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Doobie Brother

Cannabis Culture Members' Strain Library

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Greetings.  I've decided the forum needs a strain 'library' for a variety of reasons: 


- look up a strain or cross to see how it looks, compare with your garden, that sort of thing.


- learn a few things about a particular variety before purchasing seeds to grow it yourself


- may help someone find strains that meet their personal requirements, ie. physical or mental health issues, basic stress relief, recreational types, etc. In other words, what is good for what.


- gives members a place to showcase their work, as well as to show the world what we CC'ers can do :)


- everyone likes bud porn....well, everyone HERE anyway :)


I encourage all members to submit their pics. Just two requirements: must be your own grow and should be of a strain or cross not yet posted.  Ideally I'd like to see three to five pics per strain, one in veg, one in early flower, and lastly a pic near or at harvest. Bud porn is also encouraged :)


Send me your pics at the following addy:  DBFROMCC at GeeMale dotcom.  (note capitals are not required).  If you have any questions, concerns, or better yet, suggestions or additions to missing info, just pm me here.  Oh yes, please include the information listed on each 'card' that begins each post.  


So, thanks for reading all this drivel, and enjoy the pics. 





P.S. As  you can see, this thread is a work in progress.  I am working on the missing info and should be done in a week or two. Maybe.....   ;)



After a few weeks with this thread locked, I've decided that was not the best way to go...so it is now open: comments welcome.

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