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How to fix a Nexus 7 that will not charge or turn

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Thought I would post this for all the Nexus 7 users.

So I bought an Asus Nexus 7 in December, got it home and played on it for a while then put it down to fully charge. When i came back the tablet was off and would not turn back on. I unplugged the charger and plugged it back in and saw many colorful pixels dancing around my screen. So i packed it up and returned it for a new one. Well after having this one for 3 weeks it started to do the same thing. I looked online and found that this is a common issue with the Nexus 7. I have also found the end all solution to this issue. There are 2 things that cause this, 4.2.1 Software glitch and a faulty battery connector.

How to fix the issue.

1. Hold the power button for 30 seconds. (Any less and it wont work) It will turn off. When it turns back on you should see your battery charging icon. If not go to step 2.

2. When/if you see the google screen press vol down + power and hold. This will access the bootloader menu. When at the bootloader menu, use the vol up/down keys to select "Power Off" and select that option by hitting the power button. After the device powers off completely, unplug and replug in your charger. You should see the battery charging icon. if not, go to step 3.

3. If all else has failed then your battery cable has most likely disconnected itself from the circuit board. This VERY common on new devices during shipping and even after the smallest drop and is extremely easy to fix. The back of the nexus pops off like a cell phone (no screws). Pop off the back and locate the battery wire (black red and white wires with a white connector) now push that back into its socket on the circuit board. Put the back cover back on and plug in your charger and it should charge!

Thats it! hope i have saved you money and many days of frustration and boredom!

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Had a nexus 7 32gig since December with no problems. A week ago I slipped on ice and hit the ground hard, my nexus 7 went flying and hit the ground. It received no damage and shows no issues.

Thanks for the info.

Written on a nexus 7.

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