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Doobie Brother

Cannabis Culture Members' Strain Library

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This thread is now open for comments.  I'd like to remind members that we need your pics to grow this library. Here is what I'd consider the perfect upload:


3-4 pics of each strain - one in veg, the second in early flower, then late flower and finally a bud shot.  Also, PLEASE include the information as listed on each card:



Flowering Time:



Yield (low, medium or high)

Effects (head or body, euphoric, couch-lock, narcotic, sleepy, zombie etc.)

Genetics:  If you know the parents.

Breeder: What seed company or member created this strain

Grown By:  this is YOU

Comments:  stuff about the plant's needs, size, odour, anything relating to this variety is fine.  


Note that I will edit all information to fit it on the 'card' displayed at the start of each post. I may also do a little graphic editing and resize, crop and add a drop shadow as needed. 


Send your pics and notes to me either in a pm, or this email:  dbfromcc at Geemale dotcom. 


Please note if you have only one shot of your plant as long as it's the whole plant (ie not a bud shot) I can and likely will still post it.  The idea behind this thread is to learn about different strains. I believe a whole-plant pic does that.


Any comments, concerns or contributions are welcome ;)  Complaints will be handled in the usual way...  I leave that one up to your imagination.






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That's the funkiest looking pot plant I ever saw!  What strain is it? ;)

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Looks more like tobacco than weed lol. Great thread Doobie.


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