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Ferroto Baggins

List of Politicians who (oppose or support) pot

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Ok now I know what you all must be thinking. This is an enemies list and right away people think of "Nixon's enemies list".

No this is NOT an enemies list, it's mearly is a list of all politicians at various levels of government, with a check if they support reform, or an "X" if they do not support reform. Included should also be there public approval rating (unless we have to choose between two pro pot candidates). This list will help people make informed decisions come election time. This should be on the front page of the website in a very clear and concise format.

With the overwhelming public support for pot reform that we've seen recently, it shouldn't be that difficult to make the "shot heard around the world". it won't take long for even the prohibitionist politicians to see that there jobs are in jeopardy.

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Actually I was suggesting the creation of such a list. Basicly all the information is out there in various news articles, blogs, etc....

Now that I think about it it would be nice if we had a subform for US and Canada within these subforms you have "State" and "Federal" categories for the US and for Canada you have Federal and Provincial.

Then you have subcategories for the different branches of government.

It would be nice if a voter in say Toronto can go under the "Canada" section, then click on "Provincial", then Ontario and see the different elected positions, who's occupying them and wether or not they support marijuana reform.

Basically this is for people who aren't that involved in politics, people who just want it simplified to a for\against list.

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I run across many college students due to my political and activism activities.

In general, they think that they have all the answers.

They often start sentences with:

"If only you would....."

"All you have to do is....."

But when you ask them to actually do anything, they normally respond with "I'm too busy".

Ideas are fine, but actions are what is needed.

This drug war has been going on longer than most of us have been alive.

Do you really think that you are coming up with something new?

Peace & smoke,

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Ok this is the email I'm thinking of sending out. Can you guys proof read it just to make sure it's formatted correctly etc...

Dear: Scott Andrews

I have been watching with growing concern over the years as violence spawned from criminal gangs in the drug trade maintains a firm grip on our neighborhoods. Law enforcement seems unable to curtail the problem, despite almost a century of prohibition of the most common illicit drug marijuana is being used much more frequent by people of all walks of life. I am writing you to voice my concerns over the continued prohibition of marijuana. I like many others used to be avidly against the prospect of marijuana legalization, and believed that a rigorous approach must be taken to curtail the problem. However in recent years I came to realize that the drug is not as harmful as I once believed; at-least not harmful enough to warrant use of our criminal justice system, which will only result in more profits for organized crime thus contributing to problem #1 "gang violence". Prohibition produces an atmosphere that guarantees gangs a steady source of income, as they do not have to compete with legal producers of said drugs. Over the past years I've come to the conclusion that prohibition, (like the prohibition of alcohol) does more harm then the substance its self. There is a growing movement of people who support treating marijuana like alcohol and tobacco, where businesses would require a license to sell or produce such substances, and be subject to regular Health Canada inspections.

In conclusion, I would like to ask you a question. What is your stance on the prohibition of marijuana?

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I like the letter. Are you going to send a copy to all politicians? The results would make a great website to refer to.

The only thing I would change maybe is to leave out the first question about noticing a similar pattern, and just stick to stance on prohibition. Politicians like to avoid answering questions, and I think they might play around with the first question to avoid the more important second question.

If you don't make the results into a webpage, do you mind if I make one (giving you credit and stuff of course)?

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Because I'm a collage student and don't have much time to devote to it. Plus I have absolutely no idea where to start to obtain such information.

Ok, here's the funny thing: you are on the INTERNET. I'm thinking that's a "PLACE TO START".

Two: http://www.safeaccessnow.org/ www.drugpolicy.org www.MPP.org


Those are the big Guns, and the place to start looking.

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I still haven't gotten any reply to my email I sent to Scott Andrews. I've decided to officially start the list based off what's available in the media. Those of you who contribute, please maintain the following format, use one post per politician, and cite sources.

(Against) Rob Nicholson (PC,QC,MP)

Source: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/opinions/editorials/the-mandatory-minimums-myth/article1468519/ and http://www.cannabisculture.com/v2/content/2010/02/22/Mandatory-Minimums-Myth

(NOTE) supports bill C-15, is responsible for either approving or disapproving Marc Emery's extradition.

Contact: http://webinfo.parl.gc.ca/MembersOfParliament/ProfileMP.aspx?Key=128346&Language=E

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Dude, this isn't Wikipedia. You may safely conclude that every CON MP is 100% against legalization. The only Tory Senator I know to support legalization is Nolin (who's actually on the Board of NORML Canada)...but we don't elect Senators. Good ol' Stepon Hairpie, keepin' his promises.

The Liberals surely have a handful of MPs that would support an end to prohibition, if only they weren't so whipped by...Liberal Whip Rodger Cuzner. There are several Liberal Senators (names are escaping me at this time) that would like to change the current laws; despite not being hamstrung by rigidly whipped votes, the Liberals pissed away any power they had in the Upper Chamber, which is now stacked with Harper-Cons. The NDP are acting like total bitches in general, but relative to this bill, the NDP (and the Greens) can do squat if C-15 is re-introduced in the Senate.

On a different tack, Jack Layton's gotta go. I love him, but he can never win. Ditto Mulcair. Layton seems too uneasy in interviews and debates when challenged, and Mulcair comes off as kind of a snob. This is not a factual indictment of either one, but the populist view from the trenches of Central Canada.

No, my friends. The only way to eliminate corrupt laws is to overgrow them. That's not cloud talk, it's reality. I hate the commercialization of my beloved, but money talks (especially to politicians). Enrich their constituencies, and they will eventually have to acknowledge your existence. Individual honesty and integrity are paramount, because it's too damned easy to live the crooks' life.

The tulips are budding in Ottawa, a harbinger of things to come...

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Yes, this is a 4 years delay.

I have all of the statements posted to slides.

(click on the 'more slides' from the same user to see the group of 11 presentations)  I needed to break it down into smaller presentaions to include all 307 MPs.

It's also listed on Scribd



And my blog http://unschedulecannabis.blogspot.ca/

And in the spreadsheet, its organized by colour coded with red meaning oppose and green support and yellow meaning unknown



I've attached a PDF copy of the spreadsheet, i realize that this will become dated as new info is found.  (and i might not be able to check back to this form)

As of today (Friday September 5, 2014) I still have 86 MPs that i don't know what their stance is as they haven't made one public.  

Hope this answers the question.






41st Parliament of Canada - Cannabis_Marijuana Policy Stance Quotes - 41st Parl MJ Stance and Social Links.pdf

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