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Marc's article on rastas, race and beauty

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I thought marc's article on rastafarianism was great.(i also now think marc is too smart to be put in prison) I remember getting in an argument about religion and rastafarianism on the forums. most people would agree that it's hard to make much sense out of histories like these.

i remember reading about rastafarianism and getting confused, as a white male , i liked ganja and connected with their practical values. i was ashamed on the northern "white" culture, with anything from alcohol abuse, cigarettes to pantyhose, make-up and plastic surgery. i was also vegetrian because of other books i woudl read. looking back commefial weed, grown with fertilizer salts and pesticides would not be considered "ital."

race brings obvious questions. which is better? what climatic influences influence skin color? why i am white? why am i black? what race do i want my mate to be? adolph hitler was notorious for getting angry when blacks won at the olympics when he was promoting the master white aryan race theory. TV shows like the chapelle show and movies like "how high" have depicted white people as awkward and geeky, while depciting black people as tougher.

skin pigment is determined by the amount of melanin in the person's skin which protects the skin from damage from the sun. people closer to the equator produced more melanin because their was more sunlight. other factors contribute to the beauty and appearance of skin. toxins like nicotine, alcohol and caffeine damage the skin. i remember when in was in grade school and i saw a poster of two people of the same age, one a buddhist who spent his life in a monastary, and a native american who spent his life outdoors in the sun. the native american was full of wrinkles. americans are known for having tanning beds, while in asia skin whitening creams are sold. most people are repelled by signs of poverty. as a white male i say i would want black skin. the obvious thing is that white people will burn if out in the sun too long. Jack herer, the hemp guru and proponent of a hemp conspiracy, claims that essential fatty acids are responsible for the luster of the skin, hair and eyes. carrots have an orange pigment called caretenes that will actually turn the skin orange if consumed in large amounts. blood also affects the appearance of skin. many people have skin that is "flushed" with blood, giving the skin a red hue. after taking a hot shower people will get this flushed look as blood moves to the skin. the body needs ample iron and protein to produce ample blood, found in meat, legumes and seeds like hemp seeds.

one of the main factors influencing sexual attraction is muscle tone and amount of body fat. there should be a nice layer of muscle around the leg bone, yet there should be a few inches of space between the thighs under the pubic region. there should be a layer of muscle on the abs, yet this muscle should be relaxed and also have some fat so it doesn't look strirated or tight. steroid use is on the rise, yet most people actually dont' find males or femals on steroids sexually attractive or even find them repuslsive. i remember there was still racial tension at the liquor store i worked at. people would complain of racist cops. young black men accused me of being racist and would pick on me. not making prideful statemnts or venegful statemnts is a sign of intelligence. on average i would say, coincidence or not, that the average black was more musclular and robust than the average white. perhaps working the fields as slaves created this extra muscular physique. i find that exercise makes me feel good. i even do somewhat vigrous exercises like pushups, the plank and bodyweight squats interspaced with cardio games like basketball. i feel after exercising, and getting all the tar out of my ears. of course, my mental health has improved by leaps and bounds. i used to suffer from deppresion and severe anxiety attacks. i hope that we can stop being self- conscious about race and i can still feel cool as a white man until i am 100 years BOLD also, i remember going to a party asfter work with some co-workers, some black, and they would smoke blunts of "schwagg" or compressed, seeded mexican brick weed. i remember picking up schwagg from another black man. i wonder how he'd respond to some of the history of marijuans stuff, probably by saying i've got my head in the clouds. but i probably should have stuck with the schwagg. i remember my one friend had a balck friend and he had shirt that said if you see the police...warn a brotha, with the warner brother's symbol.

I remember talking to some old brothers at the liquor store. they must've been in their 40's or 50's. they reaked of schwagg and had the reddest eyes i've ever seen. they were nice and charming. i remember people started talking about race and i commented on hwo robust some of them were. and he said, "thats' cause they runnin' from the police all the time." like he wanted us to be friends.

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i feel so ashamed for having wrote this. i am so confused. why did blacks like pot and whites hate it? why is it ilegal? is it good for you or bad?

black supremcists often argue that africa had great civilizations before european colonization. the early states of egypt depicted people of dark skin and africoid features, yet later temple paintings depicted people of lighter skin. it is true that european scholars fought hard to try to supress the fact that blacks had great civilizations before they became slaves.


In the first century B.C.E., for example, the famous Greek historian Diodorus Siculus penned that, "From Ethiopia he (Osiris) passed through Arabia, bordering upon the Red Sea as far as India.... He built many cities in India, one of which he called Nysa, willing to have remembrance of that (Nysa) in Egypt, where he was brought up."

Another important writer from antiquity, Apollonius of Tyana, who is said to have visited India near the end of the first century C.E., was convinced that "The Ethiopians are colonists sent from India, who follow their forefathers in matters of wisdom."

The literary work of the early Christian writer Eusebius preserves the tradition that, "In the reign of Amenophis III [the mighty Dynasty XVIII Egyptian king] a body of Ethiopians migrated from the country about the Indus, and settled in the valley of the Nile."

And still another document from ancient times, the Itinerarium Alexandri, says that "India, taken as a whole, beginning from the north and embracing what of it is subject to Persia, is a continuation of Egypt and the Ethiopians."


in india the untouchables are black and are the most oppressed people on the planet.

european history dictates that the moorish invasion of spain was a violent colonization, yet now we are discovering that the black african moors brought an age of enlightenement. here is a video of that, with beautiful moorish temples with their chateristic fountains and ancient plumbing systems, which used the force of gravity. when the moors ruled in europe


often african culturilists and/or black supremists will go vegetarian, like the rastafarians the singer whitney houstin lived with a tribe in africa that believed a vegetarin diet would allow one to live forever. asian religions like buddhism, hinduism and manichism forbade meat.modern studies link meat to heart disease, cancer and auto-immune disases. also, the lack of fiber in meat causes digestive problems like constipation and piles.




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you can't be "too smart to be in prison" he committed a crime and if he were in the united states would sadly be a victim of prohibition

i wish everyone would shut up about everything except the fact that he did not commit the crime in the US and thus it is in the hands of the Canadian justice department

the issue is not marc the issue is about Canada being a sovereign nation

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