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NPK ratings

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Stole this list off the weeb somewhere.... enjoy smile

Alfalfa Pellets (3-1-2) avg release 40g/sq ft

Corn Gluten (6-0-0) avg release 15g/sq ft

Compost (1-1-1) slow release 125g/sq ft

Bird guano (10-3-1 variable) fast release 25g/sq ft

Cow manure (2-0-0 variable) avg release 60g/sq ft

Horse manure (5-2.5-6 variable) avg release 20g/sq ft

Soybean meal (6-1.5-2) avg release 20g/sq ft

Worm castings (1-0-0) slow release 150g/sq ft

Kelp (1-0.2-2) fast release 15g/sq ft

Insect manure (4-3-2) fast release 35g/sq ft

Fish emulsion (5-2-2 liquid) fast release 1ml/sq ft

Cottonseed meal (6-2-2) avg release 20g/sq ft

Bone meal (2-11-0) slow release 25g/sq ft

Blood meal (12-0-0) fast release 10g/sq ft

Alfalfa Hay: 2.45/05/2.1

Apple Fruit: 0.05/0.02/0.1

Apple Leaves: 1.0/0.15/0.4

Apple Pomace: 0.2/0.02/0.15

Apple skins(ash) : 0/3.0/11/74

Banana Residues (ash): 1.75/0.75/0.5

Barley (grain): 0/0/0.5

Barley (straw): 0/0/1.0

Basalt Rock: 0/0/1.5

Bat Guano: 5.0-8.0/4.0-5.0/1.0

Beans, garden(seed and hull): 0.25/0.08/03

Beet Wastes: 0.4/0.4/0.7-4.1

Blood meal: 15.0/0/0

Bone Black: 1.5/0/0

Bonemeal (raw): 3.3-4.1/21.0/0.2

Bonemeal (steamed): 1.6-2.5/21.0/0.2

Brewery Wastes (wet): 1.0/0.5/0.05

Buckwheat straw: 0/0/2.0

Cantaloupe Rinds (ash): 0/9.77/12.0

Castor pomace: 4.0-6.6/1.0-2.0/1.0-2.0

Cattail reeds and water lily stems: 2.0/0.8/3.4

Cattail Seed: 0.98/0.25/0.1

Cattle Manure (fresh): 0.29/0.25/0.1

Cherry Leaves: 0.6/0/0.7

Chicken Manure (fresh): 1.6/1.0-1.5/0.6-1.0

Clover: 2/0/0/0 (also contains calcium)

Cocoa Shell Dust: 1.0/1.5/1.7

Coffee Grounds: 2.0/0.36/0.67

Corn (grain): 1.65/0.65/0.4

Corn (green forage): 0.4/0.13/0.33

Corn cobs: 0/0/2.0

Corn Silage: 0.42/0/0

Cornstalks: 0.75/0/0.8

Cottonseed hulls (ash): 0/8.7/23.9

Cottonseed Meal: 7.0/2.0-3.0/1.8

Cotton Wastes (factory): 1.32/0.45/0.36

Cowpea Hay: 3.0/0/2.3

Cowpeas (green forage): 0.45/0.12/0.45

Cowpeas (seed): 3.1/1.0/1.2

Crabgrass (green): 0.66/0.19/0.71

Crabs (dried, ground): 10.0/0/0

Crabs (fresh): 5.0/3.6/0.2

Cucumber Skins (ash): 0/11.28/27.2

Dried Blood: 10.0-14.0/1.0-5.0/0

Duck Manure (fresh): 1.12/1.44/0.6

Eggs: 2.25/0.4/0.15

Eggshells: 1.19/0.38/0.14

Feathers: 15.3/0/0

Felt Wastes: 14.0/0/1.0

Field Beans (seed): 4.0/1.2/1.3

Feild Beans (shells): 1.7/0.3/1.3

Fish (dried, ground): 8.0/7.0/0

Fish Scraps (fresh): 6.5/3.75/0

Gluten Meal: 6.4/0/0

Granite Dust: 0/0/3.0-5.5

Grapefruit Skins (ash): 0/3.6/30.6

Grape Leaves: 0.45/0.1/0.4

Grape Pomace: 1.0/0.07/0.3

Grass (imature): 1.0/0/1.2

Greensand: 0/1.5/7.0

Hair: 14/0/0/0

Hoof and Horn Meal: 12.5/2.0/0

Horse Manure (fresh): 0.44/0.35/0.3

Incinerator Ash: 0.24/5.15/2.33

Kentucky Bluegrass (green): 0.66/0.19/0.71

Kentucky Bluegrass (hay): 1.2/0.4/2.0

Leather Dust: 11.0/0/0

Lemon Culls: 0.15/0.06/0.26

Lemon Skins (ash): 06.33/1.0

Lobster Refuse: 4.5/3.5/0

Milk: 0.5/0.3/0.18

Millet Hay: 1.2/0/3.2

Molasses Residue

(From alcohol manufacture): 0.7/0/5.32

Molasses Waste

(From Sugar refining): 0/0/3.0-4.0

Mud (fresh water): 1.37/0.26/0.22

Mud (harbour): 0.99/0.77/0.05

Mud (salt): 0.4.0/0

Mussels: 1.0/0.12/0.13

Nutshells: 2.5/0/0

Oak Leaves: 0.8/0.35/0.2

Oats (grain): 2.0/0.8/0.6

Oats (green fodder): 0.49/0/0

Oat straw: 0/0/1.5

Olive Pomace: 1.15/0.78/1.3

Orange Culls: 0.2/0.13/0.21

Orange Skins: 0/3.0/27.0

Oyster Shells: 0.36/0/0

Peach Leaves: 0.9/0.15/0.6

Pea forage: 1.5-2.5/0/1.4

Peanuts (seed/kernals): 3.6/0.7/0.45

Peanut Shells: 3.6/0.15/0.5

Pea Pods (ash): 0/3.0/9.0

Pea (vines): 0.25/0/0.7

Pear Leaves: 0.7/0/0.4

Pigeon manure (fresh): 4.19/2.24/1.0

Pigweed (rough): 0.6/0.1/0

Pine Needles: 0.5/0.12/0.03

Potato Skins (ash): 0/5.18/27.5

Potaote Tubers: 0.35/0.15/2.5

Potatoe Vines (dried): 0.6/0.16/1.6

Prune Refuse: 0.18/0.07/0.31

Pumpkins (fresh): 0.16/0.07/0.26

Rabbitbrush (ash): 0/0/13.04

Rabbit Manure: 2.4/1.4/0.6

Ragweed: 0.76/0.26/0

Rapeseed meal: 0/1.0=2.0/1.0=3.0

Raspberry leaves: 1.45/0/0.6

Red clover hay: 2.1/0.6/2.1

Redrop Hay: 1.2/0.35/1.0

Rock and Mussel Deposits

From Ocean: 0.22/0.09/1.78

Roses (flowers): 0.3/0.1/0.4

Rye Straw: 0/0/1.0

Salt March Hay: 1.1/0.25/0.75

Sardine Scrap: 8.0/7.1/0

Seaweed (dried): 1.1-1.5/0.75/4.9 (Seaweed is loaded with micronutrients including: Boron, Iodine, Magnesium and so on.)

Seaweed (fresh): 0.2-0.4/0/0

Sheep and Goat Manure (fresh): 0.55/0.6/0.3

Shoddy and Felt: 8.0/0/0

Shrimp Heads (dried): 7.8/4.2/0

Shrimp Wastes: 2.9/10.0/0

Siftings From Oyster Shell Mounds: 0.36/10.38/0.09

Silk Mill Wastes: 8.0/1.14/1.0

Silkworm Cocoons:10.0/1.82/1.08

Sludge: 2.0/1.9/0.3

Sludge (activated): 5.0/2.5-4.0/0.6

Smokehouse/Firepit Ash:0/0/4.96

Sorghum Straw:0/0/1.0

Soybean Hay: 1.5-3.0/0/1.2-2.3

Starfish: 1.8/0.2/0.25

String Beans (strings and stems, ash): 0/4.99/18.0

Sugar Wastes (raw): 2.0/8.0/0

Sweet Potatoes: 0.25/0.1/0.5

Swine Manure (fresh): 0.6/0.45/0.5

Tanbark Ash: 0/0.34/3.8

Tanbark Ash (spent): 0/1.75/2.0

Tankage: 3.0-11.0/2.0-5.0/0

Tea Grounds: 4.15/0.62/0.4

Timothy Hay: 1.2/0.55/1.4

Tobacco Leaves: 4.0/0.5/6.0

Tobacco Stems: 2.5-3.7/0.6-0.9/4.5-7.0

Tomatoe Fruit: 0.2/0.07/0.35..Hot compost kill seed.

Tomatoe Leaves: 0.35/0.1/0.4

Tomatoe Stalks: 0.35/0.1/0.5

Tung Oil Pumace: 6.1/0/0

Vetch Hay: 2.8/0/2.3

Waste Silt: 9.5/0/0

Wheat Bran: 2.4/2.9/1.6

Wheat (grain): 2.0/0.85/0.5

Wheat Straw: 0.5/0.15/0.8

White Clover (Green): 0.5/0.2/0.3

Winter Rye Hay: 0/0/1.0

Wood Ash: 0/1.0-2.0/6.0-10.0 (A note on Wood ash: Wood Ash can contain chemicals that could harm plants and also carcinogens so, they should be composted in moderation)

Wool Wastes: 3.5-6.0/2.0-4.0/1.0-3.5

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Unfortunately all these ratios are variable, one sheep manure will be different from another based on different variables and same goes for just about everything, even making two compost piles and using the exact same inputs can yield different nutrient ratios due to various factors. This is however a good basis to go by for most things.

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Guess I need to insert a disclaimer every time I post a list.... of course these values are estimated, as I would have thought anyone with a bit of common sense would have known.


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Tell you what, if you don't like the list, just ignore it.

There; problem goes away.

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