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Amsterdam for Christmas? I'll wait for May!

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Well, May isn't that far away so it's time to start planning my trip.

First I start of with this for inspiration http://www.coffeeshopmenus.org/CoffeeshopMenus.htm. Much of the information is somewhat dated, but it is still inspirational.

Then I check out this site for coffeeshop and hotel reviews http://www.channels.nl

My next step is to locate various Amsterdam coffeeshops and learn more about them using http://www.coffeeshop.freeuk.com/Map.html. It's not all-inclusive, but does feature - De Dampkring, Grey Area, Homegrown Fantasy,Tweede Kamer,Abraxas, Paradox and others.

Now, I need to move on airline reservations before the prices go up!

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Guest PileOTokez

If god ever granted me one supreme gift I'd be to visit Amsterdam for Christmas. That would be very special; no doubt.

Coooool... if you could give us an update with some nice captures there; would be good.


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I am working on getting the last of the menus online. I should be done by next week.

I am traveling to Amsterdam from April 19 thru May 2, 2011.

You can bet your booties there will be lots of brand new menus.

You folks can do it. three easy steps.

Ask the budtender

Take a picture of the menu.

Email it to [email protected]

I'll post it and credit you.

Did you know that April 30th is Queensday, biggest Dutch holiday of the year. And there is always a little to do on

4:20 on 4/20 at 420 Cafe ( coffeeshop de Kuil ).

Check out the Whos In Town page to see who else may be in

Amsterdam during your visit.

Here is a coffeeshop map that covers the entire country.


And one for the greater Amsterdam metropolitan area.


That ACD map is a great one to print several copies of to carry with you as long as you don't get to far out of Centrum.

Surf around a little, ACD also has maps for de Pijp and Albert Cuypt areas.

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Nice website dude! Well needed too. I think you've tempted me into paying a visit. I loved the Cannabis Cup last year!

Got anymore info on Queenday?

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May is a great time to go. My last trip was in May as well: not too many tourists yet, Vondel park is beautiful and green (in more ways than one...). As someone mentioned, try and stay downtown, so you can stagger from shop to shop. The city is fantastic, canals and bicycles everywhere....sigh.

Enjoy !

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Topcat, where and when did you live in the Netherlands, if you don't mind me asking.

I spent nearly 3 yrs in South Limburgh, when I was a kid.

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FlyByNite, As we speak you are now in Amsterdam!! Hoping for a full report as my wife and I will be there in less than a month! Looking forward to Coffeeshop menus and product reviews. Not to mention a report on the Queen's Birthday!!

Is the Grey Area as good as it was when I was there in 2001?

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Thanks for the new menu from Birdy in Haarlem! I'm going to take a shot at Yanks and LaPaz in Zandvoort in about three (3) weeks. Any words of wisdom?

Looking forward to your return, although you may not be!


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One of the things that makes Amsterdam so special!

At 1.26 grams, this cake will make even a heavyweight pretty happy. All you have to do is make it to Coffeeshop Paradox!


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Here's another thing that makes Amsterdam special!!

At .4 grams, one-half of this is a good nighty-night on the day you arrive with about ninety minutes sleep on the plane during a fourteen hour flight. After that it takes a whole muffin!

These are available at Tweede Kamer and de Dampkring.


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The Dutch Weedpass: Failure before introduction.

THE new Dutch government wants to introduce a Weedpass for coffeeshops, for Dutch citizens only, in order to exclude foreigners from buying cannabis. The reason for this project is to stop the cannabis tourism to the Dutch cities in the border areas near Belgium and Germany.

Justice Minister Opstelten wants to quickly introduce the Weedpass first in the border cities, with the rest of the country following suit, introducing the Weedpass ‘nationwide’.

Nationwide introduction of the Weedpass is impossible, because only 101 of Holland’s’ 441 municipalities allow coffeeshops, the smokers in the 340 villages and towns without coffeeshops have been buying on the black market for decades now. The Weedpass will be for local use only, so the smokers from municipalities without coffeeshops will not be able to apply for the Weedpass, they will keep buying from street dealers, for them, and their suppliers, nothing will change.

The only solution to get rid of the cannabis tourism in our border areas would be the introduction of cannabis outlets in Germany, Belgium, France and the UK, so they do not have to come to Dutch coffeeshops any more. This is not a stupid proposal, and it is no longer forbidden in European politics: http://coffeeshopnews.nl/index.php?optio...d=7&id=1195

My guess is the EU came out with this news because of the hype around the Weedpass, and the verdict of the European Court, allowing the Dutch Weedpass technically, because drugs, including cannabis, are considered illegal in EU countries – http://coffeeshopnews.nl/index.php?optio...d=7&id=1233

I think this ruling is made by looking at EU countries in general, but the Netherlanders have a right to use drugs in their country, by exercising their ‘ right to a rush’ (RECHT OP ROES), allowing an individual to use any substance he/she chooses to explore.

The Schengen agreement states that every EU citizen has the same rights as the citizens of the EU country he/she is visiting, named as free traffic between EU countries and the free exchange of goods and knowledge between these countries.

If any Dutch person has the ‘right to a rush’, how can we deny our co-EU citizens this right? I bet the EU Court never even heard of this right. In Holland it is allowed to use drugs, it is illegal to sell drugs, except for the 666 tolerated cannabis coffeeshops.

The hype around the Weedpass will soon come to an end, the City Council of Maastricht, the City that was supposed to run a Weedpass pilot, rejects the Weedpass and are to change the Local Law in order to make it impossible to introduce the Weedpass in Maastricht, ever. Researchers of the COT and the University of Tilburg advised to close all coffeeshops, and if that is not possible, to introduce the Weedpass, however a majority of the Council rejected this advice.

Justice Minister Opstelten referred to the (approved) verdict of the European Court. Just so you know, the court ruled that the residence criteria are against the EU Constitution, but they can be executed temporarily against drug tourism, for the period the problem exists. This is not exactly a mandate to nationally apply a pass or card with a local function.

Residence criteria: This makes excluding foreigners from coffeeshops possible, but it needs a change in the Local Police Law, Maastricht did that, however, the majority of the Maastricht City Council now wants to reverse this change, so the Weedpass will not fly.

This means the weed will bypass the Weedpass, because it will only work if all border cities introduce it, without Maastricht it makes no sense at all, all tourists would go there. This will mean the end of this stupid scheme, because the rest of Dutch Cities with coffeeshops will not introduce the Weedpass, as most of them, like Amsterdam, did not want the pass in the first place.

Besides the problems in the practical execution of the Weedpass, it has more or less been made impossible by two motions that have been filed in the Eerste Kamer (House of Senators) last week, both of them in connection with the evaluation of the Law on Protection of Personal Data. 10 political parties have accepted both motions, by Franken (CDA) and Tan (PvdA) during the sitting on May 24. Franken requested the government to implement 5 criteria in the decision, Tan requested a proposal for a law on identity management.

This means the medical data and the data of those using public transport cannot be registered in a National Data Bank, as the government CANNOT guarantee the data will not be stolen by crooks. This also means the eventual Weedpass data cannot be registered by our government.

I say, let the weed pass from the Dutch coffeeshops to those who want it, from wherever they are. I call upon the German, French and Belgium cannabis aficionados to try to open their own cannabis outlets; the EU will let you do it!


Nol van Schaik, coffeeshop entrepreneur, Haarlem, the Netherlands.

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NO Wietpas some distance criterion for coffeeshops to

June 30, 2015!

Written by Peter Lunk

Wednesday, 23 June 2011 4:50 p.m.

Just received from the secretariat of the BCD, Amsterdam>

Dear friends,

The big news today is that the new tolerance policy on 1 July in will and go until June 30, 2015 (!) will be in force. The criteria are already AHOJG Internet (www.openbaarministrie.nl). The good news is that not much will


The main conclusion is that the criteria are complemented by AHOJG wietpas and distance criterion. Only the mayor's exclusive jurisdiction under art. 13b

Opium consequences to non compliance with the criteria AHOJG. It vernadert nothing. The announced measures to make June 30, 2015 not included of national rules for coffeeshops.

All the evil actions of the Hague (Including distance criterion and wietpas), the next four years so

only be achieved at local level. That means for the record wietpas the schools and the distance criterion in Amsterdam all unlikely to achieve. After all, these measures announced in Amsterdam a demolition will result only through local regulations be determined by the City Council. And the council is against a distance criterion and against wietpas. Like the mayor, who in the new

present regulation is appropriate to enforce. It is also common in Art. 13b of the Opium Act.

Especially the long duration of the new tolerance of less than 4 conditions years is striking. This is an unprecedented signal seems to be that in The Hague has decided to introduce the wietpas and the distance criterion plus Opstelten all that the next time will eventually come up for review of The City Council is. The council must adopt or reject new measures.

The mayor maintains the rules eventually. This means that in Amsterdam would not change much.

The five planting scheme will remain in effect.


Maurice Veldman

Secretary BCD


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The selling in coffeeshops goes on as usual and the situation has not changed to registration or wietpas need.

For the ones travelling to Amsterdam, here is my list of the best tourist area coffeeshops to visit (I speak from long experience which I rather not specify further on at the public forums smile )

1. Tweede Kamer

This tiny coffeeshop is one of best-hidden ones, located walking distance from Leidseplein in small alley. They sell the same products as their other shop Dampkring does close by. Locals visit this place equally as much as tourists.

What to buy: I like their Hash Plant which gives strong, deep taste on the smoke, is typical Indica. Also their Cheese is very good and has nice, fresh and bit fruity odor. G13 x Amnesia also very good. Hash menu has choices from blonde and dark to isolator hash. Price- and location wise probably your best pick in town.

2. Barney's

It is expensive and yes, it is (already has gone too) touristic with pretty young (in early twenties) crowd. But the products they sell are very good quality. Prepare to pay also around 3 euro for coffee.

What to buy: Their own breed, Cannabis Cup 2010 winner Tangrine Dreams or G13 x Haze. Both potent and smooth smokes. Hash quality but overly priced - you can find similar high quality elsewhere for cheaper prices when it comes down to the hash. Few euro discounts on 3 and 5 gram purchases if you buy the same strain those amounts.

3. Greenhouse

Also bit touristic and bit expensive - but again, good solid smoke menu. Also US-import strains available and the coffee bar is working well. Clientele often on their twenties. I like their deco, it is something I would expect to see in California in such shop if they would exist (the deco is bit hippy but not too overly cliche - the leafs on the foots of the chairs were a mistake though).

What to buy: They have couple of shops and the one close to the Red Lights District and Dam Plein is visited often my US celebrities - like well known rap-artists who are in Amsterdam. They have US- imported strains that change at times, latest on their list was Green Crack. They also provide an scale to check your purchase correctiviness.

5. Rokerij

They have several locations (even one at step away from pubs of Leidseplein) and they provide very nice environment and decent smoke. Rokerij shops are safe place to go as there are few of them plus they are top of their stuff. Staff also very touristic- friendly.

What to try: I do not have specific favorite strain in Rokerij, I often just buy off whatever from their weed or hash menu. They also give out pretty accurate descriptions of what each strain does for you on their menu card.

For the ones who wish to go for the less-traveled path:

- Coffeeshop Siberia

Very good quality products. Bit outside the very centrum hotspots.

- Homegrown Fantaseeds

Small amounts of pricey but high-end products. They got some stuff others do not usually have, like pollen (15 euro a gram).

- Dutch Flowers

They sell their products in coated airy paper bags instead of plastic ones. Also aimed for the small-amount, high-quality buyers.

- Bushdocter

See their separate hash menu for e.g. isolator hash that can go up to 60 euro. Small, but laid-back shop with good stuff on their list in humble surroundings.

- Kashmir Lounge

Good and surprisingly varied menu for small place of hash and weed, lot of local Dutch and English- speaking residents and only occasional tourist. Drink prices reasonable and atmosphere laid back.

Three places to avoid:

1. Hunter's Cafe (Near Red Light District)

Way too touristic, fed-up and unfriendly staff. You get the feeling they are after your money. Their expensive weed is very mediocre.

2. Bulldog

Pricey, mediocre quality and overly commercial. Friendlier staff than Hunter's but still not something any experienced smoker would like to explore.

3. (Anything with Ethipian colors or Rastafarian references on the coffeeshop name)

These are the tourist rip-offs with first timers going to their first joint in the "shop that had Bob Marley on window". Avoid at all costs and save your money for something decent.

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Another reason to pick May over December; you can go to the beach!! This is Zandvoort about twenty (20) minutes by train from Amsterdam. It makes a great day trip. Be sure to check LaPaz out; you'll be in a better space if you do.


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It's a little cold in May for the beach on the North Sea! There are many interesting day trips from Amsterdam, or just hop on the train and see where it takes you ! Beautiful city, lots to see and do, food is great - make sure you try Fritsauce, Nasi and Bami Goren, and crokettes.

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