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1000watts and 9 plants yield 1LB? what do u think?

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Posted 25 December 2009 - 01:53 AM

Im starting a new grow with an aircooled 1000w hps set up with a 4x4 Grow tent.....Im wondering how difficault it would be to grow 1 lb. of dry buds?? I figured i would cool my light with one 8" inline fan sucking air from outside tent > duct> hood> duct> fan> outside tent.... and then i figured id need an exhaust fan and that would go inside tent exhausting through >carbon filter>fan>outside tent. I was hoping to just have a Passive intake system using the 6" tent exhaust/filter fan at the top. ..........With this set up what are my chances of yielding 1 lb??? i figured i can fit 3 rows of 3 gallon pots thats 9 plants?? is it even possible to yield a pound with 9 plants in 3 gallon pots with a soilless sunshine mix#4 and one 1000w light in a 4x4 tent?? Anyone have ANY suggestions for me or have a simaler Tent set up?? Id love to hear about it thanks........

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#2 12and12



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Posted 25 December 2009 - 11:37 AM

totally possible you just have to figure out your strain how long to veg them or if its even the right strain for your space and method.....

figure out how long to veg them without them becoming unmanageable all girls love co2 ditch the carbon filter put in co2 seal the hood to suck through outside air thats my suggestion think about it....

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#3 Samurai Dexter

Samurai Dexter


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Posted 25 December 2009 - 01:32 PM

there are a lot of variables.

Bingo. You can get 1 lb off of 1 plant if you do it right. http://www.highgrade...02246;start=200

over 16 oz from one plant. We all know earl too, he don't BS around. If anyhting I'd say it probably weighed 17 oz and that is just what made it to the scale!!

To give you a bit, if yoiu wait till your plants are out of seedling stage, say, 3 weeks after sproutling with no cloning, and then count 4 more weeks, giving the plant a full 4 weeks in vegitative state, you will give the plant enough surface area to grow just about it's maximum yeild without doing some major topiary reconstruction.

In theory, at least in the state I am in, each plant would count for 1 lb. It is possible, and if you get cought in states where it ain't legal to grow, some states count each plant as possession of 1 lb. Crazy I know.

Do your homework, do your math, and you will more than likely supercede your expectations. I have been told and have seed but have not performed, .5 gr of dried bud per month per watt. A good grower should be able to do this. I have not attained this status yet.

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