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How to choose grow lights?

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I'm building a 4 foot(L) x 4 foot(W) x 6 foot(h) grow box that I plan to grow 1-2 tomatoes and maybe 1-2 peppers (winter hobbie). I've got someone building me a 35red(655-660nm)/5blue(450-455nm) 1w LED grow lights <--- like this one ) nether of us really know 


much about plants so I figured I better ask for help.


1. I've read red/blue is the better wavelengths to get but would it hurt to mix in other wavelengths? let's say I want toadd 30-45/1w~ white led's.


2. what len degree should i use? being in a small enclosed box could I just go with no len's? 


3. Placement of lights? My plan is to have a 40x1w led as the top and 2x13+watt cfl bulb (or small 12-15 watt led) on 3 of the 4 sides. 


4. would 3w/other led's be better?


5. Does the PCB need a better/2ndray heatsink? It's on a thin aluminum heatsink plate I'd say 2mm thick.

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Wish I could help vivisean but I don't know squat about LEDs.  There is a big thread about them HERE that is full of info and links to what you want to know.


I'm an old fart kind of grower that still thinks there is no better indoor bud than the one grown under the best lighting in the world.  HID all the way for me and my old magnetic coil and core ballasts just keep cranking out huge colas! lol



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You can read up here about the top LED lights that can help in growing plants. Although it's a weed site, i am sure they work for growing any plants. I am personally using platinum series p300 because I have a small grow area.

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