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Announcing that


the world's greatest medicinal


cannabis dispensary is now


officially open!


The "Stressed And Depressed Association" is now open for business! We honor all other dispensary cards - at least until we begin to issue our own. We are located at 1353 East 41st (@ Knight) in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


We will help you get a doctors note regardless of whether you are sick or healthy as we believe cannabis is the best preventive medicine to prevent stress and/or depression.


For booklets to give to your doctor, come visit us or download them for free at stressedanddepressed.ca

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I way more than qualify even by Health Canada's standards, but my doctor is reluctant to sign anything, even though he's 90% convinced it's helping me, last time I brought it up he asked "Are you able to obtain it?" "Yes."  "And it's working for you?" "Yes." "Well let's leave it at that then."


I've always been able to find suitable stuff from a particular business in Vancouver, it's not a dispensary though...  I've visited a few dispensaries and the prices shocked me, compared to this business.  So I've never felt the need to pursue a doctor's note.  Curious about you guys though...  just wish there was a business/dispensary of repute closer to home, 3 hours on transit round-trip is a bit of a pain, particularly with my conditions.

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yeah, COMPASSION comes with a price. Could LEGAL WEED work like this:


since recreational users vastly outweigh medical users, regulars pay FAIR RETAIL PRICE + tx to SUBSIDIZE medical users who'd get it FREE + S&H.




since 2002, when I'm in need, i get mine from a MOM on LEFT COAST, i pay street price, home delivery, guaranteed organic-pest-free, VAST INVENTORY to choose from: NO ultra-rich-i'm-not-the-gatekeeper-DOCTOR; NO WISE-ASSED GOVERNMENT GOOFBALL telling me i checked off the wrong box on the form; NO GOVERNMENT SPYING UP MY ASS; NO punk-assed-pot-slinger passing off SCHWAG as PRIMO and demanding TOP DOLLAR; NO lurking around nefarious places trying to buy weed when the punk-assed-schwag-dealer can't be found; NO STRESSES AT ALL! and if i need more than ONE BAG/mth, being a BROKE-ASSED MOFO, I forego groceries and line up at the food bank.


so for 12yrs now, its been an expensive but necessary cost. can't hardly wait to take the bus across town to get it!

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We have a 25% discount with proof of disability or income assistance. 


Our naturopath is able to provide a statement of condition for only $25 dollars ($50 dollars really, but our dispensary pays for half of it). 


Next week our mail-order should be up and running. 


Check out our menu and see if you think our prices are fair:





This is our mission statement:



Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver compassion to the healthy and coverage to the sick. Our goal is to teach the world that healthy people use medicine too, that recreation is a subset of medicine, that there are many herbs that can be used for preventive medicine and performance enhancement and that there is no such thing as an illegitimate cannabis user … no such thing as the “non-medicinal” use of drugs … there is only abuse and beneficial use.

The whole human race would benefit medicinally, economically and spiritually from a broader definition of “medicine”. As was noted in “Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Rocky Mountains” by Terry Willard PHD, “Medicine, in the Indian sense, connected most things that were good.” Anyone can learn what is good and not good about herbs. And you don’t need to be a doctor to practice medicine – ok, maybe you need to be a doctor to play with pills, knives and needles, but medicine is so much more than that. To be a herb dealer, you need to know about what you’re selling, you need to know what a fair price is and you need to know how to avoid poisoning people – these are skills anyone can learn.

The Stressed and Depressed Association promises to devote 10% of all sales of cannabis that is sold to those with anxiety and depression to go towards providing poor people with more serious and life-threatening ailments with free cannabis. We must all become the dispensaries we wish to see in the world.


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5 minutes ago, marijmaker said:

Would like to know what makes it the ''world's greatest..



Someones opinion :)

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