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An open letter to the Government of Saskatchewan regarding medical cannabis policy

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I live in Saskatchewan and several of my acquaintances and friends who suffer from fibromyalgia, recently informed me that they have been attempting to get on the Cannabis medical list maintained by Health Canada, and have been unable to find a Saskatchewan Doctor who will sign their medical application to Health Canada.

Hmm! Didn't the Supreme Court say that “for those persons dealing with chronic pain, and associated problems, who find the use of Cannabis beneficial in controlling their symptoms, that Health Canada must implement a process to ensure the product was available and accessible to these person?” They didn't say “MAYBE”…. OR …. “at the provinces whim!”

Yet again we find SASKATCHEWAN offside on this issue; as I believe the product IS available in every other province from Physicians. Since when does the PROVINCE have the RIGHT to IGNORE a SUPREME COURT DIRECTIVE?. So I did some research and discovered that the Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons have been advised by their lawyers to tell Saskatchewan Doctors not to get involved in the process, by refusing to sign the prescriptions needed by patients to access the product.

It seems likely that our omnipotent Premier has been leaning on officials in other professional association as well, to guide their practices in accordance with the Premiers Religious views.

Mr. Premier, in case you didn't know, you are heading a Civilian Government, not a religious government, that’s not legal according to our National Constitution.

By the way, Doctors, I believe you all take a Hippocratic oath before you get licensed. Ethically you are required to administer appropriate medical services to anyone seeking such services from you. You should all have your licenses challenged as invalid until you conform with the SUPREME COURT DIRECTIVE

If there are other persons reading this, who have experienced similar problems, please send your messages to the PREMIER (Brad Wall) C/O The Provincial Legislature Remind him that you EXPECT him to OBEY the laws of the Supreme Court Directive.

The Premier is entitled to his opinion but must conduct himself in his official capacity according to all of Canada’s laws, NOT according to the Church Law.

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Just as bad here in Alberta where the Cons actively helped prevent docs from signing anyone up.  Docs that will happily give you all sorts of mind altering pills but balk at signing a paper for a benign substance like pot.


Hopefully the new NDP gov't will make things a little easier.



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I would suggest a human rights claim.  Also I assume doctors visits are of no direct cost to you or your companions? At what point would a determined waste of provincial health care resources be deemed significant?  I bet a paper would be interested once they pick up the massive waste of money that could incur.

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