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Salutations MardKush,


2 hours ago, Mardkush said:


...glad you posted the vapes that connect to bongs...


Water accessories can effectively help to protect the lungs path from excess heat while offering the heaviest experience i got during this slow/long process, though filtration must be tamed down to a minimum or aroma/taste shall suffer.  One way or another be extra-carefull as it's likely to nullify any dosage features (and may even require a seat, to play safe!)...




When "Micro-Bursting" it's most desirable to have the option to depend on well-cured, resinous and finely grinded material.  That's because of the pulsed nature of my setup, but i still got to wonder if another type of IH application wouldn't be significantly more forgiving relatively to load quality.  I'm thinking of soft "street shit" and similar, etc...  Also the Hybrid Core stored more power during my bong experiments compared to the final layout.


I figure in "Plan-A" IH (or butane-less mode) the following Bi-Energy compatible Hybrid Core is all one needs to start having real genuine vaporist fun:




Dimmensions would be tiny.  Unfortunately i'm afraid the catch remains to find some suitable 3rd-party electro-magnetic power injector.  Hummm...


Bolt Buster, NoFlame Plus, Silver Bullet Super Pod Hot Roller Heater, Ego Boost Professional Set, etc.??




As for the metal alloy i guessed perhaps SS304 would be adaptable in absence of more appropriate alternatives.


Good day, have fun!!  :peace:



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Thank you MardKush,



P. S.  There's been a new kid in town:

DynaVap (George R. Breiwa), patent WO 2017011698 A1 (Exothermal vaporizer, publ. 2017-Jan-19)

« ...a fluid inlet port in communication with a reservoir, an air inlet, and a wicking material... »

« ...a wicking material or evaporation matrix... »

« ...designed to function reliably when heated with almost any heat source of sufficient thermal intensity... »

IMO it won't be many more years before "sensitive" consumers get offered a friendly VapCap with integrated inlet (water) conditioning... Meanwhile contemplate the future at hand:



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Now it's OKay to close that old thread and declare it:


Fully SOLVED! as far as i'm concerned...  :bye1:



M'well, at least i can rest at peace, so to speak, contemplating another renewed/refreshing perspective:




Day-dreaming again!!  :peace:


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