please" us he said, in Toronto on December 2:


Notice the akward body language while he pronounces "recreational users"??




I'd be quite curious to ask this guy if he's not actually blaming "mari-caca" for the related trouble caused within his father's family because of the mother's drug abuse, not to mention i got to wonder if somehow cannabis doesn't take more blame again when it comes to his deceased brother Michel who happened to be scheduled to apear in court for possession charges...  Oh, by the way...  The "incidental" part that was missing from the Liberal's French electoral page has resurfaced as "simple possession" it seems, so that probably means one can't expect to be allowed keeping a jar in curing status with the ready batch nearby.  Or are Canadians now supposed to vaporize damp (pesticide-laced...) weed that bends instead of break (e.g. still moist vs dry!)?...  Etc., etc.


In any case there were signs accumulated even the year before elections day.  How could this high-visibility politician depart from Liberal tradition?!


That would have been an admission that those Liberals were dead wrong for too long, so in the end they couldn't let him destroy that legacy on the public place and hence we now have yet another prohibition fix in preparation, since $elf-$erving Liberals just can't appologize for their own "harm" inducing - even less repair near century-old wrong-doing i'm afraid.


Good day, have fun!!  :peace:

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