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    Listening to William Courtney MD discuss marijuana as a vegetable. We build systems for growing with bioponics I'm particularly interested in hemp microgreens. Consumed raw, in a juiced form, like wheatgrass, hemp with various CBD/THC ratios, have profound health affects. Benefits can be appreciated from much greater doses than cannot be achieved by smoking, vaporizing or cooking.

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Two Harvest cycle

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#1 marathonman



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Posted 07 January 2011 - 11:10 PM

I have had some very good look in a system of crop rotation and two harvesting off of one plant. I am a container grower so it is much easier for me to do this that hydro. I rotated 5 plants into my room every 2 weeks as those 5 going in, 5 are taken out. I have 4 units of 5 in different stages of growth at all times. I use a growth hormone in the second stage group (they have been in for 4 weeks and are in the flowering process) this really gets the buds set and growing you can almost watch them increase in size.
The 4th unit (that has been in the room know for 8 weeks) I water and fert with a balance 10-10-10 and B1
I then prune off the top mother buds to expose the lower smaller growth and I let them stay in the room for 2 more weeks. Through this process I get two harvests off of one plant and I have increased my yield by 50% in addition I am harvesting every two weeks. The only down side is that it takes 16 weeks for this process to take effect but after that it is like a machine. Has anyone else on the board have similar rotation systems and if so I would like to know how it works for you.

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#2 puffinmeown


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Posted 16 January 2011 - 04:59 AM

As long as you are happy with getting 50% more, dont change what your doing. However by lollipopping, you can achieve a bigger yield. Basically 2 crops in a 16 week period. The 2nd crop will give you a bigger yield than the 2nd harvest off the same plant. When is the plant flushed to remove the ferts? I flush heavy during week 8 my plants wouldnt make it 2 more weeks. Is it a sativa strain that takes longer to ripen? 10 weeks maybe? So if I understand it all correctly, which I think I do. Your getting 2 harvests per plant in a 10 week periond, with a double increase in yield. I think you should experiment and run 2 lollipopped crops in 16 weeks. I wouldnt be surprised to see a better yield at a much better gram/watt cost.

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