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Big Changes Come To Oregon's Cannabis Industry This Year

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Over 40 Miles in 1 Week for Cannabis Events and Dispensary Visits


June 25, 2017


Cannabis Season – Week 9: Over 40 Miles in 1 Week for Cannabis Events and Dispensary Visits



This week includes PDX HempFest at the Portland Expo Center, 420 Games in Sellwood at Waterfront Park and the NW Cannabis Club’s Medicated Chili Cook Off, all on Saturday June 10.   I also continue with my Dispensary Tour, continuing my wander west of the Willamette River.  Here is how I walked 40.2 miles from Sunday June 4 through Saturday, June 10.


Sunday, 6/4/17, 7.3 miles.

I headed out to Deanz Greenz at 85th and Sandy to take advantage of an extract special which was advertised in The Daily Leaf for this specific day, but when I got there the budtenders reported that all of that shatter had been returned days ago, so there is no shatter special today.  I am very disappointed that Deanz Greenz did not pull the ad for the special.  I began a leisurely wander to Leia’s Place to wish her a happy graduation party for her daughter.  


Along the way I noticed a new Shango along SE Harold so I stopped by to check it out and was as equally disappointed with their selections as I have been with the Shango dispensaries in Hillsboro and Forest Grove.  Very few chemovars on the shelf, and what is available appears to be of very good to good quality, no excellent or superior choices that I can see.  


Before seeing Leia I stopped in to check out the selections as Cannabis Corner and find even better deals on shatter than I was intending to find at Deanz Greenz.  I pick up a gram of shatter for less than $15 and a gram of Siskiyou Sungrown RSO for less than $25, each of which is far less than I usually find them.  Cannabis Corner also has some wonderful flower; I may have to amend my list of top ten dispensaries.  


I wander toward downtown and end up talking with Stephen, a budtender at MindRite Dispensary on Marshall in the Pearl.  Upon Stephen’s recommendation I pick up a gram of Grape Kong to help bring things down a bit for me once I end a day of sativa wandering.  Great recommendation!  Wow, this Grape Kong from High Latitude Farms (23.47% THC) is another indica flower with a might thump; it reminds me a lot of 9lb Hammer in that regard.


Monday, 6/5/17, 0.1 miles.   

Stay home, work on last week’s blog, stay high.



Tuesday, 6/6/17, 10.8 miles.  

Since today is supposed to be a warm and sunny day, I decide to do a people watching, and for me that means spending time walking along the Willamette River.  I have a special place (actually, many special places) along the river where I will pause in my wandering to reflect on the medicinal qualities of certain flowering plants.  This day as I was preparing to reflect, a young couple with the same idea (and similar flora) happened upon me, so I of course shared with them.  If you happen to find yourself next to me as I wander this city, we also may be able to spend some quality time in reflection.  You may have to say something first, as I am introverted and socially awkward around people I do not yet know to be ok with a cannabis lifestyle.  I spend my day looking and wandering, smoking and vaping, up one side of the river and down the other.


Wednesday, 6/7/17, 2.6 miles.  

Today I get to spend lunch time with Flo and two of her friends from the Washington County Democratic Office where Flo: volunteers as the Volunteer Coordinator; covers at least one office shift a week; and co-chairs the Office Committee.  We all spend an hour and a half at 5 Guys and seem to get along wonderfully.  I am so very glad that Flo has such great folks with whom to work.  I take the opportunity this afternoon to return the wonderful Evolution VII vaporizer to Josh Taylor who has been so gracious to let me borrow it for judging the flower for the Cultivation Classic.  He and the Oregon Cannabis Concierge are wonderful to work with.


Thursday, 6/8/17, 0.1 miles.  

Stay home, perform some house cleaning, stay high.  For the most part, cleaning has always been my thing around the house.  My version of OCD is well managed as long as I do the cleaning and keeping track of where things are, so Flo has no problem letting me do the things that I think I do well, like sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, etc.


Friday, 6/9/17, 10.0 miles.  

Today I am forcing myself to get back out to the Dispensary Tour.  Today I will try to stop by the 3 laboratories in Beaverton that are listed on the OLCC Public Marijuana Locations spreadsheet, and also see if I can get more of the dispensaries done.


pH Labs – They are locked, and although there is an “Open” sign on the door, the lock on the door prevents my entry.  I’m sure that had I called ahead to make an appointment, or made enough noise at the door to let someone know I was there, I would have been given a tour, but I hadn’t and I didn’t, so I am not going in.


MRX Labs – The lab is upstairs in the building on 74th Ave.  The receptionist (bad Ralph!  You had a number of opportunities to ask her for her name on two separate days and you didn’t.  Bad Ralph!) took the time to show me around the lab and discuss some of the equipment.


Cascadia Labs – Even though it was almost 5pm on a Friday, Brianne took the time to show me around their very expansive lab setup at the rear of a large tech-center building along Tech Center Drive in Tigard.  They have quite a large area for all of their equipment, as well as a few rooms yet to be utilized.  There is a lot of room for growth at this physical location.  I also met, in passing, Jeremy Sackett, the co-founder and Director of Operations who seemed full engaged in running a laboratory.  Brianne (I do so hope that I am not butchering her name.  I really need to start writing them down) and I spent some time conversing over our love of cannabis events.  We look forward to seeing each other at the 420 games tomorrow in Sellwood Riverfront Park.


The Herbary – This dispensary is around the southwest side of an eatery along Pacific Hwy in Tigard.  In the reception area where they check you in, they have a Keurig if you are in want of some coffee or other warm to hot beverage, and a public restroom if you have already consumed more than your body will hold.  They also have a nice offering of shirts and caps and the like.  It is a very inviting space in which to wait.  In the dispensary, the budtenders are happy and helpful.  When pressed as to their more interesting samples, they point out two flowers grown by Phyre Craft Cannabis – Stardawg (22.7% THC) and C’n’C (25.1% THC) and one from Terra Mater named J1 (17.48% THC).  With my budtender’s loop I realized that the Stardawg had many purple leaves (threads) woven through it that we could not see because they were so covered in calyxes and stigmas that they looked white or a very pale green rather than the deep purple that they are.


Magic Castle – Last year when I visited this dispensary it was called Purple Organic (if you notice, Leafly’s link address still lists it as such, although all print references have been updated).  The first thing that I notice is that they have quite a number of chemovars; we counted 45 and they informed me that they recently sold out of a couple of other strains, so they had even more.  The prices run from $10/gram to $20/gram, and when I asked that they show me a sample that they hold in high regard, the one that they showed me is a $20/gram flower.  Today they have a nice selection of pre-rolls (2 sativas, 1 indica, and 3 hybrids), running $5 for half gram and $10 for full gram.  The best deal, however, is 10 half gram pre-rolls for $40 recreational pricing including tax.  For us medical patients, that converts to 10 half gram joints (5 grams of cannabis) for $33.33.  Assuming that you find the selection of flower to your liking, this is a great deal for those who like joints.  Also at this dispensary today is Karl, the sales guru for O.penVAPE, manning a display of their products.  He and I had run into each other a year ago, and will talk more at the 420 Games tomorrow.


I stopped by the next dispensary on the list, but it being Friday early evening, they were much too busy for me to properly “tour” them, so I will hold off until next week.  Wandering south I stumble into Sylvania Natural Area Park along SW Capital Hwy and SW 53rd Ave.  I mention this because there are so many of these small “natural area” parks or sometimes just areas all around the cities.  I constantly find them as I wander through neighborhoods and am amazed that we have these wonderful areas for all of us to enjoy.


Saturday 6/10/17, 9.3 miles.  

Up around 6am (remember, this is all for fun!) and out the door by 7:15.  Between up and out, I managed to wake and bake with a THC Honey Stick from Hive (17.5mg THC) in my cup of coffee to go, 0.06ml Siskiyou RSO (3 times the recommended dose), and 0.1g Yerba Buena Corazon flower with Yerba Buena Silver Hawk flower (yielding a sativa blend with 11.5% THC and 9.7% CBD, so good for me and my right foot).  


It took until 10am for me to make it from the very south end of Beaverton to Sellwood Riverfront Park, which is good since 10am is when the 420 games begins.  Picking up my 420 racing bib, MC Chino, Josh and I head out on a slow 4 mile walk north and then south along the “Springwater on the Willamette” trail.  As we walked the universe kept providing us with flower to smoke and oil to vape, which works well for a 420 wander.  Along the way Josh spotted a couple of bucks and at least one fawn enjoying their morning brunch.  Although we finished the wander in just over 80 minutes, Matthew and Josh waited patiently to take a photo of me celebrating the end of the wander with the race clock displaying 1:23:45.  


Part of my OCD is a thing about number sequences.  Eventually I leave the 420 games and, keeping my 420 bib I head north to the EXPO Center for PDX Hempfest.  PDX Hempfest is a non-THC event with many speakers and exhibitors displaying their wares to a growing audience of hemp enthusiasts.  One of the folks I met is Terry Boyd from MOIS Organics.  Our discussion was quite interesting and before I left I was carrying around a bag of his coconut-based homogenous mulch material.  We shall see how it works for my small home grow this season.  


I also got the chance to reconnect with Evan Lemay (Auction House Cannabis Distribution, The CO2 Company, budtender, etc.) and will continue to be in touch over the next few months on some of his projects.  I also spent time with Corina Sanford and will undoubtable volunteer with her again at other cannabis events.  As I’m talking with Corina, FryBread Mary (yes, from Seattle!) walks by me, recognizes me (we hung out with Amber Joy at Dope Cup in Seattle last month), and we began another discussion.  The more I wander around, the more that folks come up and hand me interesting things.  I LOVE MY LIFE!


I am much too tired and laden with stuff to attend the NW Cannabis Club’s Medicated Chili Cook Off, so home I go.  Peace out.




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Almost 30 Miles in 1 Week: Ralph’s Portland Dispensary Touring Continues


July 4, 2017 

Cannabis Season – Week 10


This week includes a High 5 Tour of Coffee and Cannabis, as well as the continuation of my Dispensary Tour, continuing (completing?) my wander west of the Willamette River.  Here is how I walked 29.6 miles from Sunday June 11 through Saturday, June 17.


Sunday, 6/11/17, 5.1 miles.


Today I am going to head up to NE Portland to visit Frankie and share some of my recent finds.  It is so nice to spend time sampling many different flowers and oils with my buddy.

Before I leave the North Mississippi/North Albina area to wander around downtown, I decide to drop by the wonderful Rose Garden at Peninsula Park, located at the intersection of Albina Ave. @ Ainsworth St.  It is a week or so past its prime, but it is still wonderfully colorful and very fragrant.  Yum!


Monday, 6/12/17, 0.2 miles.  


Today I stay home, write last week’s blog, do some cleaning, and be a good life-partner.


Tuesday, 6/13/17, 7.9 miles.  


Today the weather has cleared just enough to make me think that I can resume some Dispensary visits.  I start with the store that was too busy last Friday evening and proceed further up Barbur Blvd and SW Taylors Ferry Road in the Multnomah area.


Nectar (SW 53rd Ave) – TriMet bus route 12 drops me off on Barbur @ 53rd and it is a short wander to the dispensary.  They have a nice reception area to check you ID, and there is a restroom just past the entry to the dispensary.  There are stanchions and ribbons to keep patients in a queue until a budtender is available, with a printed menu on the wall so that selections can be considered while you wait, and you may need all the time you can find, considering that there are 93 chemovars on their shelf!  When asked to show me a few wonderful choices, Tone responded with Qrippler (an extremely frosty indica) and Colorado Sunshine (a Jack Herer cross with Bubblegum that is a very frosty sativa), both from Eugreen Horticulture.  Applegate Valley Organics is Nectar’s own farm so they are usually able to have a few flower choices available for $4 a gram or $99 per ounce.  I also discovered that they have grams of Kief for $10, something I haven’t seen in quite a while.


Marijuana Paradise – A bit of a wander up Barbur Blvd brings me to what is now a medical dispensary but will (hopefully) soon be a recreational dispensary.  Although they have only 8 chemovars today, they hope to have many more soon.  Since they will soon be changing over, they have a lot of left over OMMP product being reduced to sell.  I found Empower 4Play 1 gram trial vial for $7, and year old gram joints for $2.60 each.  The retail bag is even imprinted as if I am walking out of a pharmacy drug store with Rx, PRESCRIPTIONS and Thank You.  That is so cool.


Green Goddess Remedies – First things first – they take plastic!  No surcharge, nothing special, just take plastic via 4square.  Of the 19 chemovars on the shelf, 13 of them are from their own farm, Nebadon.  One of those chemovars is Super Silver Haze at 28.73% THC at $14/gram.  Another $14/gram chemovar is Sour Tangie at 25.4% THC, from Cascade Valley Cannabis.  Both of these are very pretty.  In January of this year, this is where I found Hashberry, one of the best samples of an indica I have sampled this year.  Also, they are one of my top 10 dispensaries.


Green Cottage Remedies (Closed) – This dispensary is located at the rear of a building, behind another business by the same owners, The Coin Cottage.  When I visit them at 5pm there is a note on the wall letting us know that they were closed on Saturday and Sunday to perform a security upgrade, and maybe Monday 6/12.  Nothing about Tuesday, other than a very locked gate to the fence keeping us away from the front door.  I may try them again some time.


Calyxes (Closed) – a sign on their door tells us: “To Our Loving Patients, Due to complications with our supplier and our lack of inventory, Calyxes is forced to close its doors.  It’s been a pleasure serving you.  Calyxes Management”


The Human Collective II – I have been here a few times over the past months, for cookies from She Don’t Know and Green Ribbon flower from High Valley Organics.  Today there are 25 chemovars on the shelf as well as some product from the older testing requirements still on their shelves.  The budtender told me that all of their joints are rolled in-house, and they usually have pre-rolls of many chemovars (strains).  Per their menu today, they have 1.0 gram pre-rolls of 13 chemovars, for $5, $6, $8 and $10 apiece.


Natural Remedies – This is another medical only dispensary, although they have 25 chemovars on their shelves, much more than many of the other medical only dispensaries I have visited.  They have very few edible choices and even fewer extract choices.  


Wednesday, 6/14/17, 5.2 miles.


Today is when I get to tag along on the Coffee and Cannabis Tour, presented by High5Tours.  Sam Rosenbaum is the owner of the business and met me at Coava Coffee Roasters Public House on SE Main to begin the tour.  


On our way to Cannabliss and Co. – Firestation 23 on SE 7th (and listed as another of my top 10 dispensaries), Sam explains that it is legal for us to light up on the bus and proceeds to light a pre-roll of Corazon, the CBD-rich, sativa dominant flower from Yerba Buena.  As I enjoy a couple of puffs on the joint I learn that the only other folks on the tour are two women who do not indulge in cannabis and are on the tour to find out how the cannabis system works so that they can discuss it with folks who book tours to Portland.


 Sam and I tried to answer as many of their questions as honestly and thoroughly as possible, but only as knowledgeable folks in the community.  From SE 7th Ave we made it across the river to Nossa Familia Coffee on NW Johnson and learned quite a bit about coffee and coffee processing.  And had a sample of expresso.  


Next it was back across the river to visit Farma, where the budtenders were able to answer many more questions.  This is a wonderful tour which provides quality information for those seeking knowledge, and a safe experience for those looking for guided cannabis recreation.  In a city which does not yet provide adequate venues for social consumption of cannabis and cannabis products, High5Tours offers a fabulous choice.  


Leaving Sam and the Yellow Bus, I wandered to SE Portland to visit Leia Flynn at Leia’s Place, a place for Tea and Cupcakes.  It is always a treat to visit with Leia and Pixie, and today was no exception.  I was lucky enough to try out a Nectar Collector, a specialized glass and titanium pipe for inhaling vaporized CBD and/or cannabis extract.  I recommend it, but I’m sure it is not for everyone.


Thursday, 6/15/17, 0.1 miles.  


Stay home; work on the weekly blog


Friday, 6/16/17, 0.6 miles.  


Rain in the am, stayed home.


Saturday 6/17/17, 10.5 miles.  


This looks like a good day to wander, so I think I will begin by seeing if Green Cottage Remedies is closed for good, or only for security work.


Green Cottage Remedies – Today this medical only dispensary is open for business, and running a half-price sale from 9am to noon on pre-rolls.  All of their flower is sold in increments of 1/8th of an ounce, so don’t come looking for a gram unless you wish to purchase a pre-roll.  Today they have 19 chemovars, ranging in price from $15, $20, or $25 per eighth.  Their ounces are available from $85 up to $175.  I found an eighth of Platinum Goo for $20 and was able to use my debit card at their register for the sale, with no fee associated with it.  Not until I got home did I discover that this flower was tested in November, making this flower no younger than 8 months old.  I may need to rehydrate this flower.


Attis Trading Company – I arrive during a wonderful lull in the usual Saturday morning rush, and Oscar, the manager, takes his time with me, going over the dispensaries highlights.  Attis utilizes the Linx card system for accepting debit and/or credit cards.  There are 30 to 35 chemovars on the shelves, with some new ones in the store but not yet ready for the shelf.  The staff makes most of the pre-rolls sold, so they have more control over pre-roll quality control.  A new (to me) product in their refrigerator are flavored beverages from Ganja Grindz Coffee Company in Tigard, all with 25mg of THC per $16 bottle.  Flavors include Pomegranate Matcha, Spiced Apple Cider, and Roastmaster’s Blend.  


Nectar (was DIVINE KIND) – When it was Divine Kind, this dispensary was operated by the company who operates Select Strains cartridges, so it was mutually beneficial for each company when Nectar took over the space and continued supplying product to the customers who frequent this dispensary.  It is a wonderful space with tons of natural light streaming in their west facing windows.  They do have a restroom available in the registration area of the dispensary.  This store has at least 80 different chemovars, with more coming in every day.  Nectar supplies its dispensaries with prepackaged flower, cutting down on the cannabis odor in the store and allowing the budtenders to quickly care for customer’s requests.  Ben (store manager) took the time to discuss much of their offerings for me.  They have prepackaged ounces starting at $99, and offer pre-rolls starting at $3 (medical, $3.60 recreational) for select 1 gram pre-rolls, with many strains available at many price points.  They have eighths available from $16 to $48.  Their shelves are full of 30 +/- different extracts (shatter) and at least that number of oil vape cartridges.


Little Amsterdam Wellness Center – Last year there were two Little Amsterdam dispensaries along SW Macadam; today there is only the one remaining after their consolidation.  They do have a restroom available for their customers.  Today they have 34 chemovars on their shelves.  They offer their Squibb 100’s to medical patients for $18, and the Grön bites for $14.  I also noticed the new Smokiez packaging displaying the fact that they now contain 2 pieces of 47mg THC candy (94mg total), and are being offered for $18 each.  (For me, this would be 6 servings of 15mg +/-, at $3 a serving.  For me, that comes across as a decent deal!)


Canna and the City – Welcome to an example of a real neighborhood dispensary.  This store is located in a beautiful neighborhood hidden between the medical complexes “on the hill” and the ever-growing medical complexes along the Willamette River south of the downtown oval.  Today they are offering 14 chemovars, ranging in gram prices from $10, $12, and $15 for medical pricing ($12, $14.50, and $18 recreational).  This is one of the few dispensaries I have found to offer kief to its customers (you can’t make moonrocks without kief).  Pre-rolls are offered at $8 and $10 each.  This is also the first dispensary I have seen that offers 2ml RSO syringes.  Yummy!


Zion Cannabis – This is another neighborhood dispensary located northeast of the new Under Armor building (on Barbur Blvd).  Today there are 17 chemovars on the shelf, and some oil cartridges from Select Strains and The CO2 Company.  Among the chemovars available, the budtender offers Mt. Hood Magic from Resin Ranchers, a 27.4% THC flower that is wonderfully frosted with milky terpene sacks.  Another equally frosty choice is Rude Boi, also from Resin Ranchers.  Pre-rolls are available for $5 (half gram) and $10 (1 gram) recreational, or $4.17 and $8.33 medical.


The Dispensary – This shop was located on 1st Ave in downtown and has been a medical-only dispensary since October when the new OLCC regulations took over.  Unfortunately they never were able to get product for their shelves under the new regulations.  I had visited the dispensary twice over the past few months and was disappointed to find that they were having issues with product.  Now the doors are locked and the sign on the door simply states: “CLOSED”.




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Ralph’s Summer Dispensary Track Goes On


July 17, 2017 

Cannabis Season – Week 11


This week includes: the Portland Pride Parade on Sunday; the June edition of Weed Industry Nights from the OCC; the Multnomah Falls Adventure from High5Tours; the Taste of Parkrose Festival as well as Bridge City Collective’s birthday party and the World Naked Bike Ride all on Saturday, as well as the continuation of my Dispensary Tour, continuing (completing?) my wander west of the Willamette River.  Here is how I walked 39.7 miles from Sunday June 18 through Saturday, June 24.


Sunday, 6/18/17, 7.4 miles.


Today is the Portland Pride Parade, and I am people watching at the river.  To gain some exercise, I walk from Goose Hollow southeast along Columbia St. to 13th Ave, southwest along 13th to Montgomery St., then through PSU to Lovejoy Fountain Park and then to Tom McCall Waterfront Park.  I am lucky enough to find a bench seat in the shade just outside the Pride Festival fence and sit there for a few hours enjoying the fact that I live in this amazing place.


Monday, 6/19/17, 7.1 miles.   


Chalice – This will be the newest dispensary in the downtown area once they open.  They are located at 823 SW Naito Parkway.  The electrical system is being worked on today, and they already have the OLCC warning stickers on the glass door.  I will keep an eye out for their grand opening in the near future.


Serra (SW First Ave) – If you will remember, this is one of the dispensaries on my list of Top 10 dispensaries in Portland, however today it is difficult to see why.  The Pride Parade weekend has created a wonderful problem – the dispensary has sold out of many selections of vape cartridges, extracts, and some flower.  Although there are only 25 chemovars (strains) on display, they are some of the better samples available.


Rose City Wellness (Old Town) LLC – This dispensary is also low on product (I am sensing a theme here ).  They are the first dispensary I have seen with Cannaroma Cannaisseur Collection containing 10 terpenes specific for Jack Herer cannabis ($125).  All prices are shown with tax (recreational pricing).


Cannabliss & Co. – On Burnside St. in the Alphabet District.  There are 41 chemovars on the shelves, including three different Jager strains from 3 different farms (Epoch Farms, MillerVille Farms, and Cannabis Distribution).  They show me some Snoops Dream (Orekron) at 18.6% THC, some AK Hash (MillerVille Farms) at 20.7% THC.  They make their own ½ gram pre-rolls and offer them at $6.  They offer $79 and $99 ounces (nice if you are considering creating edibles or extracts).


Oregon Weedery – located across the street from Salt & Straw on 23rd Ave, they are located on the second floor above a nail salon.  Next to the dispensary is an area where they prepackage their flower (some in sealed envelopes) and make their pre-rolls.  They have separate filtration areas in the dispensary and the work area, and they definitely work!  I did not realize that they had so much flower on site, and it is totally because of the air filtration.  There are 33 chemovars on the shelves, including Wedding Cake at 20.1% THC and Chem Cookies at 20.0% THC (both from Liontree Farms).  This is a nice “boutique” dispensary.  And they have a restroom available, with a sign on the door letting us all know that it is for “Whichever”.  Love it!


Thurman Street Collective – unfortunately they have only 7 chemovars; fortunately they 1 gram pre-rolls from 10 different strains.  This is also the first dispensary where I see prepackaged Who tins of 3 pre-rolls with matches ($28.80).  What they lack in flower they more than make up in extract and edible choices.


Slabtown Cannabis Proprietors – Located in the industrial area of Nicolai St., this dispensary has reopened to the recreational market with 21 strains offered in 3 pricing groups ($10, $12, and $14 a gram).  When asked to show me some of their product, I reviewed Conspiracy Kush, Lemon Meringue, and Sweet Meringue (all from Novik Farms). They also offer half-gram pre-rolls for $4.20, and have clones from the Ashland area, in south Oregon.  This is a dispensary worth taking the time to check out.


Tuesday, 6/20/17, 1.2 miles.


Today I grocery shop and stay home with Flo, resting my feet.


Wednesday, 6/21/17, 7.0miles.  


La Cannaisseur – As one drives north up NW St. Helens Rd, this dispensary is on the right at the traffic light at 107th Ave. (Linton, OR).  The ordinary looking rectangular building belies the wonderfully eclectic interior (check out the huge chandelier!) and the fact that they have 39 different strains for our consideration.  I discovered that they usually purchase entire harvests and store much of it in nitrogen gas to preserve it to sell over time.  This allows us to purchase cannabis that was harvested over the past couple of years.  They showed me some Charlotte’s Web and Nepalese Hash Plant from previous years’ harvests.  They offer select ounces for $75 and have 1/8 ounces at $10 and ¼ ounces at $20.  The budtenders here are all from medical dispensary backgrounds so they approach customers as patients and cannabis as medicine.


Tree PDX (Formerly Portland Medicine Pot) – also along NW St. Helens Road, this dispensary has quite a steep driveway.  Today they have 20 chemovars on the shelves.  They offer pre-packaged ounces ($50), quarters ($18), and eighths ($10) of “sugar trim bulk” for folks to use to make infused edibles and/or extracts, and/or pre-rolls.  Today they are also offering EZ Grow Auto Flower clones for $48 each.


Vessel – this is another of the dispensaries on my list of Top 10 dispensaries in Portland, and another dispensary shy on product due to the Pride Parade.  Today they have 16 strains on the shelf, including a Bruce Banner #3 at 27% THC.  I will return in a couple of weeks when the next harvest will be ready for the shelves.


MindRite – this is another of the dispensaries on my list of Top 10 dispensaries in Portland, and today I count 37 chemovars on the shelf.  They are too busy for me to spend much time with the budtenders.  I will wander in here again when I check out the other downtown dispensaries in a couple of weeks.


Oregon’s Finest – it was great seeing that Josiah, a budtender with whom I spent some conversations at the Oregon’s Finest on MLK (on my list of Top 10 dispensaries) has now relocated to this dispensary in The Pearl district.  There are 30 chemovars on the shelves, not including the pre-packaged “Last Chance” offerings that are usually available and, of course, change constantly.  Two of the indica offerings that catch my attention are Oregon Diesel (Oregon Girl) at 16.6% and Zkittlez (Dharma Organic Gardens) at 24.4% THC.


Thursday, 6/22/17, 5.6 miles.


Today I get to help our good friend Rosie McGee with some chores around her house.  After spending some quality time with her watching the Willamette River in the Milwaukie area, I wander to the North Warehouse to attend the Oregon Cannabis Concierge’s Weed Industry Night (thank you Josh Taylor!), featuring Whiskey Creek Farms and Firefly 2.


Here I try out three strains from Whiskey Creek Farms (thank you David Pippenger!); Tourmaline, Grape Inferno, Ultra Orange.  And, thanks to the folks from Firefly, we were all able to sample the flower using the Firefly 2 vaporizer.  What a great opportunity for folks in the cannabis industry to be introduced to the folks behind the products as well as to the passion within those folks.


Friday, 6/23/17, 5.8 miles.


Today I tag along on a High5Tours Multnomah Falls Adventure.  We begin on SE Main and head to Home Grown Apothecary to pick up some treats for the adventure.  As we let someone else drive us east to Vista House we smoke a few samples of recently harvested cannabis.  


After a few minutes of sightseeing our wonderful driver takes us east along the Historic Columbia River Highway to Multnomah Falls, while we sample another treat or two.  Once we have enjoyed the scenery and wandered around, we head back to Portland and are treated to a doughnut from Blue Star Doughnuts.  


Once the tour has completed, I wander to Rossi Farms and Fernhill Park to check out where I need to be tomorrow.


Saturday 6/24/17, 5.6 miles.


Today is Taste of Parkrose where I volunteer to sell Taste Tickets and Taste Armbands to attendees from 10am to 1pm.  What a wonderful event!  


Next the bus takes me to Bridge City Collective on N. Williams Ave. where they are celebrating their 3rd anniversary.  They have some fantastic deals on flower and extract at this sale; for $9 I get a gram of Real McCoy (High Noon Cultivation) which has a 31.45% THC test result.  


From here I take the bus to Fernhill Park where I sit at the Volunteer Check-in table at the World Naked Bike Ride.  It takes a small army of volunteers (100+/-) to pull off this annual event.  Even though the temperature rose to 101°, approximately 10,000 folks made their way to the park to get “as bare as you dare”.  It always amazes me the costumes, lights, make-up, paints, and odd (interesting) mobility devices folks dream up for this FANTASTIC event!





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Redhat Ralph Week 12: Summer Cannabis Events and Dispensary Touring 


July 25, 2017 

This week includes the Oregon Cannabis Industry Meet-up at Prism House on Tuesday, the Fore Twenty Golf Tournament on Thursday, and the 30th Annual Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival from Friday, June 30 through Tuesday, July 4.  In between these gatherings is the continuation of my Dispensary Tour, continuing my wander east of the Willamette River.  Here is how I walked 18.6 miles from Sunday June 25 through Saturday, July 1.


Sunday, 6/25/17, 0.1 miles.  

I am so tired and worn out from yesterday’s heat while volunteering at the World Naked Bike Ride that I am spending today in my easy chair with my feet up.  All day siesta!


Monday, 6/26/17, 1.1 miles.   

Today I have the privilege of visiting my dermatologist at OHSU on SW Bond Ave, at the base of the TriMet Tram.  Not a bad appointment; she only dug out two neoplasms and froze a couple of others.


Tuesday, 6/27/17, 0.3 miles.  Today I write last week’s blog.  Once I finish, it is obvious to me that my social anxiety is kicking in and I will not be able to attend the Oregon Cannabis Industry Meet-up at Prism House this evening.


Wednesday, 6/28/17, 7.1miles.  

Today I visit a few more Dispensaries.


Jeffrey’s (Greensky Collective LLC) – The dispensary that was known as Green Sky Collective is undergoing remodeling and should be opening soon with its new name, Jeffrey’s.


Nectar – this dispensary is right along Mississippi Ave.  They do not check ID prior to entering the dispensary.  Today they have: Kief @ $10 a gram; 59 strains plus a few others in their “last chance” section; 100+/- varieties of extracts; 8 strains of 1 gram pre-rolls @ $8, plus two strains at $3 for a one gram pre-roll (Bruce Banner and Ancient OG).  Today they have a Mother Magnolia Nectar Lime cannabis at 30.03% THC!  Very high THC concentration!  I am incredibly happy that they have fixed the retaining wall at the sidewalk.


Bridge City Collective – Two of the 30 strains available include Lavender Trainwreck (from Mindful) at 23.3% THC and White Russian (from High Noon) at 23.85% THC.  Many of the strains here are from High Noon.  They have some oil cartridges and edibles but no extracts on the shelf.  There are some pre-rolls available, as is Luminous Botanicals Tincture.


The Green House – The sign on the corner of this building has seen better days, but the deals inside are fine.  There are 28 chemovars of nuggets on the shelf, along with 4 strains of shake.  Gram prices range from $5 to $12, and the labels include information on the feelings one should expect, along with a listing of symptoms from which relief should be expected.  There is no ID check before entering the dispensary.  They have specials including 1/8th of an ounce of shake for $10 and an ounce of shake for $70.

The Green House


The New Amsterdam – They have clones of Pineapple and Lilac Jack from Oregon Genetics @ $30.  Today they have 36 chemovars and a few edibles.  A special that I noticed is a 0.5g pre-roll of Purple Pineapple (15.52%) for $4.50.  I really like the new art work (smoke, vapor, clouds, whatever you want to call it) on the east side of the building.

redhat ralph week 12


Greeley Gallery – this little shop has 13 chemovars on the shelf, including a Girl Scout Cookies flower that tested at 22.46%THC.  The budtenders don’t know the farms and had no access to that information for me.  I saw only one sample of extract, a Hush shatter for $40.  They do have quite a few different types of edibles (12 to 15).

Greeley Gallery


Thursday, 6/29/17, 0.1 miles.  

Today is the Fore Twenty Golf Tournament.  Unfortunately, my social anxiety has stepped up and I am unable to attend.  I just can’t picture myself wandering around the green grass and actually socializing with people.  I would just bring down the great atmosphere, and the fine folks looking to have fun at this event do not deserve that.


Friday, 6/30/17, 5.4 miles.  

Today is day one of the 30th Annual Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival as well as a medical appointment for Flo, so I am dividing my time between them.  Once we have taken our time at the VA Hospital, I drive Flo home and take myself to the Ton McCall Waterfront Park.  


Spending the money for the Benefactor Pass is, to Flo and I, well worth it.  I get a comfortable shady tent within which to sit out of the sun, food, water, soda (which I can’t drink anymore ), Smart Park daily parking, a Sunday buffet, a massage, admission to the After Hours parties, early entry every day, and (one of the most important features for me) guaranteed reentry when I take my many “bowl breaks” (or “pause for the cause”).  Over the years there have been times when the festival was at capacity and folks were not being allowed entry (or reentry) until others had left, but those of us with the Benefactor Passes were allowed back in.  Some of today’s artists include: Ty Curtis Band; Elvin Bishop; Chris Isaak.


Saturday 7/1/17, 4.5 miles.  

Today is day two of the Waterfront Blues Festival and includes: Christone “Kingfish” Ingram; Eric Gales, and JD McPherson.  Personally I love the guitar work from Christone Ingram. I have enjoyed his playing for three years now, and this year he turned 18 and graduated from high school, so his adult time has just begun.  I hope he does great things with the time ahead of him.





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