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Do You Like Watching Movies

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I would have assumed everyone likes movies, but I know of two people who never watch a flick! Mind you, they are both a little.. 'off', and frankly, I don't agree with their reasoning: one person says 'oh, I see mistakes and it ruins it for me', and the other says 'everything is so fake, and I hate anything done with computers'.

I guess everyone really is different.

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Movies are great. One of my favorite things to do in the entire world is to curl up in bed with a beautiful woman, smoke a bunch of weed, pop in a good flick, pig out on some junk food, and cuddle it up while we watch the movie. There are few things in life that are better than that!

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i substitute movie fiction for book fiction. i make no time for reading fiction. for lone viewing: Documentaries. for entertainment: BIG JACKIE CHAN GROUPIE! absolutely ABHOR Gash & Splash-type horror. And the Global Walking Dead Infection: THIS IS IDIOCY demonstrated. 


but hitchcock? awesome!


and SHLOKY '50 SCI-FI & HORROR: Day of the Trifids or Bela Lagosi in the MUMMY, extra butter and salt on the BUSHEL BASKET-SIZED popcorn.





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